Gardener's Daughter - S01 E35 (Story Episode)

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nothing will separate us..not even Isadora..!”Rosie spoke courageously…”that’s y I love u..ugh..u scared me..I thought u were gonna leave me..all alone..”

“Never..I’m gonna go take care of something..just stay here..I ll be back soon..!”Rosie said..” careful..I love u..!”

“Love u more..!”

“At last.. they’ll finally break up..oh am so happy..!”Fernando rejoiced giving Isadora a glass of wine..”you don’t look too happy..what’s the matter..?”Fernando asked..”I wish I could just kill that idiot..Rosie..but u told me not to..u r just too stupid because even her dead body won’t fall for u..!”isadora spilled out..”hey..hey..don’t ruin this happy moment ..with d way Rosie looked I think she’s gonna end things with my brother..!”Fernando smiled..”so rejoice with me..!”

“I have a feeling that they will never break..up..!”Isadora said..
“Yes you are absolutely right..Isadora verdugo..I and my fiancee Miguel will separated..!”Rosie interrupted them from behind..”huh..!”Fernando was shocked to see Rosie still in d house..” I look like a ghost now or thought I would just leave Miguel alone..never..because I never trusted u from d very day u said u wanna get back together with ur are just so foolish..and I hate u even more..!”Rosie insulted..”hey don’t u talk to him like low life b---h..!”Isa smirked..”I’ll advice u to keep shut or else you won’t like what’s coming out from my mouth u think you can fool me think u can do that little stuff and make me believe that Miguel is in love with u..oh please give me a break..I and Miguel will always be together…no matter what and there’s nothing u can do about it..nice try..!”Rosie exited immediately..”damnit..

I hate her..look at d way she insulted us..u weren’t even able to say anything you dumb bastard..!”Isadora shouted at Fernando..”hmmm.. well what do u expect me to say huh..

I couldn’t do anything..I was short of words..”Fernando said..”this is so disgusting..

I should’ve agreed to come here with u..u such a big moron..and this time around..u got ur time..I’ll kill Rosie del monte..and not even u will be able to stop me..u dummy..!*Isadora left the room


They were all back USA since dat day..and Miguel and Fernando will never be in good terms when Fernando admitted that he had everything set up..

In a bedroom..Rosie laying down on her bed as Miguel walked in with a tray of sliced bread and butter.. with a hot tea by d corner..he dropped it by d side..of D tray..”waky..waky..!”Miguel said as he sat beside Rosie still asleep..he taps her slowly as she gradually woke up..” love..!”Rosie sat comfortably..”oh my late for school..already.. dang it..

I need to go..!”Rosie said as she wanted to stand up..”no..I can’t go without eating..have a bite..

please..cmon..I made it specifically for u..!”Miguel insisted..”it really looks yummy..but I can’t..m super late..!”

“!”Miguel I finally agreed to have some..”just a bite..!”I grabbed a bite of bread and butter as I ate something very unusual from bread and butter..and before u knew it I brought out a diamond ring from my mouth..”oh my gosh..!”Rosie seemed very amazed as Miguel kneels in front of her..”Rosie delmonte..

will u marry me..?”Miguel asked..there was a bit of silence between she started shedding tears..and jumped on Miguel shouting out yesssss…!!!

That was actually d most happiest day for Rosie..that same day she got her results from school..and she came out with flying colors.. everything seems very good but danger keeps knocking on their door..

“He proposed to me and I said’s the happiest day of my life..done with college and am gonna be getting married to d man of my so happy..!”Rosie expressed her feelings to azucena..”you hit d jackpot..girlfriend..u are such a lucky..girl..!”

“I don’t even know what to say..I’m so last..I’ll be getting married to someone I love..I just can’t wait to..marry miguel..!”Rosie said smiling…

“I want it to be grand my dear..the whole world must know one of my sons is getting married..!”Roxana said very happy about d news of their marriage..”anything u want..Mom..if not for u..

I wouldn’t be me..I love you are d best..!”Miguel compliments his mother..”and without u I wouldn’t have realised that Fernando is a spoilt brat..”

“Hmm..!I wish dad was alive to witness all dis..!”

“Me too dear..but he has gone..there’s no way we can bring him back to us..!”
“!ok..I have to go..take care of D u will become d biggest news in d United States..!”Miguel assured his he exited..

Fernando and Isadora were a great team and Fernando decided to work for Teca verdugo d father of Isadora not knowing that they are the ones who murdered his father..

“You won’t believe what am about to show!”Isadora Fernando and Teca..”whats the mystery all about..?”

“Here..!”isadora flinged a magazine of Rosie and Miguel..”those two peacocks are getting married..can you imagine..those two fools are actually gonna get married..!”Isadora said..”hey..hey.. one’s my angel..she’s not a peacock!..”Fernando said..”well..I don’t see anything bad in it..!”Teca said out loud.. isadora smirks.. Fernando sighed..”I have more important things to do for d businesses..!”Fernando replied..”so this isn’t ur business..

I thought u would at least fight for d love u had for your lover my gosh..!”Isadora said..”there’s nothing to be done..if they wanna be together..let them be..!”

“Are u outta your mind..I can’t believe you giving up..on her..”

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