The Devil I love - S01 E13 (Story Episode)

3 years ago

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I opened my eyes slowly i am on my bed and the family doctor stood beside me doing some checkups*

How are you feeling now ella?? He asked as he noticed that i was awake…… “I am fine but a little weak” …… “Don’t worry, that’s how you will feel in the first trimester”…. “What do you mean doc?? “…… ” Ella you 8 weeks pregnant ” the doctor replied with a smile on his face .

*i could not believe my ears, my life seems to be crumbling right in front my eyes. “Have you told my dad about it ? ” i ask the doctor ….

“No, you should tell him yourself, both your dad and fiance are outside” he said as he approach the door to leave..
the doctor left me crying my eyes out*


My door opened, my dad and miguel walks in.

Dad: ella whats wrong? Why are you crying ?? What did the doctor say ??..

Me: dad…. (Sobbing) dad.. I am pregnant..

Miguel: what!! (Surprised).

Dad: this is what i was scared of from the beginning.

Me: miguel I’m sorry but we can’t go through with the wedding. I don’t want to bother you with my problems.. (Crying)

Miguel: Ella…. It’s okay don’t cry anymore.

Dad: we need to abort it, that’s the only solution.

Miguel: No mr otega, no need to abort the innocent child. I accept Ella’s child as mine.

Dad:Are you sure?? What about your father will he agree?

Miguel: Don’t worry about that, i will talk to him.

Dad: Thank you miguel, you are one in a million. I will be forever great full to you.

Miguel: It’s nothing sir, I love your daughter and i would do anything to make her happy..

My dad also suggested that the wedding should not be delayed so that people won’t notice my bump.


Martins gets home late at night, he felt betrayed by ella. He remembered hearing the rumor that she is pregnant and she is getting married. It breaks his hearth *

…. “So this is why ella is ignoring me, well i need to forget her as she has forgotten me . i need to move on from this betrayal”.. He thought as he cried himself to sleep..

miguel is in his room with dave his friend

Dave: So that girl you raped is the same girl you get engaged to,,,,,, see Karma o!

Miguel: Guy as i am now eh, i am confused i don’t just know what has gotten into me. All i know is i love that girl and i really regret what i did to her.

Dave: You are finally getting mad,,,,, how can you even think of marrying that girl? Guy you better japa(run) and forget her ..

Miguel:No i can’t not now that she is pregnant with my child and i can’t just abandon her after ruining her life!!

Dave: what! Guy so you did not pullout ?? You don give am belle, Ah guy you are in trouble o.

Miguel: dave i am serious here… I just can’t get my mind off her since that night of the incident.

Dave: see as you don turn mumu because of ella,, what if she born and the child resembles you??

Miguel: i just hope i could summon courage and tell her the truth..

Dave: see ehn, no put me and adam for trouble o, if police arrest you nah you cause am.

Miguel: i agree it’s my fault , i was the rapist so don’t worry..

Dave: miguel you better no tell her anything just let things go like this and make sure you pay me my money i neva forget…

Miguel: you dey craze, i no dey give you anything..

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