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Betrayal - S01 E22 (Story Episode)

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 22


I blocked my slightly opened door with my body, which prevented him from walking into my room, just like he did the previous day. However he never showed any surprise, but instead continued to smile sweetly…….

“how was your night, i came as soon as i woke up, because i want your face to be the first thing i will see this morning” he said, while i smiled,

“thanks i’m very fine, but you also woke me from sleep” i complained as i rubbed my eyes…….

“i’m so sorry dear, will you be going out today?” he asked,
“yea i will and why do you ask?” i replied,

“i just want to spend some time with you” he explained, while i shruggled, “well that will be another day” i answered………

Instead of leaving, he still stood and watched me, while i returned his gaze without knowing what else to say to him,

“you are really so beautiful dear, and i will do anything just to win your heart” he said sweetly and fluently, while i smiled,

“thanks sha, but you need not bother because you won’t succeed, moreover i already have a guy” i replied calmly, which made him to smile,

“you mean him?” he asked, as he pointed towards Benjamin’s room……..

“please i’m yet to brush nor clean up, lets talk later” i heard myself say to him, but just that moment Amara appeared from nowhere and stood beside him, with a smile,
“baby good morning, i’m so sorry i was unable to show up yesterday, abeg shift make i enter nah” she said playfully, while my legs shook, as my heart leaped, because benjamin was in my room, probably still in my bed, a situation i really didn’t want her to witness, because i really havn’t told her much about Benjamin, and she might misinterpret the whole thing…….

“baby give way nah, make i enter” she said again, while i hesitantly opened my door a little wider, in order for her to enter,

“Dave thanks for checking up on me, we will continue our discussion some other time” i said to Dave with a sweet smile, as i closed my door………

With a fast beating heart, i turned and faced my room, but surprisinly i saw Benjamin seated at the edge of my bed, well composed and engrossed in his mobile phone which he was playing with. I breathed deeply…….

Yet Amara still smiled and eyed me suspiciously, as she turned to face me again……

“we will chat later since your friend is already here” i heard Ben say nervously, as he stood up and left, while i smiled as i locked my door before facing Amara again, who still continued to look at me suspiciously…….

“i just noticed many things” she said to me with a smile,
“things like what?” i asked, but she just shruggled……

“dear friend, hope you are not planning to keep this away from me??” she asked with a little laugh,

“Hope you are not planning to deny that you just slept with benjamin??” she seriously asked me, while i gasped…….

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