Adventure with aunty caro - S01 E42 (Story Episode)

2 years ago

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We changed the topic to something else, he order for
two plate of rice, he ordered for smirnoff while I order for
team, I dont do alcohol, we are still eating when I saw
the waiter that serve us coming with pen her paper in
her hand, she give it to me and pointed to the lady that
slap me earlier, the waiter said the lady told her to help
collect my number,the lady was signaling she want to
leave , I wrote down the number… We left the cafeteria
immediately after lincoln sort our bills.. I told him to
show me around the school..

The first day we went to
was his school, thats sems(school of earth and mineral
sciences).. He introduce me to some of his friends, we
were about leaving when someone called my name from
afar.. Looking back it was shola, she was coming with
three of her friends, lincoln quickly discharged to talk
with the guys he introduced me to earlier…
Shola hugged me, I hug her back but I was so shy,
because those guys just they shout bad guy, she
introduce me to her friends, she told me they re going
out, she said shes gonna give me a call in the evening,
I signaled to lincoln that we should leave, but I was
surprised when two of his friend follow me.

Guy one: baba na you oh, abeg you fit take me to that
baba wey do you that jazz
I was still wondering, whats this one saying when the
second guy cuts in

Guy two: abeg me no one go that baba house just give
the cream make I dey use am rob body, and if na powder
I no mind..

Lincoln: free my guy jhor no jazz, shey you no see say
na fine boy ni..

Guy one: give us your number, you fit dey run all this
forming babe for us

Guy two: baba which dept you dey

Me; am a……. Lincoln cuts in

Lincoln; na set(school of environmental technology) he

Guy one: okay, we gather they na,
They shake me and took their leave..

Lincoln: you too dey fcuked up

Me: whats it again ?

Lincoln: you want to tell them you re a still searching
for admission

Me: am I too old to be seeking for admission

Lincoln: am not saying you are too old what am saying
is that those guys don over rate you if you told them
you are yet to write post utme

Me: ok sir, what level did you told shola I am ?

Lincoln: I did not lied to her oh…

Me: ahhh… Na god fit forgive you.

Lincoln: I agreed, so to where now ?

Me: lets go to caro department

Lincoln: what about if shes not in her department.

Me: daddy liar, I did not said lets go and meet caro, I
said lets go to her department.
He told me, its just few metres walk away, he said we
dont need to enter shuttle, we saw sheyi on our way,
she was with one guy, she saw lincoln first, I was trying
to dodge her when the guy she was with call me… I was
wondering how did guy know my name,
It was when he move closer, that I discover he was one
of my senior back in secondary school, we once clashed
when he sent me an errand and I refused, I was in ss1
then while he was in ss3,, his name is paul…

Sheyi greeted me and lincoln familiarly, that the guy was
even wondering sheyi know,

Paul: ola how far na

Me: am good.. Na your babe be this

Paul: I just they try arrange am noni, but she dey tell me
she get guy

Me: try wella…

Paul: shey you sabi her ni,

Me: na same street we dey

Paul: give me your so that I wont keep that your guy

I gave him my number and me and lincoln departed the
premises to continue our journey to caro department…

She was coming out of the building with tania and two
other friend, tania show us first she tapped caro, she
quickly rush to hug me, she was so excited, the other
two girls asked caro, who am I…

Tania told them am caro junior brother,, we all departed
to the car park except one of the lady that headed to the
hostel, I paid the shuttle fee.. We re all treked home from
the school gate, changing from one gist to the other..

Everybody went to their different room when we get to
the lodge, that evening, I recieved a whatsapp message
from 5 new number… They are from the two lincoln
friend, paul my senior in secondary school, the lady that
slapped me in the cafeteria, and …..find out the last
person in the next episode,

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