The Devil I Love - S01 E11 (Story Episode)

3 years ago

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Martins is back home and has missed a lot of school work, some of his course mates also came to checkup on him

Elijah:martins thank God you are released .

Bayo: guy i am happy for you o, but have you heard from the girl??

Martins:Thank you guys.

Bayo:mart you better stay away from that ella girl o, we hear say him papa rich and nah him lock you up ..

Martins: Guys its enough, ella is a good girl and i don’t think of her that way.

Elijah: Lmao,,,, (laughing) o boy you mumu o, upon everything this girl don cause you so. You still dey support am ??

Bayo: maybe ella don use juju for you naw..

Martins:(angered) oya guys thanks for coming, you can leave now.

Bayo: so you dey pursue us abi..

Elijah: Bayo lets leave this mumu guy,make we dey go abeg.

As they leave, martins sat on his bed thinking through about what they said about ella
“If ella really loved me, she would have called me to even check up on me” he thought as he lay on his bed with tears in his eyes.


I heard a knock on my door it must be temi i thought as i went to open, and there she is standing at the door.

“Come in” i said to her.
“Ella, i am so happy to see you again” she said as she step in the room..

“Thank God you are fine” she said hugging me .

“I miss you girl” i said as we sat on my couch.

Temi: what really happened to you ella?

i told her everything that had happened from the kidnapping & raping. She felt sad for me and we cried it out together

Temi: I’m sorry dear you have been through a lot..

Me:thanks dear. And how is martins??

Temi: he is fine, i heard he was released yesterday.

Me: I’m glad he is fine now and my sacrifice did not go to waste !

Temi: what sacrifice are you talking about ?

Me:i accepted to get married to my dad’s choice of man just for martins to be free.

Temi:really?? (Surprised) but what about you and martins. He would be heartbroken.

Me: I had to save him from my dad’s wrack and u can’t bare to see him behind bars.

Temi:okay, you did the right thing.

Me:yes but it still feels like i am making a grave mistake tho.

Temi:just follow your heart, so who is the guy you are marrying?

Me: i ,,, i don’t really know him. We have not met yet.

Temi:eh!! Are you serious ??

Me:yes, we are meeting for the first time at the engagement party on sunday.

Temi:wow, that’s crazy o.

Me: yea abi. But you have to come on sunday please.

Temi: don’t worry i will be here.
i escorted temi to the door, we wave at each other as she leave


Temi went to see martins to have a talk with him

Martins: Temi i am glad you are here. I called you yesterday but you did not pick..

Temi: my phone was on silent yesterday, so how are you now ?

Martins: i am good, and have you heard from ella??

Temi: yea,, i saw her yesterday. She is fine.

Martins: she is fine and she did not even call me at all,, i don’t even know where i stand with her again.

Temi: ok. (Don’t know wat to say)

Martins: i even heard her dad is throwing a party on sunday. Are you going ,,,?

Temi: yes, i am going ..

Martins: i will go with you then,, if ella can’t come to me then i will go to her..

Temi: no, her dad will not like to see you’s better you stay away for now.

Martins: (Lied) okay. I won’t go then.

Temi: okay, bye i have to go to class now.

martins escorted temi out
“I will have to sneak into that party no matter the consequence” he thought to himself as he walk back to his room.

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