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Betrayal - S01 E21 (Story Episode)

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 21


“please can you sleep in my room tonight?” i heard myself ask benjamin, who froze for a while as he stared at me in surprise. I really didn’t know what pushed me to make such demand, but i guess it was because i very much scared of Dave and what he could do, which really didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but then i equally knew in my mind that i secretly wanted to spend the night with Benjamin..,…

However i also knew what i did when i made such demand, because as a girl it could have been easier for me to sleep in his room, but because of my pride i had rephrased my demand, which i knew any sharp guy would understand the hidden meaning……..

But Benjamin really was at lost on what to say, and he just stared at me for a while before he was able to find his voice,
“hope everything is okay?” he asked with concern, while i just nodded,

“yea it’s just that i’m having a bad feeling which is making me to be scared” i replied,
“don’t worry dear, i will be by your side tonight” he assured me with a smile, while i smiled in appreciation, even though i equally was disappointed that he didn’t insist for me to sleep in his room, which most guys would have done…….

However nothing really happened that night in my room, even though we both laid awake till very late in the night. I really was awake because it was my first time of spending the night with another boy, since i broke up with my Ex, while i easily noticed that Benjamin was also awake, because he kept tossing around on my bed. I really didn’t know whether it was because he was uncomfortable in my room that made him toss around, or because he was summoning the courage to touch me…….

He finally drew close and held me, which delighted me very much, but i kept quiet and pretended to be asleep. To my greatest dismay he didn’t go further or do anything else to me, before we finally slept…….

Hmmmm, anyway even though i was disappointed that night, my respect for him equally grew, because he behaved like a gentleman…….

We woke up very late the following morning, and it was a steady knock on my door which really woke us, and i really was forced to open my door, when the person knocking refused to give up……..

It was precisely 7:05AM when i opened my door that fateful morning, to see Dave standing on my door-way, with hands in his pocket, and a fixed smile on his face……..

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