Gardener's Daughter - S01 E36 (Story Episode)

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“I can’t believe u giving up on her so easily..!”

“I didn’t want to but there’s nothing I can do..or is there any other option..I can’t take my brother’s life..because of that girl..!”

“Well you can..your brother doesn’t even care about u..are you mad..can’t u see that he’s winning and u are loosing .ur brother is defeating..u..I think the best thing to do is kill your brother..or else he’ll get married to d love of your life..!”

“Think about it..I mean..u can kill Miguel by setting a trap for him..just kidnap..your mother or Rosie..any of those two and tell him to come to where ever u want..and just kill that..easy is that..!”

“But I thought u never wanted my brother..dead..why did u Change ur mind all of a sudden..!”Fernando asked..”well because I see he dosen’t love him..n I can’t bear seeing him with that Gardeners it’s best we just silent him..”

“Hmmm..!”Fernando exited..
“What are u up to..I only wanna get revenge on Roxana..not kill her children..!”Teca said”and that’s what am doing dad..if Fernando agrees with the plan..which am sure he’ll agree to..I’ll just have him kill his brother..kill him as well and u can take care of his mother in any way u can..!”Isadora replied..”hmm…u are my little monster..that’s y u are my daughter..!”

“You see dad..impressive right..?”

“ girl..!”

Fernando couldn’t stop thinking about the words of isadora “your brother is winning and you r loosing..”Isadora words keeps on flashing back to his ears..”arghhh!!!!!!I hate u Miguel Beltran..I hate u.. damnit..I hate u so much..u stole my Rosie and you gonna pay with blood you bastard..

I just hate u..I wished u never existed..”Fernando filled with rage he scattered everything around him..angrily..

While Fernando was busy feeling the heat..Rosie and Miguel plans their successful wedding..will things end well for this two..

“I think the Corel is the best..!”Rosie said they both kissed each other..”I can’t wait to be with you already..!”Miguel said..”me too..I love you so love..only that am a bit scared..your brother and Isadora might be up to just nervous about all of this..!”Rosie suggests..”take away bad energy and think about postive things’t think about that ok..we are getting married in a week..

just be happy..and smile for me would u…?”Miguel said as Rosie gave him a little smile even though she couldn’t stop thinking about the plans of Isadora and Fernando..

“I’ll do anything to make them break up..or better yet..I want him dead..!”Fernando told Isadora as she smiles at him”that’s the Fernando have always knowned..

I knew you’ll d agree to my plans..and you ll see everything will turn out perfectly fine..!”Isadora said..”hmm…

I see you are so excited about little snake..I mean one day to d next you started hating on my something wrong with u or what..?”Fernando said to Isadora sternly..”first of all..mind d way you talk to me.. secondly..

I don’t hate ur brother.. infact if I could kill u and make him mine..I ll do dat..but all I want is for u to be happy with Rosie..dats all..I need u to be happy..”

“ ve been such a great friend Isadora..really thanks..”Fernando thanked Isadora..

“You welcome..!”

“So when is the day we gonna take out d I said..put my mother aside.. despite the fact that we are not in good terms..I still love my mother..if there’s anyone we could kidnap to get Rosie delmonte..!”

“Cmon in please..”captain Aleandro said as Rosie stepped in..”Rosie delmonte..future wife of Mr miguel beltran..what brings u here..”

“So..I see the old captain has been promoted to a new place..I wanna talk to you about something very important..there are some cases which the former captain of this department hasn’t finished..and I’ll like for u to reopen the case..!”Rosie suggested..”yeah I already checked the files..the death of Mr Orlando Beltran..I know and am trying my best to get to the bottom of all of these..since you are here..why don’t you tell me all you know about the beltrans..”the captain Aleandro suggested as I took my sit..”Before I tell you that..

I wanna talk to you about I and Miguel’s marriage..!”Rosie said..”hmm.. what’s the matter..?”captain Aleandro asked..”well i want many security guards on that day..

I want it to be very secured..!”Rosie said..”oh..really..does your husband know anything about this..?”

“Yeah..he could you do that for me..!”

“Of course but what I don’t get is why you look very nervous..what’s the matter with you..who are you scared of..!”

“Excuse not scared of anyone..!”Rosie said..”hmm..are you can feel free with me..!”

I’m mediately he told me that I tried to calm be honest ve not been myself since the day Isadora and Miguel kissed..I don’t know what to think anymore..and I just feel like I need to open up to someone who could help me anytime I needed the person and that was captain Aleandro..

“Hmm..ok..fine you got me..but please what am about to tell you.. should stay between us..!”

“Perfect..fine by me..”

In the Beltrans mansion..Roxana and Miguel discussing again..”yeah mom..”

Just then Fernando walked in..with a very mischievous smile..”what’s up family..I can see you guys are doing better without never cared about me..!”Fernando said and the minute he moved a bit closer Miguel landed a big punch on Fernando face..he didn’t stop punching Fernando as blood started gushing out from Fernando’s mouth..roxana tried to stop him but she couldn’t as tiger finally holds Miguel..

Fernando wasn’t affected by the beating as he just stood up from the ground with blood gushing out from his mouth..

he kept laughing..”I just came here to tell you happy marriage life bro..!”Fernando said..”oh please just get out of here or you want some will be a honour to beat you even more you..bastard..and don’t call me bro anymore..from here on now we are Nothing but enemies you stop faking it..!”Miguel told Fernando..Roxana was just sobbing.. Fernando mimicked his brother as he exited without saying anything…

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