Adventure with aunty caro - S01 E40 (Story Episode)

1 year ago

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The girl did not see me shes still sleeping, but lincoln
saw me…. I was standing outside expecting him to show
up since he saw, but he did not..

I had to knocked his
door after standing at his door like aq statue for almost
five minutes…
Koh Koh Koh

Lincoln; Who goes there

Me; na me jhor

Lincoln; you no get name

Me; you sick ni…. Na olabep jhor
He opened the door and ushered me, getting inside the
girl I saw earlier was no where to be found..

I whispered to him ‘I saw a girl here, when I came in
some minutes ago… Where is she. He told me the girl is
the kitchen.

Me; na your babe

Lincoln; no na.

Me; who she come be ??

Lincoln; na one babe for my department

Me; new side chick ?

Lincoln; no… I go dey yarn you better later.. Na you she
find come..

Me; why she go dey find me?

Lincoln; I will tell you later… But shes really angry with

He told to go meet her in the kitchen and tell her am
sorry for what happen yesterday
I foolishly obey his instruction
On getting to the kitchen, I meet the girl I saw earlier…. I
couldnt see her face that first time because she was
backing me… Mehn this babe is really pretty..

I dont know have been busy observing her since I came
in.. She wasnt putting on any underwears.. For my mind
I dey think am SAY lincoln go don finish this babe.. Her
touch brought me back..
Dont even know why I want to muttered am sorry..

Before I could say jack.. The babe mouth has been
locked with mine.. She was caressing my head with her
right hand and fondling my junior with her left hand… I
tried smoching her boobs too when she free her self
from me.. I was like what happen now, but I was reliefed
when I realized she wants to put off the gas.. I was
standing still, she came back to me catwalking putting
off her transparent gown in the process.. She unclad me
too that very moment and hold the kitchen sink and
signal to me to fire on.. My brain wasnt even telling I
want to fcuk an unknown girl without condom…. I
entered her with speed of light, she let out a loud
moan… After like five minutes, I was going in at
approximately 200km/h.. She keeping talking gilberish,..
The fcukfare lasted for like 20 minutes.. She picked up
her cloth and headed to the bathroom.. I guess shes
shy.. On getting to the room.. Lincoln was no where to
be found.. But he dropped a note.. Ola Call me..

I quickly went to the bathroom and reveal to her I have
to attend to somethimg.. She told me she would call
later in the day, I did not bother to ask if she has my
number.. If she dont she could probably get it from
I left lincoln room and dial his number… He asked if the
babe asked me any question, I told him no..

He said he had some shocking revelations he want to
revealed he said he dont mind if I could come and meet
him in school… I told him no problem.. Ate my food and
took my bath. Its a almost Ten am I stopped a bike and
headed to the campus.. I dialed lincoln number when I
get to the school gate… He told me to ask for
SAVANNAH CAFETERIA directions.. He told me to go
wait for him there… While waiting for him,i gat into
trouble but its really funny but I was embarassed..

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