Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E67 (Story Episode)

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As the Students gathered round the Vice Chancellor office, The VC came out with some Lecturers, The SUG President matched forward to meet the VC.

The SUG President had some discussion with the VC before the VC came forward to address the students.

VC: Great Students Students of NIGERIA UNIVERSITY. Am also bothered the same way you all are, like I told you people earlier, that we are also clueless and about the Poster of Cynthia, is also a shock to me and her body has not been seen or any of her girls. I have reported the matter to the Military and other security Agencies, There are doing their best to find Cynthia and her friends, either dead or Alive.
There was a great murmur among the students.

VC: Please I urge you all not to panic that things are still in control…….(He didt finish his last words as the Vikings stormed the school heavily armed, they started shooting up while the Students and Lecturers took to their heels and the VC went back inside his Office. The Viking Carpon asked his men to stop shooting as he picked up one of the posters that shows Cynthia’s body.

Vi Carpon: Hmm, This is cool (He dropped it)
He went back to the car and started addressing no one in particular.

Vi Carpon: We are the Vikings, and we urge all the Lecturers in our territory to pay up their money before 1st of Next month or they will dance to our tone. Be warned!!! (he closed the car door)

They started shooting again as they drove out from the school premises.

Within 1 hour of their departure the students started coming out one after the other. They was great tension among all the Students, Staffs and Lecturers.
That same Evening, 5 Army Hilux arrived the school, they were 28 Soldiers in number, the VC went out to welcome them with some of the Lecturers.

VC: Thank God you guys came

Commander: We were sent from the Federal, we heard there is much tension in this school caused by some notorious cultists.

VC: not some but many of them

Commander: Don’t worry, we are here now, all those rubbish will now stop.

VC: Yes, Let me take you guys to your Office, tomorrow I will send someone to show you round the school.

Commander: Ok

VC: This way (he pointed to a path that leads to the security Office)

He took them to their new Office and they thanked him before he left with the Lecturers.
The news about the Military men has reached Gallant ear as she took her phone and called Viking Carpon. He picked the call at once.

Vi Carpon: Babe, how far nah?

Gallant: Udo, but small problem dey o

Vi Carpon: Wetin happen?

Gallant: Federal don put hand for this school security o

Vi Carpon: Base on the Military thing?

Gallant: Yes

Vi Carpon: This girl, you don fall my hand oo

Gallant: How?

Vi Carpon: Don’t you know who we are, we are the Vikings/Viqueens, we can’t be moved by such nonsense military men, we will take them down if they try to stop any of our Activities.

Gallant: Ok, Am strongly behind you

Vi Carpon: Now you come, don’t worry, we will plan on how to take them down in our next gathering.

Gallant: You sure pass

Vi Carpon: Later

Gallant: Ok Goodnight
The Call was ended.
Succy was with the Dark Angel Carpon when Trinity came in to break the Military men news to them.

Trinity: Wahala dey oo

An Carpon: Wetin happen

Trinity: The Federal sent Military men to this school

Succy: When was that?

Trinity: This evening

Succy: This is not a good news.

An Carpon: E no still mean much, we can still pin them down

Succy: You should know that is not state that sent them, because State doesn’t have much power and the activities of the military sent by state will be less than the one sent by the Federal, it will be disastrous.

An Carpon: Babe don’t panic, we have done it before, we will quench it.

Trinity: I believe you boss

An Carpon: Nothing will make those Lecturers not to remit us that our money, if they like make American Soldiers come to this school.

Succy: Seriously oo,, I have really missed spending like the way I usually spend and I don’t even have much in my account now, just managing.

An Carpon: Babe, we all are all managing even the so called Vikings/Viqueens.

Trinity: Boss you are right, we all need that money, I have a show I wanted to attend but due to this problem of money I didt, and I won’t miss Next month own, we must attack those Useless Lecturers if they refuse to pay up their depts, they are very useless.

An Carpon: They made Cynthia their savior but now since they have none, we will surely deal with them.

They discussed for a while before Carpon Succy decided to take her leave and The Angel Carpon dropped her off with his car in her lodge before he drove back home, he drove pass the school and saw the Military men still arranging their things and he smiled & drove away

To be continue.

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