Lucifer's Bride Season 2

2 years ago

After the Earthquake.

Detective Abraham Aaron strode into Detective David’s office, he appeared to be a handsomed man with beautiful grey eyes, and a polished dark hair.

He sat down and said, “It’s good to see you David.”

David was all smiles, Abraham was his primary schoolmate and were best of friends, there was a time David tried to save a girl from a huge bully but ended up getting beat up, until the intervention of Abraham, whom single handedly took care of the bully, since then, they became friends, Abraham started teaching David marshall arts, they were agemates.

“It’s good to see you too, dear friend.” David said as he stood up and hugged Abraham before he sat down again. “so how was your vacation? Hope it was cool in Miami?”

“Yep, sure is. Hey, Sorry about Joy, she was a good and loyal detective.
“Yea, she was,” David appeared moody “but, she was also a loyal friend.”
“I know, but am gonna assist you in this case, cheer up bro, I got your back.”
“About that, Abraham, I think you shouldn’t. I mean, if you know what killed Joy, you wouldn’t want to involve yourself.”
“What do you Dave, you sound scared,”
“I ain’t sounding scared, just that, there’s something sinister going on. . .”
“Like. . .ooh, I don’t think you will believe me. . .”
“Try me,”
“Have you ever heard of ‘Lucifer’?”
“Kind of in the bible, he is a fallen angel that once has authority over heaven, but due to his greediness and lust and maybe disobedience, he was cast out of heaven with his angels he had led astray, and now he resides in hell waiting for the amaggedon where he will take the souls of sinners and those that doesn’t know The Almight God,”
“Good, and if I tell you that that’s who we are up against. I mean, I’ve seen him with my own eyes, he killed Joy.”
Abraham stared at David for a while before he started laughing seriously,
“Ab, am serious, Lucifer is here, I can feel it.”

Abraham wanted to say something when David phone rang, David picked up and looked at the caller, he saw ‘Rolland’ then he picked it up then put it in Loud speaker to enable Abraham to hear while Rolland’s voice rang through.
“Detective David, you need to be here, that earthquake you experienced, is the gateway of hell opening. . .” then the line went dead.
Abraham looked at David with mouth wide open before he said “Who was that?”
“A friend, come on, come with me, We’re going over to his house.”
David said as he took his car key while Abraham followed behimd.

They walked over to the entrance door but as David opened the door, and a guy and a girl who was forcibly pushed in by a policeman hit David’s arm, then David looked at the man and saw the tattoo then he looked over to the lady and saw it also.

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