Adanna - S03 E17 (Story Episode)

3 years ago

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The room was dark but there are red candles at each end with a big red
altar they pushed me to the coffin and i gently obey because there is
nothing i can do nor run to i dont even know where i am, i know they
will kill me i just hope they do it quick so that i will go meet Mercy
on the other side, but Adanna said shes not going to kill me she want
me to suffer and suffer and suffer maybe chain for eternity or so i
dont know but what ever it will be it wont be good.

They use a red chain to tie my body together before they push me down
the coffin i slept on the coffin and the three ladies cover it up,
inside the coffin everywhere was dark and smelling, i dont know whats
going on up there and i dont care to know all i want is for everything
to be over as soon as possible.
After sometime i started hearing noises outside like an incarntation,
i dont know what to do i just lay low waiting for my death, what
happen to fight till last drop of my blood, i thought am a man how can
i just stay quiet while they devour my body, but if i really want to
fight what will i be fighting for since Mercy is death, since shes
dead am probably dead too so there is really nothing to fight for,
assuming Mercy is alive yes i would have fight till the last drop of
my blood but since shes dead i will probably be fighting a lost curse,
so because shes dead thats why i too want to kill myself, if shes
alive will she allow it? No.

And even if is shes dead she wont want me dead too she will probably
want the best for me.

I was still thinking when everywhere started shaking like earthquake,
then the red chain they use in tieing me started getting hotter and
hotter till it started hutting me, i was screaming loudly even though
there is no one to help me i was shouting calling for help, everywhere
was shaking and the coffin started bringing out smoke, the hotness
from the chain was too much for me to bear in that i passed out.

When i pass out it was like am dead, i open eye and got up from the
coffin only to see my other self lying dead on the coffin, i wokeup
and saw that three witches are still performing their magic while
Adanna and her daughter watch, then i look my right hand and saw MERCY,
she was smiling
when i saw her i ran to her and hug her then i kneel down and started
begging her to forgive me while she just look at me with saddness on
her eyes

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