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“Why didn’t you tell me? My God! When-”

“No, Ima. It wasn’t intentional. This happened
before you and I met.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m just wondering why it
hasn’t come up all this while.”
Against the wall on which their backs rested,
Zara shrugged. “It isn’t something that has
remained in my consciousness every waking
moment. I just know it happened. I have
snatches of details that flash across my mind
but I have never been able to recall the events
fully. All that I told you is what my mum told
me when I asked.”
“hmmmmmm…. Anyway… it is well.”

“Yes, it is. Now, back to my theory. I think
that the person who picked you is the guy
from the story.” She paused for her statement
to sink in.

“From the story? Which story?”
“The man that kidnapped me. I think he is
the one that you know took you from the

Ima turned her face to look at her friend. It
didn’t make any sense. Why- “Why would he
do that? I have never met him before.”

“Our friendship is enough reason. Maybe he
took you to cause me pain but then that
doesn’t explain why your dad took me

Zara let the statement hang. Is it possible?

Could that be the reason?
“Unless what?” Ima asked quickly.

“It wasn’t until he called that night that I
knew he was out of prison. We didn’t expect
him to ever be released. After twenty years
and good behaviour, a new governor granted
him amnesty. I think that he would have been
stewing and plotting his revenge in prison.

You know the other guy has been muttering
something about you leaving soon. Maybe it is
as we thought. Maybe we are going to be
exchanged. As in you go to your dad and I go
with the other guy.”

Her excitement at the possible unravelling of
the matter was much dampened at the fact
that it was reality.

“If only it was a movie and not our lives we
are speculating about. If only…” She let out a
sad sigh.

“Zara, what’s the name of the-. Do you know
his name?”

“Yes. His name is Mr Odili. I don’t know if
he’s changed it now.”

Outside the door, Peter’s spine straightened at
the mention of his name. She remembers my
name! A satisfied smile spread across his face.

Always been a smart one, that girl.

What rankled him was the fact that Dede was
presently unreachable especially two days
after his supposed stint was to be over.

Picking up his phone, he dialled Dede’s
number again. There was still no connection.

Today is Thursday. I’ll wait till the weekend.

Before his eyes opened, he knew something
was different. He knew he wasn’t at home or
any familiar place.

Where am I? How did I get here?

The air smelled stale and much like so many
large rooms he had used in the past. He tried
to stand up and realized he was bound. The
knots couldn’t be undone by him.

Have 1 been found out? Who blew my cover?

Dede turned his mind for possible frenemies
he had made in the curse of his job. Voices
coming closer put him on an alert. One thing
was very certain; no one would get any
information from him. He would rather die.
“Is he awake?”

The voice did not sound the least bit familiar.

“Yes, I am.” Dede replied. It was better they
get the whole thing over with. “Why am I
here?” He asked, the usual nasal sound totally

“Bros, calm down. We are not in a hurry. It’s
not our fault that you have been sleeping for
almost two days.” The speaker was the second
and more heavyset of the two.
Two days! What did I eat to make me sleep
for two days? He tried to remember the events
up until three days ago but his mind was
blank. Had his memory been erased as well?

What’s happening?

He couldn’t remember anything from the past
three days which he didn’t like. Not at all.

Puts me at a disadvantage with this people
especially since I don’t know what they want
with me.

One of the guys stood up and walked out of
the room but not before he saw something
that made him stop cold – the X sign with a
band around middle – inscribed just below
the elbow.

These men weren’t frenemies. They were, are
his people, his brothers at arms. A shiver
passed through his spine.
He had been taken by one of his own.

“Does he know?” AIG asked the man standing
beside him. “I reckon, not yet or maybe. He
ought to have by now if he is as good he has
proven to be.”
“Boss, he’s awake.” A nod was the reply.

He left the AIG and walked into the room that
held Dede.

As the distance grew between them, AIG
thought about the wisdom of the present
collaboration. It was an unspoken rule that
the secret service agency be contacted once
one of its agents ended up in the custody of
the police force. This, he had done the
moment they drove away from Mrs Obi’s
house where he had been arrested, albeit,

One of my own? Why? It had never crossed
his mind. Perhaps, they were impostors.

Quickly, he scanned the room for a means of
escape but even as he did, he knew he
wouldn’t find any. There was a reason why he
chose brightly lit large rooms with no

The door opened. Dede breathed a sigh of
relief. His boss was here. Boss is here? No.

No. Boss will never betray me. Noooo.

Something must be wrong.
Boss took the seat just in front of Dede. The
two men now stood behind him.

“Dede, good to have you back.” He didn’t
venture a reply. No one did when Boss had
the look. Dede racked his brain for what he
could have done. He didn’t remember any

“I can imagine that you are surprised to find
yourself in bonds, held by your own people.

Although, I wonder why that would be so
considering the clandestine activities you
have chosen to engage yourself in.

Now, Dede. I would like to ask you a question
and you have the permission to answer.

What’s our number one rule?”
The answer had been drummed into his sub
consciousness from the moment he entered
the agency. Don’t get caught.
“Don’t get caught, sir.”
Boss nodded. “You do remember. In the
twenty years of you with the agency, you have
never once broken that rule until now. You
know what happens afterwards, right?”
Dede shuddered to think about it. The person
was usually treated like a pariah. Once again,
he tried to remember. His recent stint had
ended without a hitch.

“You do know. Now, if it was just that you got
caught in the line of duty, it would be
understandable, somewhat. However, you got
caught doing something else. You got caught
committing a crime. You will have your
chance to explain but I would like to remind
you that we have evidence should you choose
to lie.

So, what I would like to know, is what you
were doing at 8, Tade close on the 19 of
March with your palm across a lady’s mouth
and your firearm pressed into her back.

He tried not to show it but failed. The
moment he sighed, he knew coming clean was
the only way out.

Boss stood and walked out of the room.

It did matter to the agency that he was a
distinguished agent but nothing could be done
about. What he had done was a slight on the
agency’s name. They would have to work
overtime to ensure the press got no wing of it.

“Do you think it’ll work? He is one of yours.”

AIG asked. Boss smiled and nodded. “Oh! It
will. I have no doubt about it. He is guilty
alright. Since he knows the drill, he knows
that we are not playing games.
We will just give him some hours to stew.

Patience is all we need now.”
That said, he led AIG out of the viewing room.

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