Lucifer's Bride - Season 2 - Episode 3

1 year ago


The day is getting darker now, the earth is in chaos, the police are now involved, shooting at the demons while some ran away from the city, the people trembling in fear as they hide inside their houses, the nigeria forces are now reinforcing.

David and Abraham sat down on the sofa close to Isaac Slade.

‘We should stop this, Lucifer will soon take all humans’ Rolland said.

‘Yes, your right Rolland, but we still ain’t complete, we need the other two before we can take on Lucifer and his demons. . .’
“I’ve seen them!” David interrupted Isaac. ”They are at the station, they were arrested today and brought into custody”
“So what are we gonna do now David?” Rolland ask.

“I’ll see what I can to bring them out,” David said staring at Abraham.

Abraham who was quiet then asked.
“What are we dealing with here”
“Demons, Detective, Demons” it was Bella that spoke as she stood up and went to the TV and switched it on, it was showing a dancing broadcast, then she took the remote and starts tuning the channels, then she passed a news channel when Isaac who was watching her asked her to go back which she did.
It displayed.


News in full.

30 minutes ago, strange creatures attacked maryland police station along Ikorodu road, it is reported that only Five people survived, two police sergeants, one constable and two prisoners, the rest were brutally killed. . .

“Oh no! That’s our station,” Abraham said with wide eyes. . .

“Do you think they went there for the two?” David asked.

“Yes, he wants to eliminate the chosen ones which is us, and you know he is a demonlord, he can track us down.” Isaac said as he stood up immediately.

“Wait, if he attacked that station, then here is next, isn’t it?” Rolland said looking at their faces.

“Rolland we are next, let’s go now before him and his minions reaches here,” Bella said sounding scared as she went near her brother.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, a dark fog starts entering the room which made all of them to cough.

“He is already here, prepare yourself,” Isaac said as he drew out his sword while Rolland did same while a white mystic bow and arrow appeared in David’s arm, David was surprised, including Abraham whom brought out his pistol from his hoister. They got ready for a fight.

The window glass scattered, the door opened and they heard thumbing on the roof, they new the demons are invading. . .

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