Adventure with aunty caro - S01 E28 (Story Episode)

2 years ago

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Me: good evening

Caro: how are you ?

Me: am good
She handed me a Kfc nylon, she told me that’s what she
got for her baby..

Me: (happy) thank you.

Caro: you welcome

Me: (smiling)

Caro: won’t you hugged your baby.

I move closer to her.. I hugged her, she hold me to
herself for almost
2minutes before she let go..

Caro: (happy) one more thing baby

Me: whats that ?

Caro: can you kiss me

Me: close your eye
I kiss her forehead, she open her eye and mutter i love

Me:i love you too.

Caro: what did you care for tonight baby ?

Me: anything we do.

Caro: alright.

She prepared rice and stew that. We ate together, she
slept in my arm
that night.

“i truly love caro, but there are some things involved
that is holding
me back.. I would have been showing much affection for
her too..

1. We my parent support this ?

Age difference

2. How will people that know her as part of the family
feels when they
heard about the relationship.

3. Won’t i get her hurt with the love i have for flirty life..

God lead.

I quickly zero those thought off my mind, afterall she
started the move…

I woke her up with a very passionate kiss the following

Every was going on smoothly till late in night on friday
when i
receive a whatsApp message from an unsave number


Unsave: Good Pm

Me: Same here

Unsave: how was your day ?

Me: it was cool..What bout yours ?
Unsave: not bad.

Me: okay

Unsave: you can’t even call since i left on tuesday.

Me: oh! Bisola am sorry

Bisola: sorry for yourself jhor

Me: you could have call too!

Bisola: i called you yesterday, your number was
switched off

Me: oh, i was having a flat battery yesterday.

Bisola: okay

Me: whats up ?

Bisola: nothing.. I just miss you and, i want to hear your

Me: thats very good of you.

Bisola: i told my friend about you, and she really wants
to meet you.

Me: hmm, what did you tell her ?

Bisola: just wait till you guys meet, she will tell you
what i told her

Me: alright ma

Bisola: this is her number 0703156****

Me: ok.

Bisola: she will call

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