The Devil I Love - S01 E10 (Story Episode)

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*It’s a rainy thursday evening miguel has already loose hope he thought he won’t be released any-more,his graduation is in two weeks time. Temi has already tried her best for him, she always find a way to visit him.

i wish my parents were alive maybe they might have done something to help my current situation he thought to himself crying…

“Martins abi wetin be your name,them say make we release you” one of the officers say approaching him to open the cell’s door.

“Really sir, am i free?? ” he asked making sure he is not dreaming.

“Yes nah, abi you no wan go house again” the police asked laughing .


* i was in my room thinking about how life has turned from good to bad these few months,i can’t get my mind off the incident i still see flashing images about that horrible night and the butter fly tattoo i saw on the rapist.i just seem not to forget everything no matter how i try to get it off my mind.

As for martins i don’t even know how to face him or tell him about my father’s conditions which i had to accept just for him to be free*…

just in, my dad came into my room to inform me about my engagement party with mr adeola’s son

Me: Dad so you were really serious about marrying me off to your friends son ??

Dad: yes, i don’t joke with things like that.

Me: but dad i don’t even know i am getting married to and i don’t think i am ready for this dad.

Dad: i already had your ex-boyfriend released as promised so you have to fulfil my wishes too. There is no going back and make sure you are ready for the party it’s this Sunday.

Me: what ,,,,,, so fast?

Dad: my dear there is no need to delay it.

Me: okay dad but at least let me go and see Temi please ..

Dad: No you can’t go out, jist call her to come over. I can’t let you out if my sight yet.

i called temi to come over as i had been in my room for weeks


*Miguel had a fight with his friends Dave and Adam coz he did not fulfil his promise to pay them.

also this few days had been bad for him. His dad (mr Adeola) is back from London so now he won’t be able to embezzle money from the company without his dad’s Knowledge*

” what’s so important that dad wants to talk about * he said as he walk to his dad’s bedroom..
Mr adeola: Akanni mi, omo olá(Yoruba praises).

Miguel: É shé daddy (thanks dad)

Mr adeola: welcome dear, i can see that you have handled the business well while i was away. Nice one my son.

Miguel: yes sir, i did as you taught me.

Mr adeola: okay, so you must be wandering why i called you thus late at night.

Miguel: yes, hope all is fine .

Mr adeola: everything is fine but i have a request and i would be happy if you accepted it.

Miguel: a request ?? Okay you know i would do anything for you dad.

Mr adeola: i want you to get married to my friends daughter, we are childhood friebds and had vowed to get our kids married one day. So i want that now.

Miguel: wow dad, that’s not an easy request. I mean i don’t even know the girl…..

Mr adeola: don’t worry i can assure you that the girl is a nice person from a well and respectable family. I am sure you will like her when you meet her at the Engagement party.

Miguel: Engagement party?? So you already planed it?? Wow that’s fast..

Mr adeola: yes no need to delay anything son…

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