Gardener's Daughter - S01 E37 (Story Episode)

10 months ago

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Author Favour Oroso

Miguel hurriedly went to hug his mother as he apologized to her but told her he just had to do what he wanted to do…

“My God..look what he did to you..I mean how cynical..he’s such a maniac my God..but I’ll say he’s a pretty good fighter..!”Isadora said reacting to Fernando’s bruises..”oh just keep shut and help me out..m seriously bleeding..!”Fernando said to Isadora..” I look like a doctor now or what..please give me a break you idiot.. there’s no way..

I ll touch those bruises..I ll just call the doc..but good thing he hitted you ll Know that that stupid thing you call your brother..never liked you..”Isadora said as she picked up her phone to call the doctor..

“Hmm..with all these strange tho..two brothers fighting for a totally crazy.. have always seen that in soap operas..not real life..”

“Hmm turns out this the first you ve seen it’s the truth and am scared Fernando and his girl friend or whatever she is to him..might try to harm I and I’m just letting you know..can I count on you on any help..!”Rosie asked

“Yes…sure..miss delmonte..!just relax.. okay..and I wish you d best in ur soon to be marriage..”captain Aleandro said as I finally took my least I poured my mind out to someone who I can really look upon to for help..

A week to the wedding I could see some certain changes in reopening of the case..and how it has shed some light to me.. and the beltrans family.. few days ago I over heard Roxana Beltran telling the captain Aleandro about some little scores to settle with a man called Teca verdugo..who could that man be..!

“Future mother in law..can I talk to you..for a while..!”Rosie said..”yes my darling..tonight’s your spinsters party..I hope you are really prepared because tomorrow is the day we ve all been waiting for..!”Roxana said..smiling..”yeah”

“So what is wanna talk everything ok with you and Miguel..?”Roxana asked..”yeah.. everything is perfectly’s about you..and I really wanna ask you know Mr teca verdugo..?”Rosie asked..

“Hmmmm..!”Roxana sighed..”what’s wrong..!”
The minute Roxana heard his name she started shaking and breathing heavily…she couldn’t help but stop breathing fast as I tried to calm her down..all I got from Roxana that very day..was that she told me never to mention that name ever in her house…

“What kind of question is that..?”Isadora questioned the captain Aleandro..”it’s a question for thorough investigation on the death of Mr Orlando where were you the day the deceased was murdered..?”captain Aleandro asked..”I travelled out..I wasn’t around through out..and cmon why are you interrogating me like am some can’t come into my own house asking me questions like this..”Isadora said..”am sorry if you feel offended by this but it’s our duty and we have legal rights to ask any questions we want to…I see no reason why you are getting nervous all of a sudden like as if you did something wrong..!”captain Aleandro said noticing Isadora wasn’t comfortable about the whole interrogation stuffs..”see..this is the last thing I need right you think am a suspect..or what…and if it’s about my nervousness..that’s how I get anytime am around the cops.. because they are super powerful with guns and very scared of them..and that’s why you see me kinda scared with you..!”isadora said..

“Hmm.. okay..if you say so…what was ur relationship with Mr Orlando beltran before he died..”captain Aleandro asked….*

“My should have seen the way that idiot pressured me dad..if I wasn’t an expert in lying..I would have been caught..!”Isadora told Teca her father..”that’s why you are my daughter..!I think it’s best if you travel out for a relax and keep you away from the cops..!”Teca said..” not gonna live here until I see those two idiots dead plus that foolish garderners daughter..”Isadora said really determined..

“Let’s see Teca.. he’s a business man and partner of D Beltrans mine.. and an ex convict and drug Lord..hmm..his daughter Isadora Verdugo…”I stopped reading Teca biography “Isadora is Teca Verdugo’s daughter..does Fernando knows who those people are..!”Rosie asked her self as Miguel entered she quickly closed the laptop..”my love..!”Rosie yelled out which was unlike her.. attitude..

“Hey pretty..lady..what are you up to..?”Miguel asked..noticing the weird look on my face ..” just super exicted to see you..!”Rosie said as she kissed Miguel..”oh really..!”

“Yeah why don’t we go get some ice cream.. because the party is about to start and we won’t be seeing each other throughout d night..!”Rosie he nods in agreement..

What hides behind?Two woman..who will survive?Find out on the finales..

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