Oga Landlord - S01 E06 (Story Episode)

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Subtitle: F--k Fakers.

Ngwanu come see bumbum scatter everywhere, girls lined up facing their b*ttocks towards the yard entrance.
I was shocked, I saw Nkechi and her friends about four with her twerking their yansh with their school uniforms.

Papa Michael was reading newspaper but actually he wasn’t at all, his face was on the newspaper but his eyes was glued to those twerking. They all stood at the kitchen space twerking, see the way their bumbum was shaking underneath the pinafore. Fear catch me, Jojo came out of the room with his shirt hung on his shoulder.

Jojo: wonderful, come see yansh ehhnn he start whistling

Me: nothing wey person no go see for this yard.

I was wondering were everyone went, the yard was empty as most of the crazy folks are no were at sight. The yard would have turned to party hall, the moment one corner took over the playing song. Their twerking went crazy, papa Michael didn’t know when the newspaper in his hands drop off and he stood dumfounded, his mouth agape as flies from nowhere entered his mouth.

Papa Michael: tufiaa! Tufiaa!! he start spitting everywhere

It was just me and Jojo with Papa Michael was present viewing this mid-day shock, there is one deeper life man that lived in my compound. Ade, he opened the door and stepped out of his room, immediately he saw the girls.

Ade: the Devil is a liar, daughters of Jezebel.

He declared after moving his face away, he strode on the pavement trying to walk away.
You no fit deceive Jesus na, before we look.

Ade: my head, my head o! he start screaming

I looked at him, he covered his forehead with palm but he was bleeding profusely.

Jojo: choi! Even father Jesus nofit resist temptation.

Anderson rushed out of the rest-rooms pavement with just boxer, he went straight to the mp3 speaker and switched it off.

Anderson: ona dey here dey twerk, Rufus and em fifteen sons don full suck away, as I dey like this na bush I dey go shit.

Suddenly the children of the yard came back from school, come see noise na.

I went inside because there was fire burning inside me, konji wan finish me. I rushed inside my room and placed a call to Cynthia, that girl toto too sweet. She dey owe me rent, so I dey collect am from her toto till she pay for her rent.

Me: Cynthia fire dey for mountain, rush down to my house. I repeat over, over. Do you copy?

Cynthia: copied, soldier. But I no be water oh, go fine water quench the fire, frequency disrupt.

Me: this is konji reporting, toto do you copy?

Cynthia: repeat soldier, toto nodey available.

Me: you dey use me play, your things go appear outside oh.

Cynthia: you sabi pala oh, I dey for period no vex.

Me: I no want sex again, come give me bl*wjob. Or the blood dey come out from your mouth too?

Cynthia: my belle dey pain me oh, I nofit waka commot from here.

Me: no use me play oh, the kind konji wey dey hold me here fit rape goat. I know when your period dey start and end, na two weeks from now.

Cynthia: oga periodic table, I don hear you. I dey come.

I ended the call and pulled of my long sleeves and trouser, my d*ck was just standing in my boxer without any sign of calming down.

I don’t know why hot afternoon Nigeria sun dey shine with konji, I waited five minutes and Cynthia didn’t appear. I decided to check if she is actually in the yard, maybe she want it in her room.

I raised my boxer band and trapped my d*ck with it, I wore my singlet and came out of my room.

Immediately, I came out of the yard wide compound. Papa Michael rushed towards Papa Jayjay generator set that was facing directly to his door vomiting carbon-iv-oxide, the popular ‘I pass my neighbour’ and switched it off. Papa Jayjay rushed out of his room.

Papa jayjay: who is that castrated frustrated nuisance bombarded with envisaged poverty mentality that evaporated from insanity and condensed beside my generator set?

Papa Michael: he start crying you dey claim say you sabi grammar, I go show you say I go school too. I dey come, no run oh.

Papa Michael entered his room.

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