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Betrayal - S01 E20 (Story Episode)

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 20


He crossed his leg as he stared at me with a confident smile, while i sat on my plastic chair and faced him with a drawn face. Even though i was scared, i never showed it

“are you not happy that i came to your room?” i heard him ask, while i shook my head and forced out a smile,

“i’m not feeling fine, and i was even about to sleep before you knocked” i replied……..

“but i just saw you coming out from benjamin’s room minutes ago?” he asked knowingly. I just kept quiet and held my jaw with both hands,

“but on a serious note why is a pretty girl like you, always hanging out with someone with no swag?” he asked with a serious look on his face. I breathed deeply as i stared into his eyes with disgust,
“i like boys with no swag” i replied, in a manner which would even make a brave ‘jew student’ raise his eye brow in fear, but i cared not, because i really didn’t like even the air he breathed…….

“baby are we quarreling nah? Please i’m also your friend” he said calmly, while i shifted uneasily on my chair,
“i’m so sorry for the tone i used, it’s just that i need to rest, please” i said to him, while he shruggled, stood up and came to my side…….

“okay dear i will check on you tomorrow, please do take care of yourself” he said to me as he caressed my hair a bit, while i held my breath as i equally restricted myself from making any annoying comment, because his touch really was very irritating, but then i equally was more annoyed with his composure, because he just behaved confidently as if he owned both i and the hostel……..

He finally left my room with a well composed smile, which really annoyed me more, but i soon forgot all about him as i rested for a while, before warming my rice, and dishing out some for benjamin……

However as i stepped out from my room with a plate of rice around 9:00pm, i ran into him again, as he was coming out from the hostel balcony, and he smiled as he saw me,
“nne seems like you are now okay?” he asked jovially, while i smiled and passed him………

Benjamin was very happy when i brought the rice for him, and he thanked me countless times as he devoured it, while i smiled confidently as i watched him eat…….

I really didn’t tell him about Dave’s visit, which appeared very irrelevant to be discussed at that time, but then a part of me really urged me to tell him, but i suppressed and kept it to myself, even though i really didn’t know whether i did the right thing, especially with the events which later unfolded…….

continues by 4:30am….

To Be Continued....

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