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Cynthia and her friends set out the Journey to her maternal home, Cynthia found it hard to locate the please because it has been long her mum took them out from there when they were still kids.

They started asking people about Ogeri when they got to the village and any one that they ask about the Ogeri will stagger backward before he or she gives them any direction and this got them scared.

Mary: This one everyone is scared of this person am now scared oo

Alice: No be only you oo, no be me even dey here self

Monica: Lets be going nah, am scared oo

Blessing: For me, am just speechless, I don’t even know what to say again

Jane: Hmm, am speechless oo
Tracy: Girls lets be strong and find this person for our friend sake, if she was this awful as this people take her, then Cynthia mum, wouldn’t have asked her to make sure she finds her.

Jane: You have a point there.

Tracy: Lets go

They continued asking till they got to where she stays.

Cynthia looked round the house to scan the house, She didt see anything abnormal about the house that shows she’s a bad person.

Mary: Is she even around this one no one is answering

Voice: Whom are you people looking for?

A voice said from behind and they all looked at the back and saw an Elderly woman that just asked them a question.

Tracy: We are looking for Ogeri

Ogeri: I am Ogeri and why are you seeking for me?

Cynthia: I was sent by my late mum to find you

Ogeri: Let me see

Ogeri went close to Cynthia and sniffed her.

Ogeri: Am I dreaming?

Cynthia: How?

Ogeri: So you later came back

Cynthia: I just came cause that’s what my mum last asked me to do it.

Ogeri: Your birth is so strange, you don’t even know your dad and where your world is.

Cynthia: My world how?

Ogeri: You won’t understand, you all should come in first and enjoy yourselves.

She lead them inside the house and they were given sit to seat down.

Ogeri came back and called Cynthia to come over, She went and met Her in her room.

Ogeri: Sit down

Cynthia and her friends sit down

Cynthia: What happened?

Ogeri: Your friends are here

Cynthia: Never mind, they are like my blood sisters

Ogeri: Ok, is a long story

Cynthia: We are all ears

Ogeri: Long time ago

It was many years ago, this village was filled with different types of power.

Your mum was given out in Marriage to someone she didt like nor Love, She didt allow him to touch her,

Your mum followed one of her friend out from the village to the nearby village on errand, she came across a man whom is your father, they loved eachother, she asked her friend to deliver the message alone that when she’s coming back she should come so that they will follow and go home, her friend accepted and left your mum with your father.

They went to your father house and had intercourse and your Dad ejaculated inside of her.

She didt know that not until the early sign of pregnancy started, Your grandma was happy that your mum is now pregnant, she went to see your Mum Husband and informed him about the signs of Pregnancy of his wife, he didt believe his ears cause he knows that he haven’t touched her.

He told your grandma that he haven’t touched her before, your grandma was confused on what that is going on.

The matter continued and it started heating up.

And the law of the land banned married women to get pregnant for another man if she does, the baby will die inside of her even before delivery.

Your mother didt want you to die so she went to the most dangerous stream in this village, even me myself is afraid of the stream.

She knelt down there and started begging the goddess of the Sea to help and protect child and that no harm should ever come to her.

The Goddess appeared there.

Goddess: What did you say you want woman?

Mum: I want my child not to die young or inside my womb, I want your protection over my child

Goddess: I can see, is a baby girl and a cute one as that, I will help you protect her from the village spell, on one condition.

Mum: Tell me what ever condition it is and I will do it happily.

Goddess: You won’t exceed 40 years and it will be a terrible death for you, then immediately you die, your child should come here with Ogeri. I will tell Ogeri myself.

Mum: I accept, for the sake of my child

Goddess: You will have to stay here for 7 days and 7 nights for more powers to be given to your child that will be with her till the end of her life.

Mum: Ok no problem

Immediately your mum accepted, a heavy wind blew her and she slept off immediately.

The Goddess invoked many other Goddess and they all gathered round your mum and start fortifing her for the task ahead of her.

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