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Cynthia woke up from the bed and she was too surprise to see herself in the bed in a well furnished room.

The only thing she can remember is when she head Gallant ask one of the girl to cut of her head and she passed out immediately.

She walked round the room observing the room, she was still looking round the room when the door to the room opened and Tracy came in.

Cynthia was surprise to see her, Tracy ran to where she was and they shared a hug.

Tracy: Please forgive me

Cynthia: How?

Tracy: I told them where you went to when they nearly killed our friends.

Cynthia: Is ok dear

Cynthia instantly remembered that her mum and brother was shot that night.

Cynthia: My mum, my brother

Tracy: What happened to them?

Cynthia: They were shot that night

Tracy: What! Lets go now

Cynthia sprang up. Tracy took her outside and they entered one of the luxurious car outside, Cynthia wasn’t concerned on how Tracy got such car from at that moment.

They arrived Ebonyi state less than 1:30 minutes.

They got to Cynthia house. Cynthia ran out from the car and went inside the room but didt see anyone, she came outside and started looking round before one woman came and told her that her mother and brother are in the Hospital.

They entered the car and drove straight to the hospital, Cynthia and Tracy was directed to were Cynthia mum was admitted.

She met her mum still struggling with life, she went and knelt down behind her.

Cynthia: Mum please forgive me, is all my fault please mum

Mum: (forcing herself to talk) Is ok my Child, just make sure you stay strong, don’t allow anyone to pull you down, You can’t be killed by anyone, You will have to go to my Mother place and ask of Ogeri, tell her that I sent you.

Don’t feel bad, all will be well my Daughter, Take good care of yourself and also your brother, please promise me one thing!

Cynthia: What’s that mum? (she answered at the midst of tears)

Mum: Don’t kill anyone, don’t take any life.

Cynthia: Ok mum

Mum: And Lastly don’t let any harm come your brother.

Cynthia: Ok mum, I promise, just make sure you get better.

Mum: I will, I bless you my Child, it will always be well with you. I Love you

She said her last word before she seized breathing.

Cynthia: Mum stop saying all this words, your scaring me.

She noticed that her mum is not moving or talking again.

Tracy noticed what that has happened. She drew close to Cynthia.

Tracy: Come here, lets go now, she needs to rest.

Cynthia: She’s not talking again and she’s not looking at me again.

Tracy: She tired and needs to sleep

Tracy took Cynthia away before she secretly told one of the Nurse around.

The Nurse went and called the Doctor and they went and confirmed her dead.

Cynthia and Tracy were called by the Doctor.

Cynthia: Doctor, what’s wrong? My mum is not talking to me again?

Doctor: Calm down dear, please be strong in this I want to tell you

Cynthia: What’s that?

Doctor: Ermmm, Am sorry, we lost your mum

Cynthia: Lost as in, you what? (she asked drawing close to the Doctor, she then held the collar of the Doctor)

Cynthia: What happened to my mum?

Doctor: Please take it easy, she’s gone

Cynthia: No ooo (she held tight the collar)

Tracy and the Doctor struggled with her before she released the Doctor and fell to the ground and started crying her heart out.


Her mum was transferred to the mortuary.

Her brother lost her walking ability due to the effect of the bullet. The Doctor told Cynthia and Tracy that her brother needs to be taken good care of since he won’t be walking ever again.


10 Days Later

It was the Burial of Cynthia Mother.

They carried her from the Ambulance to the place she will be buried, they got they put her down to the grave and Cynthia was asked to pour some sand inside the grave as a sign of respect.

She took the sand and said

Cynthia: All my days on Earth you have been my back bone, my everything, The only Lady I have looked up to. You have been my God on Earth. Am so sad that is because of me you are gone so soon. As for the promise I made to you, I will keep it but as for those that did this to you, They will pay dearly that’s a promise am making to you my Dear beloved Mother, My Hope, My sunshine, The only Mother I had. Go well.

She said all this and dropped the sand inside the grave, They made way for Junior that was sitting on his wheelchair and he cried and cried before he was given some sand and he threw it inside the grave. Cynthia came and took him away.

Tracy and her roomies remained with Cynthia inside her room and visitors started coming to drove their own donation and sympathy.

Within 1 hour, everywhere was quiet.

Cynthia: Aren’t you girls going?

Tracy: We will sleep here.

Cynthia: Thanks alot girls.

Mary: No need Love



Cynthia and her friends set out to the journey to see the Ogeri, Cynthia left Junior to their Neighbours care

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