Oga Landlord - S01 E07 (Story Episode)

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Subtitle: F--k Fakers.

Papa Michael went inside his house and I hurried to Cynthia door and find it locked, this babe nodey house sef. See f--k up, konji go finish person pikin.

I returned back to see Papa Jayjay hands folded under the sun waiting for papa Michael, this people no get work at all.

I climbed the long hallway that has my doors and other tenants rooms with that of papa Michael.

Papa Michael: see this woman, why you go give me just two pieces of meat. You no know say I be the head of this family, if I vex now cut the head who go lead the family, you don see anything without head survive? shouting

Mama Michael: I be tail of the family, you no deserve even half-piece of meat, when last you buy meat for house. Papa Michael?

This man dey em house dey fight for meat while papa Jayjay dey under hot sun dey wait for am, I entered my room and had my shower anticipating for Cynthia arrival. I tried her line twice but it was switched off, so I couldn’t get through to her.

I laid on my bed and slept off after the cold shower, the konji melo down.

I was just sleeping oh, until I heard two smokers voice from my window. Of all the space to discuss their madness is my window they saw, I recognized the voice to belong to Donald and his misfortune friend China as he called himself.

China: bad man, why you dey read na? I think say we go live by the game and die for the game.

Donald: who and you wan die? See I dey read for jamb no disturb me. I wan score five hundred.

China: two of us know say your score go be indomie money, we no get future.

Donald: devil is a liar, I get future. I wan be politician but now I be jambite.

China: I wan become criminal but now I be armed robber, I don even pass my future sef. I dey my destiny.

Donald: you don see am, na why I wan become politician. I godey use you win election then later come jack all the money, maybe I go send sars or police make them go carry you go prison or kirikiri make you cool your brain there.

China: your father left yansh, I don go oh. Meet me for plantation when your head clear.

After sometime I didn’t hear their voices again, it was towards evening when a soft knock landed on my door. I rushed and opened the door to see Cynthia looking sweet and hot.

Cynthia: youngest landlord, how far na?

Me: you no try oh, since that time wey I call you. Na now you dey come?

Cynthia: no vex na, see I get wetin sweet pass s*x for my handbag here, i wan pay my rent.

Only wetin she talk make me c*m, i opened the door wide for her to come in. I rushed go carry pen and my invoice booklet.

Me: you know say na three months you dey owe, wey the money?

Cynthia: na wa for you oh! You no even commot one month, all the knacking nkor?

Me: the knacking na for the grace to stay, bring the money na. Money wey dey delay nodey sweet.

She counted the money and gave to me, I wrote her invoice and issued it to her. My d*ck was already hard in my boxer, I went inside bathroom and wore condom.

I usually hide them in a green basket hung on the wall with nail, i picked out one and tore off the seal. Wore it on my semi er-ct dck and came out of the bathroom to see Cynthia holding her pink pnt.

Kpooooor! Kpoooor!!

Me: who be that na?!

Voice: na me executive caretaker a.k.a Anderson. We get meeting for yard, we dey wait for you.

Me: I dey come, make ona wait.

I grabbed Cynthia’s waist and our lips clicked, she wore a mini pink gown. I pulled down my boxer to my kneel, and she rolled up her gown to her waist. She wore a waist beads and always make me go insane, I pushed her to the bed and she spread her both legs.

The height of my bed stop around my waist region, I just hold her both legs and positioned myself to enter her wt pssy.

Gboooor! Gbooooor!! Gboooooooor!!! The knocking refused to stop this time around.

Me: who be that psychiatric patient na?

Voice: na me caretaker Anderson, time na money. Them say make you show for the meeting.

Me: I dey come… Two minutes.

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