Adanna - S03 E15 (Story Episode)

3 years ago

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Me: then what is it (i started touching her breast, pressing and she
too trying to resist).

Mercy: Ozila please you know before i wont stop you but let me finish
my fasting you know something like this can administered by the devil
to stop me from fasting.

Me: oh you mean am a devil or messenger of devil? (i stop touching her
forming angry).

Mercy: Ozila try to understand me, am doing this for our good and am
expecting you to encourage me not to discourage me.

Me: whatever, i came from a far distance to see you now you stopping
me from what i miss most.

Mercy: do you love me because of sex?

Me: no i dont but i miss sex alot.

Mercy: how long is three days that you cant wait?

Me: i will be leaving here by tomorrow.

Mercy: hmmmm sweetheart am sorry but i cant (she satup thinking).

Me: no problem i think i should be going now.

Mercy: you seriously dont mean that.

Me: watch me.

I stood up and wear my clothes, i took my phone and wallet and walk to
the door only to see her there.

Me: let me go.

Mercy: why do you have to do this, i love you and you know it why cant
you just be okay with it just for once (she was saying and also
shading tears like mercy johnson).

Me: sweetheart you dont expect me to come from far Aba to come see you
and return without touching you, is it fair?

Mercy: you want to touch me?

Me: yes sure, i want to i miss your touch too.

Mercy: fine if thats what you want drop your things (still crying).

I drop my things and walk back to the bed, she was still standing on
the door crying, she remove her clothes completely and slowly enter
bed and sleep flat, i was looking at her quietly in sad mood but i
dont have any other choice.

Mercy: what are you waiting for, lets do it quick i have bible study here today?

I remove my clothes and lay ontop her, i spread her leg open wide and
enter inside, she close her eyes crying also, i sex her on the same
bed i sex Adaeze, i tried to kiss her but she refuse, i sex her for
minutes till i release inside her.
After sex i shift to the wall and sleep.

I woke up later in the evening, i standup and realize that i was been
controlled before, it seems like her charm is out of me now, i quickly
shake Mercy so that i will tell her everything and pray seriously or
even go to her pastor place for deliverance.

Me: Mercy wakeup we need to talk.

I called her again she didnt answer, i touch her and shake her but she
wasnt even shaking.

Me: mercy whats wrong wakeup.

I pull her up but she wasnt responding then my heart started beating
faster, i check her heartbeat and saw that shes not breathing,.

Me: mercy please come back dont do this to me (i started crying ).

Me: mercy love please dont leave me i cant fight them alone, i need
you love please come back (i started crying louder and louder).

Then she appeared.

Adanna: shes dead.

Me: you evil witch bring my mercy back please i beg you.

Mercy: shes gone, during sex Adaeze my daughter implanted something in
you, you released the poison inside Mercy, thats why shes dead, you
killed your love by yourself.

Me: i will kill you today ( i stood and run to her to strangle her but she
hold my hand, and use the other hand to press my neck, then we both

To Be Continued...

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