Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E66 (Story Episode)

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As the Guy got to where Presh was, he started asking her about her car keys

Presh: What’s really wrong?

Guy: Just lend me the car please

Presh: Hmm, lending you my car is never a problem, am just concerned that you really look distressed.

Guy: No, am fine

Presh: Here is it (She passed her keys to him)

Guy: Thank you dear

Presh: Please drive safe dear

Guy: No problem
He walked out from the class towards the school car garage, he located the car and went inside. He drove out the car from the school towards the Uncompleted building. He came down and carried Cynthia into the backseat and laid her down on the seat. He went to the driver sit and kicked the engine on and quickly drove off.
He was still driving towards the Address in Cynthia Palm when he got to a police checkpoint, he was really scared cause of Cynthia corpse he was carrying in the car, he was about to kick the Engine to run away when one of the Police man asked him to whine down and he looked very frightened.
Junior was attending Jamb lesson in his wheelchair when he felt the urge to speak with his sister Cynthia, He brought out his phone and started calling her line but she wasn’t picking up. He continued calling but no answer, this got him worried and he decided to contact any of her friends but their line were off. He didt know what else to do as he felt very moody.
Gallant called the Viking Carpon on phone and he picked at once.

Vi Carpon: How far babe?

Gallant: I just dey oo,, Good news

Vi Carpon: What’s the good news?

Gallant: The Almighty Cynthia is dead

Vi Carpon: How come?

Gallant: My Spy in Angels told me just now

Vi Carpon: I don’t believe this? Did she/he tell you how it happened?

Gallant: Yes that their Boss killed her

Vi Carpon: That’s good news, but we have to be careful now

Gallant: Yes, cause why didt the Angels tell us officially, they must have a bad motive.

Vi Carpon: Yes, We will tighten our backups

Gallant: Yes, Speak with you later

Vi Carpon: Ok, I will need to speak with Thunder and others about this

Gallant: Same with me.

The call was ended as Gallant called Sparkling

Gallant: Hello babe

Sparkling: How far nah?

Gallant: Udo, where you dey?

Sparkling: I dey lab oo,, my bobo no wan show

Gallant: Bia, leave that place and come to my place, we have better thing to discuss about

Sparkling: Nothing wey dey important pass this my guy

Gallant: Ok, Cynthia is dead, so come now

Sparkling: Idiot, na you kill am?

Gallant: Am serious here

Sparkling: Hmm, let me come first and if na false news eeh

Gallant: Come joor
She ended the call as Sparkling left the Lab and started going towards the front gate.
The DARK ANGEL stormed the school premises with their cars. They were heavily armed.

The school security men started shooting at them but they gunned the whole security men at the front gate down while they drove towards the Admin block, The Lecturers and Staff has started running for their life. The students has already ran away even before the Dark Angels got to the Admin block.

They opened fire at the building and designed it with bullets, Their Carpon came out from one of the 4 Cars they came with to speak.

Carpon: I the carpon of the great Dark Angels, I warn you fools to pay up your depts starting from when you people stopped paying it cause of the ex Anti-cults, We are now back as we have eliminated the useless Anti-cults and Cynthia, yes, Cynthia and co is dead. So don’t mess with us.

He finished saying and entered inside the car and they started driving out from the school premises when they met 2 Police Hilux, they released fire on the Police and they left their Hilux and ran for their lives as the Dark Angels speedily drove off from the school back to their gathering ground.
1 hour Later, the Lecturers, Staffs and Students started coming out from their hiding place. They gathered round the Admin block as they watched the holes in the walls caused by the guns of the Dark Angels.
The VC came to address them as they were murmuring among all of them that gathered even the students that were not in school started coming to school.

The VC told them to ignore that Cynthia and her team is dead that is a false news, he later dismissed them and asked them to go back to their hostels and Lodges and be vigilant.
Picture was posted round the school secretly and it was the picture of Cynthia laying down in her own pole of Blood when she was stabbed.

The Poster quickly became viral as all the students teamed up and they was a heavy crowd as they sang together. They matched towards the VC office and stayed outside shouting and singing and most of them were carrying the Poster with thekeys

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