Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E65 (Story Episode)

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“Immediately The Angel Boss stabbed Cynthia”.

Presh and that guy were reading in their class when the guy shouted “Jesus Christ” and was very shocked.


As the Angel Boss stabbed Cynthia with the sharp blade, Cynthia fell flat and slowly close her eyes.

Boss: Nonsense, just look at the Kid that is troubling my boys and girls (He said to himself and brought out his phone to make a call)

Boss: Where are you?

Voice: At the site

Boss: Come to my place now

Voice: Ok sir

He ended the call and sat down on his chair while Cynthia lifeless body is still laying down there.
Presh has been asking the guy why he shouted Jesus and he didt give her any reason cause him himself don’t even know why.

Something suddenly took over him and he stood up.

Presh: Where are you going to?

Guy: Ermm, I will be back?

Presh: Should I follow you?

Guy: No, ermm don’t worry I will be back.

Presh: Ok, please be fast, you know we have to finish this before tomorrow

Guy: Ok bye, or sorry am coming

Before Presh could utter another word he has already left, he didt know where he was going to but he was sure he was going somewhere, He walked towards the school gate and stopped infront of the gate, he looked both side before he crossed the road and started walking down the road.
He walked very fast for 10 Minutes before he stopped infront of an Uncompleted building, he was wondering what he was doing there. He got pissed up and sat down in one of the blocks there.


The Door to the Angel Boss opened while 5 guys came in, they were surprised to see Cynthia in her own pole of blood laying on the floor.

Boss: Why surprised?

Guy1: Nothing sir

Boss: Take the body and throw it away

Guy2: Ok Boss
They dragged her body along, they carried her into the back of the car and threw her inside the back of the car. They drove off out of the house. They drove the car towards a lonely path.

They stopped the car infront of an uncompleted building and looked carefully without seeing anyone around, They brought out the Body of Cynthia and threw her inside the Bush before they quickly went inside the car and drove off.

Meanwhile The Guy that was with Presh saw a car coming towards the building, he quickly stood up from the block he was sitting on and hide himself, he watched closely as they threw someone into the bush and quickly drove off. He was really scared as he slowly walked to the bush and saw is Cynthia, he was shocked, he wanted to run but he remembered that she once saved his life so he went and brought Herr out from the bush. He was calling her name to wake up but she didt, He didt know what to do, calling the police will implicate him, and leaving her behind is unfair, tears rolled down his cheek, he looked at her palm and saw something written on it. He looked carefully and found out an Address written in her palm and it also shows take me there.

The Guy didt know how to take her there for people not to see them, he was still thinking when he remembered Presh has a car, He brought his phone and called her.

Presh: Where are you?

Guy: Don’t worry, I need your car

Presh: Why?

Guy: Just need to rush to somewhere with it

Presh: Hmm, the place don’t have a name?

Guy: Please nah

Presh: Ok, come and get it

Guy: Thanks dear

He ended the call and hide back Cynthia’s Body before he ran out from that place to get Presh car.


Meanwhile the Angel Boss has called the Dark Angel Carpon and broke the news to him. He asked him to quickly take Advantage of the Vikings since they don’t know yet that The Anti-cults are gone.

The Dark Angel carpon called Trinity and Danger inside his apartment to tell them what the Boss told him.

They went inside his apartment and he narrated everything to them.

Trinity: I trust our Boss

Danger: She get mind oo,, so she go the threaten our Boss

Carpon: Na so I see am, she go price her death and now she’s gone (Happy)

Trinity: Yes Carpon, but what’s the next step now?

Carpon: The Boss asked us to use this opportunity that the Vikings are still ignorant about Cynthia death and attack them.

Danger: No, not too fast

Carpon: Why?

Danger: Remember if we attack them, they will still attack us back cause they also have their own backup incase anything happens

Trinity: Carpon, Danger here is right, we have to buy time and deal with them and take control of the 4 Region.

Carpon: Hmm, Well, is alright.
The VC has been trying Cynthia’s Line but is not reachable, he was restless cause he wanted to discuss something with her cause the Angel sent a warning to the Lecturers and Staffs to pay up their depts.

VC: She haven’t missed my call before? Just hope all is well cause this whole thing seems strange to me. (He said to himself)
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