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Emem’s call to AIG was to notify him of her plans.

Her next call to Dede was to further rope him in.

The night before, his words, spoken just outside the courthouse as they walked away from the Judge who had given her sole custody of Ima, came to her.

I promise you, Emem. I will stop at nothing to get you back even if it kills me. No matter
how long it takes, we’ll be a family again.

She had shivered then as his words chilled her to the bone. His declaration hadn’t been
made out of love but out of a need to control her, anyway possible.

In truth, she hadn’t thought about the chilling words in over eleven years because the need
hadn’t arisen. Somehow, he had disappeared
from the scene.

Is his grand plan to- I don’t even understand
what is going on? Why did he take Zara?

What does he want with her? Does he think she knows where Ima is?

Her ex-husband wasn’t a suspect in the kidnapping of their daughter but in that of
their daughter’s best friend.
I can only imagine what Zara’s mother is going through. At least she knows who took
her. He can be found but Ima’s case is different.

There’s zilch information from that end.

She shook her head. No. No. No. Two mothers shouldn’t have to go through this at the same
time. I have to contribute especially in Zara’s
case even if it means that the father of my daughter may face life imprisonment.

This was why she called Dede. She had invited him over for updates on Ima’s disappearance.

However, even as she
recounted her plans, they sounded too easy
not to be smelled by Dede. He was an astute
man, always being able to sense things.

Would he not smell this rat from over a mile

Sighing, she stood up. Her ponderings were
pointless now. No matter what she felt about
her plans, she had to go through. He had
agreed to come. Imagine that! It must be God
working things out.

Dear Lord, the same way you got him to agree
to come, please grant me the serenity and
calm to carry out this plan. It most likely
doesn’t have anything to do with my daughter
rescue but I can’t sit still and do nothing. I’m
counting on you for help, supernatural help.

Her prayer said, she went ahead to prepare
for the evening. With just three hours to go,
not a minute could be wasted.

“You know I still don’t know how you were

No. The subject matter wasn’t being avoided.

It just hadn’t come up. Whatever medication
was given to her in the car carried out its effects for three days during which Ima
fretted and prayed.

“That’s true.” Ima replied with a smile. “Well,
you didn’t ask.” She said with a light laugh
that had Zara rolling her eyes. “Yeah, right.

Okay. I’m asking now. What happened? When
and where?”

It was evening. They had just eaten cereal.

That was all they being fed. Cereal, milk and
water. It was a miracle that none of them had
fallen ill. Perhaps it was the ploy – to make
them physically weak enough not to venture

“Well, I had just gotten my luggage from the
custom and had wheeled it out towards the
car park when a taxi stopped in front of me.

Because I had that my taxi guy lined up already, I told the guy I wasn’t interested. So,
he moved on.

After waiting ten minutes, I dialled his number.

It didn’t go through. I decided to chill for another ten minutes before using someone else.

After which the first taxi guy
drove in front of me. At this point it was starting to drizzle already. I asked him
quickly if he knew Ogudu. He said yes. I got
into the car with my luggage in the boot and
the car zoomed off.

That’s all I remember, Zee. I’ve tried, tasked my brain to remember something else but
nothing has come out yet.”
Zara let out a deep sigh. “Did you get to see
his face? As in do you know him?” Ima went
silent at the question.

The way you know it’s
my father that kidnapped you?
“No Zee. I didn’t get to see his face. I didn’t,
then. I haven’t, now.” Her reply came out

Zara understood her defensive reply. She
couldn’t imagine the shame that her friend
was feeling at finding out that her father was
involved in the whole fiasco. Never mind that
they hadn’t seen him since the day he
brought her there.

“Alright, Ima.” She said nothing after that. An
uncomfortable silence came over the room
and for some minutes they lay on their backs
looking at the ceiling.

Some seconds later, Zara heard sniffing.

Imaobong, the brave and courageous one was

“Why is your face leaking, dear one?” Ima
smiled at the question. It was one that she
would have asked if the tables were turned.

She took a deep breath and let it out. “Sorry,
Zee. I don’t mean to be a party pooper. It’s
pooped enough as it is. I just ….”
“No need to explain. You had to let it out
right?” She patted her friend gently on the

“Meanwhile, I think I know who it is that took
you and I think I know what is going to
happen. I will tell you but please don’t brush
it off as a long stretch of my imagination.”
Ima chuckled at the ending part of Zara’s

“Alright, shoot. I won’t brush it- I wont do whatever it is you said.”

They both laughed at that as Zara recounted
the events from well over nineteen years ago
that had possibly led to this day.

With the meal carefully prepared, and the
kitchen cleaned. She sat down in the living
room to wait for her guest. He was expected
any moment from now. The second and
equally crucial part of her plan was in place.

Hopefully, everything would turn out fine.

A knock on the door startled her. She stood up
and walked to the door. Special care had been
taken to not look desperate. She didn’t want
to seem too eager.

The door opened when she was sure it was
Dede. It opened to let in a strong whiff of

As if I don’t have enough things troubling me

The scene seemed too familiar, like she had
seen it before. As she turned after closing the
door, she felt a rough hand on her arm.

“Woman, get me my dinner.” Emem froze. His
dinner? What is he talking about? Was he
drun- Of course he is drunk.
“Dede, leave me alone.” She shrugged out of
his hold, slipping into the part she had played
for the last four years of their marriage.

“Woman, give my food or else I’ll-“ He sat
heavily on the chair.

“No need to shout. Ima is asleep.” She paused
for the reaction. There was none. It was as
though the clock had wound itself backwards,
as though they had gone back in time.

“S-s-s-ooooo, g-g-et m-my foo-“
“I will, Dede.”

Quickly, she rushed into the kitchen and
served the Jollof rice with Chicken into two
plates. He had never been one to eat alone.

Hated it.

He ate voraciously, which was different from
his usual MO. Usually, whenever he was
drunk, he slept off before the food came but
today was turning out to be different.

Downing a glass of water after the meal, Dede
relaxed on the couch as snores soon after
escaped from his nostrils.
Emem watched in amazement. It was
definitely not her doing.

Five minutes later, she opened the door to let
in AIG and four other hefty police officers.

Given Dede’s training, there were not willing
to take any chances. Quickly, he was
handcuffed and carried out of the house.

She followed closely behind them after locking
the door. As she got into her car, she wept
and prayed, her heart full of gratitude to the
One who had watched over her.

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