A Girl Like Amanda - S01 E26 (Story Episode)

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After ending the call, Amanda took a shower and brushed her teeth, after dressing up in a simple outfit, she exited her room and walked out the door.

Being Saturday, Lotenna, Tobenna and Somadina are seen playing ‘Oya’ while the boys were playing ‘hide and go seek’.

When they all saw her, they stopped all they were doing and ran up to her.

“Aunty good morning.” Ositadinma and the rest greeted her.

She responded and smiled at them.

“We’ve missed you, you just locked yourself away from us.” Soludo sadly said.

“It’s true aunty Amanda, we’ve been knocking on your door since, even granny had knocked on your door but you refused to open up. I even brought food for you. We taught you left us the way you did last time but your car is still in the compound.” Lotenna smartly says.

“Am sorry my darlings, but something happened to me.” She was amazed at the kindness and the love they’re showing her as some worried faces were looking at her.

“What happened aunty?.” It was Somadina that asked.

Amanda looked at her and smiled.

“You’re Somadina right?.” She asked the little girl.

Somadina nods slowly. She squats down a little and touch the head of Somadina.

“Well, beautiful young Somadina, I can’t tell you kids okay.” She said and they all nodded their heads.

“Aunty have you eaten?.” When Lotenna asked her. Making her realise that she is very much famished.

“Well, I am now hungry Lotenna.” She said with her usual smile.

“Maybe I can help with that.” A male baritone voice said from behind.

When she turns around, she saw Jidenna standing, “What do you say if I take you out for lunch?.”

“Sorry, what’s that your name again?.” She asked him.

“It’s Jidenna.” He replied smiling showing off his dimples.

“I see, well Jidenna. I do appreciate your kind gesture but am not interested.” She bluntly said.

“Am only trying to be friends with you. Am trying to be friendly.” He said smoothly.

Amanda gave a short laugh and turned back to the children.

“Soludo where is granny?.” She asked Soludo who is busy smiling sheepishly.

“She inside her room.” He responds still smiling obviously happy that she shunned Jidenna.

“Okay, you guys should continue what you were doing let me go and see her.” She said as she walks away ignoring the presence of Jidenna.

He ran up to her quickly.

“Amanda, I just want us to be friends, that’s all.” He said as he caught up with her.

“You don’t give up do you. I am not interested. You’re a family friend and I like your younger sister but that doesn’t mean we can be friends or anything.” She angrily said as she frustrated with his consistent disturbance.

“I know but…” he tries to say but she cuts him short.

“No buts Jidenna, am a gay and I don’t befriend boys so please don’t make me embarrass you in front of your kid sister.” As she said that, he stops immediately and looks at her for a few seconds.

“You’re the girl that dealt with Pius right?.” He asks her.

“The girl from the stream? Yes, he wouldn’t stop pestering me the way you’re pestering me now so my advice to you is this, am not your type of everyday girl, am not a lady so please steer clear away from me. Not a greetings or whatsoever.” She bluntly said as she walks away from him entering granny’s room.

He stood there for some seconds when Soludo and Somadina ran up to him.

“Brother Jidenna, are you alright?.” Somadina asks him as she saw the sadness on his face

“Am fine Soma, just a little bit confused.” He said.

“Don’t worry brother Jidenna, she doesn’t really like talking to the boys.” Soludo said almost laughing.

“Yea, Soludo thanks for letting me know.” He said to him before turning to his sister, “am going to see my friends, go home early alright.” She nods her head as he goes out of the compound.

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