A Girl Like Amanda - S01 E24 (Story Episode)

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“Doc?” She asked into the receiver.

“Yes, it’s Doctor James from meridian hospital. You asked me to… ” she cuts in.

“I remember you Doc, is my friend okay?” She said uneasily.

“She is doing fine, in fact, she wants to speak with you.” He commented.

“Amanda, where the hell are you at?” Vicky spoke out angrily.

“Easy Vicky, it’s for your own good okay? You’re not safe with me so I had to make some adjustment when you were unconscious.” She said.

“By leaving me with a stranger, really Amanda?” She tells her.

“Am sorry but it was the best thing to do at the time.” She informs.

“I understand, but where are you. We need to talk.” She said.

“We will but not until I found out what happened to your brother.” She sighs.

“Fine, as you wish.” She gives the phone back to doctor James.

“Vicky?” Amanda called out to her.

“She is angry and she said if you want to speak to her, you should come over here.” Doctor James informs.

“Tell her, I can’t for now. But very soon.” She said simply.

“Okay, I will and thank you for the money.”

She drops her phone on the table, taking off her clothes as she goes to the shower and wash her body clean.

She was exhausted now as she got out of the shower wet with a white towel tied around her chest.

She enters her room as she drops the towel before going to her wardrobe and brings out a red jumpsuit and a black bra and G string.

Going to her shoe rack, she picks a red feminine sandal and throws the cloth on the bed.

Walking over to her mirror stand, she pulls out the drawer and takes out her body cream and a make up kit and places it on the table, rubbing the cream all over her smooth body, taking her time before wearing her undies and dress up.

She applies a little make up on her face, her phone suddenly buzzed.

She stares at it then drop the lipstick she was holding, she sees a WhatsApp notification, she enters it and see it was from Michael’s account. He sent her a video file and when she clicks on it. She was terrified.

It is a video of Michael getting shot three times in a place which appeared to be a ware house, she breaks down immediately.

There after, his body was dragged and out inside a grey car trunk.

Then a message pops up.

‘Now you know how he died.’

Staring in anger, she throws her phone away and falls on the floor crying.

Crying for some few minutes, she picks up her phone and types on the keyboard, sending a message to whoever it was.

‘Whoever you are, am coming for you.’ She sends.

She watches him for a few seconds, he starts typing and a message pops.

“I’ll be waiting love.” She reads.


Short, I know but like I said, am having a lil phone problem. Biko bear with me.

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