Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E33 (Story Episode)

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As they took Cynthia away, Their neighbours that heard the sound of the gun ran out from their house and met Junior and his Mum lying down on their own pole of blood.

They quickly rushed both of them to the Hospital, The Doctor requested for money before he could start any treatment on them. One man that is very close to their Family agreed to pay in the money and he did a mobile transfer to the Hospital before the treatment started.


They arrived in their Slaughter room.

Girl1: Make we do this sharp sharp the comot here

Girl2: Make we wait for Gallant to come first

Gallant step into the room and looked at Cynthia

Gallant: Wow, can’t believe am about to waste you now
Cynthia didt talk

Gallant: You aren’t talking?

Cynthia: Just kill me now because if you don’t, I will make sure you will live and be wishing you are dead.

Gallant: Look at this girl, hahaha

All of them started laughing at her.

Gallant: Kill her and cut of her head and bring it along.

One of the girl brought out a very sharp Dagger. She raised it up and was about to strike when a bullet pieced through her head and she fell down immediately.

Gallant: Take cover

5 Masked persons started firing gun at Gallant and their girls while they returned the gun shot.

Gallant: We aren’t prepared for this so lets run now

Gallant and her girls ran out from there while the 5 people stopped shooting at them, they went and carried Cynthia along with them.


Thunder has been trying Gallant line and she’s not picking up, he then called Sparkling and she picked it up.

Thunder: How far?

Sparkling: I dey boss, any p?

Thunder: I have been trying gallant number and she’s not picking up

Sparkling: She should be back from that Ebonyi state by now, lemme try the line

Thunder: Ok

He ended the call while Sparkling started calling Gallant and she picked after the 4th attempt.

Sparkling: Babe, whatsup nah? You no the pick your call at all

Gallant: Babe you won’t understand

Sparkling: What happened? As you are breathing heavily? Where is Cynthia head?

Gallant: that’s where the problem is coming from

Sparkling: Wait am coming now by the way where are you?

Gallant: Within the Elite Lodge
Sparkling: Ok, am coming there now

She ended the call and quickly prepared some light makeup before she went out and took a keke that dropped her at the Elite lodge and she can also see other girls with Gallant, she paid the keke man before she went over to Gallant.

Sparkling: Babe, what’s happening this one everyone is breathing like this?

Gallant: As we were about to slaughter That b---h, we were attacked and they killed one of my girl.

Sparkling: What!!

Gallant: Since we weren’t prepared for anything as such I now asked them to retreat and we now ran back here.

Sparkling: And the car and her body is still there?

Gallant: Yes, call other group lets join hands together and take her body and bury before someone go there and see it.

Sparkling: Ok

She called another 3 groups, and each group has 15 girls, so 45 girls arrived after few minutes and they all matched to the Slaughter room but didt see anyone there but only the dead body and their car still intact.

Sparkling: This shows that they only came for Cynthia

Gallant: Is true but she doesn’t belong to any Fraternity.

Sparkling: Then it must be the Angels

Gallant: No, is guys not girls

Sparkling: I hope is not those useless Devils?

Gallant: Those ones are not in existence again

Sparkling: Remember there are the only ones that knows about this place

Gallant: Lets forget about all this talk for later things and do the needful to this dead body.

They took the body and went over to their burial ground that same night and lighted up a candle each of them and they said some of their slang in sorrow before they covered the grave.

Gallant: Girls is ok, we would surely find those that are behind this attack and deal with them

She assured them never to fear cause she’s on the matter, she high their moral small before they all went back to their various hostel and retired for the night.


The 5 persons reached their apartment and dropped Cynthia on one of the bed and by now Cynthia has passed out due to the stress she has passed through that night.

Voice1: Hope she will be alright?

Voice2: Yes, she’s only stressed.

Voice3: Thank God we arrived on time

Voice4: Yes is a good thing

Voice5: Lets allow her to rest now

They left her there and went out from the room, they locked the room before they went over to another room to pass the night.

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