Lucifer's Bride - Season 2 - Episode 2

1 year ago


Detective David saw same tattoo marks on the boy and the girl being dragged in, then in a mind flash, he called on sergeant Adaobi Rufus, she was one of those taking them to custody.

‘Who are they?” he asked as she came nearer.

“We found them in a crime scene, a dead man was severally wounded and bitten in the neck. . .”
“Yes, Detective.”
“And you think they did it?”
“That’s why we want to interrogate them to know if they did or not,”
“Okay then, keep me informed,”
“I will, detective,” she said as she saluted then went inside the hallway leading to the interrogating room.

“Why are you interested in that case Dave?” Abraham asked as Sergeant Adaobi left them.
“I don’t know Abraham, but I think it’s because of the tattoo I saw on them.” David said.
“Wait! What tattoo?
Abraham asked puzzled.
“The similar tattoo on my hand, they have it too,” David said as he rolled up his sleeve jacket.
“You must be crazy, I don’t see any tattoo or mark on you, neither did I see any tattoo on them,” Abraham said, looking confused.
“Wait, you mean you don’t see any thing on my hand, anything at all!?”
“Apart from your hair, then yes, I don’t see anything.”
“Okay, let’s go.” David sounded dissapointed.

They walked to the car park, and got into David’s car, before they zoomed off, going towards Bella’s apartment.
Lucifer and his Demons are sU-Cking the humans life, they are invading the earth, taking souls to hell.

David and Abraham got there as soon as they can, then David knocked on the door.
“Who is it?” A female voice asked inside.
“It’s Detective David, Bella, let me in.”
The door opened and David entered followed by Abraham.
“Welcome detective. Who is your friend?” I said as he saw the man that followed David inside.
“He is a detective, and also my best friend from childhood, and also my new partner on the case,”
“And I suppose you trust him?” Isaac asked.
“Yes, with my life.” David said.
“My name is Detective Abraham Aaron from the Homicide division of the Nigerian Police force.” Abraham introduced himself.
“Welcome Detective,” Rolland said from behind, holding a cup of coffee as he approaches David and shook his hand.

Rolland then shook hands with Abraham as he also sat down on a sofa.

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