Adventure with aunty caro - S01 E41 (Story Episode)

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When I got to the savannah cafeteria lincoln told me to
go wait for
him, almost all the chairs in the cafeteria is carrying
someone, after
few minutes of scanning I saw a table with just a
occupant.. The
occupant was a girl.. I quickly dashed to the table to sit
down and
wait for lincoln.. On getting to the table, I discovered
the girl is
looking like a lioness ready to pounce on any prey that
come her
way…. But who cares.. i draw out a chair and sit, I did
not even
greet her because of the way shes looking…. I was
shocked with her
reaction after sitting down.. Gboah gboah gboah, three
clean slaps don
land for my face.. I dare not try fight her back because
she has got
that kim kardashian stature, was even wondering if shes
a student..

Before I could even ask what my offence is, everybody
attention was on
us… As was so ashame that word fails to come out of my
The lady: so you keep me waiting here since, you must
be very stupid.

By the time she utter this statement, I realized.. The slap
she gave
me earlier na take away slap… I did not have
appointment with

Me: still holding my cheeks, with tears fuming in my
eyes.. I did not know you..
She want to slap me again but someone I guess should
be the manager
hold her hand from the back..

Manager: hey madam, whats the problem ?

The lady: manager can you imagine I had an
appointment with this idiot
by 10am here this morning..

This past 12 he can not
even greet not to
talk of apologising when he arrived

Manager: but madam you could have move out to sort
that, because one
of rules and regulation here is customer must not fight…
But young
man why dont you keep to time too..

I saw lincoln comimg after the manager statement

Me: I bursted into tears pointing to lincoln, this is my
friend I came
here to wait for

Manager: so you dont know this woman ?

Me: I dont know her

Lincoln: OLaBeP What happen ?
I narrated everything to lincoln..
Na that day I know say lincoln na real street breed, he
really para
for the lady, the manager begged him to pls lower his
voice that the
lady had realized her mistakes, he dragged me away
from the table to
one empty table at the opposite end..
Lincoln: am sorry for what I made you to pass through.

Me: it really pains me, but its no problem

Lincoln: the reason I told yuo to wait for me here is
because of shola
I was about asking who shola is when that lady show
up, before I could
say anything lincoln ask her what the matter is

The lady: am here to apoligize to him(pointing to me)

Lincoln: he has forgiven you

The lady: okay. Can I sit with you guys ?

Lincoln: you cant

The lady: but are you his spoke man ? Am directimg all
this question to him.

Lincoln: yes, am his spoke man, because I invited him

The lady now facing me ignoring lincoln, pls I’ll be
waiting for you
there, pointing to a table, pls when you re through with
him, I want
to show you some things and ask u some question..

I nodded him affirmation.. She catwalk away

Lincoln; so you too want to go amd meet her ?

Me; she said she want to show me something now.

Lincoln: na punch she go give you this time around.

Me: lets forget bout her, who is shola ?

Lincoln: the girl you fcuked this morning

Me:(feeling embarassed) so whats wrong with her.

Lincoln: Did you remember we took some pictures last
two sundays,

Me: yea

Lincoln: I uploaded this pics, this girl fell in love with
you, she
asked for your contact since I told her you are my friend,
but my
selfliness told him not to give her your number.

Me: which number did you now give her?

Lincoln: I bought a new sim card and phone, I
downloaded one of your
facebook picture and uploaded it after registering
whatsapp on the new
phone.. I started chatting with her acting to be you,, my
plan and
reason for doing that is that ve been longing for this girl
for a long
time but shes not giving me face, but she fall for just
your picture,
my plan was to invite her over with that your fake
whatsapp I created,
and told her to come late the reason why I told her to
come late is
that, am planning to told her with that fake account
when she arrived
that your cousin is around that she just arrived not quite
long that
she should stay with me overnight since she wont be
able to go back to
her hostel,, but where my plan started failing me was
when this girl
refused to drink the drink I had put sleeping pill and s*x

Me: why did she refused ?

Lincoln: she told me to drink from it first

Me: why dont you drink from it?

Lincoln: if I drink from it and she refused to and theres
no one am
going to fcuked again that night it may took the
intervention of god
for my dcik to work again..

Me: but you are Unclad when I barge in this morning,

Lincoln: it was one of the stunt am pulling,

Me: anyway but all this your explanation what did you
want me to do ?

Lincoln: I want you to bail me out of this mess, because
if this girl

gets to find out, am dead

Me: (forming boss) I dont think, I can oh, moreover if I
dont like the girl nko?

Lincoln: ola pls na

Me: you know its kinda weird telling me to date a girl I
did not even like.

Lincoln: but you fcuked her this morning

Me: (still forming boss) soooo?
I was about standing up when I hold my hand, and he
said I will give
you this phone just to continue chatting with her, am
not saying you
should date her,, you can discharge her after few
weeks,, after
showing me the phone I smiled to show him I have
agree the deal

Me: ok…. But dont you guys talk on phone ?

Lincoln: we do, I do cover my mouth with handkerchief
to change my voice

Me: but you be bad guy oh

Lincoln: (he smiled and feel relieved because I had agree
to bail him
out of mess) he handed over the phone to me,

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