ZARA (Story)

1 year ago


As she sat in the parking lot, Zara could not remember any time in her life in which she had felt like this.

It was a whole new dimension, foreign to her. She was fast losing the battle against the thoughts that relentlessly tormented and stripped her of any hope.

Her eyes caught a word that exactly described how she felt at the moment.

Helpless. Alone.

Even as the words came to mind, she could hear Ima’s voice chiding her for thinking that way.

You shouldn’t ever think that way, Zara.

It isn’t productive. Besides, there is nothing
God can’t do.

Zara remembered with much sadness how she had rolled her eyes at her dear friend’s statement.

They had been talking about her love life, Zara’s love life. Zara’s attempt to
throw a pity party with Ima inclusive had met
a brick wall.

Quickly, she wiped away the tears with both palms and started the car towards the
apartment she and Ima shared until some days ago.

Decidedly, Zara filled her mind with happy thoughts, thoughts from long ago.

Thoughts from the year in her life when she met
Imaobong Obi.

Written by Aminzy

Zara - S01  (Story Season)

Zara - S01 (Story Season)

1 year ago