Adanna - S03 E16 (Story Episode)

3 years ago

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I open eyes and wetin i see shock me, i found myself in a white room
sleeping in a white bed with a white lights, everywhere is light no
door no window just a round room with nothing in it except me, the bed
and lights.

I manage to stand up and walk around the room like madman, i dont know
what am doing here or how i manage to get here all i know is that am
in a white room with doors nor window just a single homosapien that is
if am still a human, since nowhere to go i sat close to the white bed
and once i remember my darling Mercy i started crying again, i still
cant believe that shes dead i mean how can she be, shes the strongest
girl i have ever met and she been a strong and devoted christian how
can she just die like that? Why will god allow her to die like that?

She dedicated all her time to him and why will god just allow her die
like that without even fighting for her, whats the essence worshipping
him if he wont stand and fight for the people that worship him?

She didnt even enjoy her stay in this world upon the time she
sacrifice helping others, she change me to a very good person not
until i met Adanna the wicked serpent.

I thought devil too has conscience they say they give you one and collect
two in return but the devil never gave me anything why will they
collect my Mercy from me?
I was still lost in thought thinking about my Mercy when the round
room i am started moving, is like something is moving it though i dont
know where i am or what it is but i know that its moving like a ball,
then suddenly it stop moving and the top open wide like something they
tear with a razor blade, i look the top and saw the eye of something i
dont know but if the eye is big like the thing will be giant.
Then the room tear open wide and i saw myself in a room filled with
skeletons, standing on my front is Adanna and Adaeze.

Adanna: hope you enjoyed your sleep?

Me: go to hell.

Adanna: oh i have been there before and it a nice place.

Me: where am i?

Adanna: not that it matter any way you are in my den and this is the
place am going to bring my lover back.

Me: then get on with it.

Adanna: of course i will.

The door open and three old women with white hairs came in and took my
hands to another small dark room, i saw two coffins there and the
first one is empty while the other one is filled with bones

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