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Amanda is angry and sober at the same time, the video of Michael getting killed disturbed her, for two days, Amanda is frustrated and confused and she is always indoors. Mama and the kids have tried calling her out but she remains adamant. Two days, she hadn’t eaten anything, only crying. For some one a man should fear, seeing her now would someone think she has a childish behavior.

Mama Tobenna have knocked on her doors severally all to no avail. Her phone has been switched off since the day she got the video, she wished deeply she knew his killer, she imagined torturing whoever they are before killing them.

On the third day, she realized she has been missing much to the society.

She got out of bed and looked like an insane lady as her hair is unkempt, and her cloth stinking because since the day, she hadn’t the strength to bath or brush, talk more of eating.

Feeling like she lost everything, she shifted her mind to her family she had kept away from for three days.

She imagined granny sober and everyone else worried.

She checked out the time on the wall clock, it was thirty minutes past twelve o’clock.
It dawned on her that she can’t be hiding inside her room, in order to find out Michael’s death, she’s gonna need help and Maureen came into her mind.

Even though she has been trying to lose the feeling that she misses her, she can’t ignore it.

Picking up her phone, she switches it on and wait for a minute before it comes up.

Dialing up Maureen’s number, she places it at her ear, soon a feminine voice said a sweet ‘hello’ to the caller.

“Honey, it’s me. Amy.” She said.

“Oh my god, I’ve been worried sick about you Amanda.” Maureen’s worried voice rang through the phone.

“Am fine, how are you doing?.” She commented.

“I should be the one asking you. My father wants to see you.” She said.

“Why?.” She questioned.

“You haven’t heard.” Maureen answered.

“Heard what?.” She became puzzled.

“I guess you’re not in Lagos then, some gangs raided your house two days ago, Adams is badly injured, he managed to kill two of them but the rest injured him and left, he was just lucky to be alive. We are looking for them. Thank God you’re safe.” She details everything to Amanda.

“Yea, why did no one inform me if this?.” She asked.

“Girl, your number was switched off for the past two days now, I’ve been trying to get to you.” She drops.

“Yea, true. Look I need a favor from you.” She said after some few seconds of silence.

“What is it baby girl? Anything for you.” Maureen asked.

“You’re like a computer guru. You still remember my WhatsApp password right?.” She said.

“Yep, I do.” She commented.

“Good, log in to it. There’s a video from Michael’s account. Dated three day ago. Trace it and see it where it came from and the location is needed. Can you do that?.” She said.

“Michael? His dead remember?.” Maureen sounded confused.

“I know,”

“Then how can he send you a video file dated three days ago.”

“He didn’t, someone else sent it.”

“So what is in the file?.”

“Michael’s death, the file contains the video of Michael getting killed.

“Fvck, how are you doing now.”

“Am good, can you do it.”

“Yes, give me a day. I love you.”

“Okay, I love you too.”

After ending the call, Amanda took a shower and brushed her teeth, after dressing up in a simple outfit, she exited her room and walked out the door.

Being Saturday, Lotenna, Tobenna and Somadina are seen playing ‘Oya’ while the boys were playing ‘hide and go seek’.

When they all saw her, they stopped all they were doing and ran up to her.

“Aunty good morning.” Ositadinma and the rest greeted her.

She responded and smiled at them.

“We’ve missed you, you just locked yourself away from us.” Soludo sadly said.

“It’s true aunty Amanda, we’ve been knocking on your door since, even granny had knocked on your door but you refused to open up. I even brought food for you. We taught you left us the way you did last time but your car is still in the compound.” Lotenna smartly says.

“Am sorry my darlings, but something happened to me.” She was amazed at the kindness and the love they’re showing her as some worried faces were looking at her.

“What happened aunty?.” It was Somadina that asked.

Amanda looked at her and smiled.

“You’re Somadina right?.” She asked the little girl.

Somadina nods slowly. She squats down a little and touch the head of Somadina.

“Well, beautiful young Somadina, I can’t tell you kids okay.” She said and they all nodded their heads.

“Aunty have you eaten?.” When Lotenna asked her. Making her realise that she is very much famished.

“Well, I am now hungry Lotenna.” She said with her usual smile.

“Maybe I can help with that.” A male baritone voice said from behind.

When she turns around, she saw Jidenna standing, “What do you say if I take you out for lunch?.”

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