Adventure with aunty caro - S01 E27 (Story Episode)

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Brought out the phone, it’s an unknown number

Caller: Hello, good morning.

Me: good morning.

Caller: this bisola

Me: (thinking)from ?

Bisola: from lincoln

Me: oh sorry.. You are his visitor.

Bisola: yea..

Me: Where are you now ?

Bisola: outside the gate

Me: come in na

Bisola: pls come and pick me, i don’t know his room

Me: (you be beans?) ok, am coming
I dash out of the house… I cause lincoln silently after
seeing the babe…

Why on earth will you have this type of girlfriend and
still sleep
with girls.. (lincoln na goat oh.. Like say me i be saint..
Last two
weeks i was a virgin.. Now i don pump out close to
5litres of sp€rm to
just two girls..lord help me)
I led her inside, open his door.. She sat on the bed..
There’s no light, would have help her switch on the tv

Me: how was your journey?

Bisola: fine..

Me: about to go out when your call came in.. Pls just
give me
15minutes.. I will be back.

Bisola: can i come with you

Me: no problem

We waited for what seems like ages, those okada rider
did not show up..

Bisola: is the place that far


Me: it’s just 10minutes away if one trek

Bisola: let’s trek then.

Me: no, may be you stay behind.

Bisola: why

Me: i don’t want lincoln’s trouble

Bisola: how did you mean

Me: he may get upset for making you walk under this
fierce sun

Bisola: (laughing) i trust him.
We keep chitchatting till will get there..

I got rice and malt package for my self, while i get her
medium size ice cream..

She thanked me for the icecream..

Now back at home..

Bisola: you don’t have lectures today ?

Me: (mumu… i tell you say i don enter school abi) yea,
no lecture today.

Bisola: tell me more about yourself

Me: (you craze ni) am not good at that aspect.

Bisola: just tell me, the little way you can

Me: my name is olabep, i am lincoln’s friend

Bisola: (frown face) i knew that already na.

Me: i told you am poor, when it comes to introducing my
self to new
friends.. Don’t worry you will get to know me better with

Bisola: (sad face) ok

Me: (remourseful look) you tell me about yourself

Bisola: i know you are joking, lincoln would have told
you everything

Me: no, he even just informed me about your coming
this morning.

Bisola: really ?

Me: he even forgot to tell me your name.

Bisola: that’s bad of him

Me: did he told you anything about me

Bisola: no, he only told me your name this morning and
gave me your
number, when he said he had an unexpected test.
She narrate everything about herself, from her school to
her childhood
to how she met lincoln.. She told me they met on

Lincoln came back past 4, i spent 30 more minutes after
lincoln arrival..

I left his room only to met caro inside..

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