Adventure with aunty caro - S01 E29 (Story Episode)

1 year ago

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What did this one want again now.. I just hope she is
pretty.. I go
just chop and clean mouth..

The chemistry between me and caro keep growing… We
act like couple
when we are alone.. But we are brothers and sister when
anyone is
around us..

Everything was going on smoothly, I keep posting sheyi
and tania
anytime the bring up the word when are we seeing…

Bisola friend did not call the following day, she called
me the
following week, but with the little conversation, am sure
she’s up to
something.. She was so excited talking to someone she
did not even
know.. After 4 days of calling and chatting, we get going
she told me
how her ex boyfriend with another girl..

Inshort, within a week of meeting ayomide we started

Now i have
Caro – My True love..

Ayomide – My second love(i would have turn her down..
But two things
stopped me.)

The first thing was that, she told me about her ex, so for
that reason
i did not want to break her heart

2. She’s too beautiful to be rejected.
Bisola – (Prey) we are not dating but with the kind of
discussion she do bring up during chats, i know she’s
up to

Sheyi – (fvck mate) no string attached.. We only
enjoying ourselve
Tania – (sugarlady) despite me not giving her maximum
attention.. She
still care for me. She keep buying stuffs for me.
Lincoln – (partner in crime) my one and only male

Thats the summarization of those have met within my
first six weeks on
campus with caro.

6 weeks gone.. Am 75% good for the exam…

I will be enrolling in a tutorial in two weeks time..

So within this two weeks i have gat to enjoy my self..

Have gat a lot
of card to play…. Am planning of taking on sheyi first,
she will be
free till twelve tomorrow…
I check my whatspp, she was online, i chat her up

Me: hi baby

Sheyi: Mmm, whats up ?

Me: em good, why mmm ?

Sheyi: you use baby for me.. Didyu won lottery

Me: no.. Its just that i miss you

Sheyi: you missed me ?

(surprise smiley)

Me: yes of course.. Are you not happy about it

Sheyi: why won’t i, you miss me of all people..

Me: don’t talk like that, you know i care for you now

Sheyi: so when are we seeing

Me: what about tomorrow morning ?

Sheyi: as your lordship pleases !

Me: when caro is out, i will flash you !

Sheyi: alright dear.. Can’t wait to feel you

Me: me too

Sheyi: talk to later dearie

Me: alright..

I deleted the chats immediately, because i know caro
will still sniff
at my phone later in the night

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