The Devil I Love - S01 E12 (Story Episode)

3 years ago

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i woke up sick and it’s the engagement day, the house is full of people mostly my dad’s friends and some neighbors
I feel sick and nervous thank God temi is here with me.

Temi: ella are you sure you are okay, this one you are just vomiting up&down..

Me: i am fine, must have eaten something bad..

Temi:okay, come and sit down so i can finish the makeup..
“Your fiance is luck o, you too fine abeg” temi said teasing me as she finish up the make up.

“Fiance that i have not met” i said laughing.

“Lolz, well i just hope it’s someone you are compatible with sha. Make them no carry palasagive you ” she said jokingly.


Location: Adeola’s mansion

“Miguel, how long will you keep me and your mother waiting, we have to leave now time is going” mr adeola lashed out..

“Guy answer us naw” dave said heading towards his room.

both miguel and dave came out and they begin the journey to the party

Ps: Miguel’s mother and younger sister(yinka) is also with them. Mr and mrs Adeola are divorced so yinka lives with her mom. They just come to support miguel. And they will stay with untill the wedding is over.


Martins has also came to the party, he is among the guests in the otega mansion but he makes sure he is not seen by mr otega to avoid troubles, He puts on a face cap covering his face.

Ella came down stairs, everyone was wowed by her beauty

“she looks stunning” one of the guest says.

martins was also dumfounded as he eyed her beauty
” Hi everyone, meet my beautiful daughter Ella” mr otega said pointing to ella.

i went to my dad’s table, greeted everyone and finally have a seat too

Few minutes later i saw miguel walking in with some group of people who looks like his family
” My dad must have invited him” i guessed.

” Richard my friend” i heard the man standing beside miguel said as they all approached our table.

” Mr adeola, you are welcome please have a seat” my dad said .

” meet my son, Miguel akanni Adeola” the man said pointing to miguel.

me and my dad were both surprised

That was when i realised that miguel is actually the person i am getting engaged to and he knows about the incident. He also looked surprised too.

” Ella can we talk privately ” miguel said breaking the silence.

” yes, okay” i said directing him towards my room.

We went to my room while the party is still going on down stairs

“I am really surprised, i mean i didn’t know our dads are friends” he said

“Yes, i am too” i replied back.

“Well i don’t want my dad to know out about the incident, lets keep it a secret. Because my family will not accept this marriage” he said looking into my eyes.

“But i don’t want to build a relationship based on lies, moreover it’s not a must for us to be together” i said .

“Ella, there is nothing to be done at this point, and i would love to give us a try” he said as he hold my hands.

went back to the party and did some introductions, i met his parents, his sister yinka and his friend dave

We move forward to exchanging the engagement rings. We took some pictures and the M.C requested me and miguel to dance.

we were on the dance floor when i started feeling dizzy i did not know when i fall but someone held me before i reached the ground

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