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Anabelle ran out of the Toilet in a state that could pass for being totally Unclad, save for the G-string thst barely covered her Pûssy, her Huge Boöbs poking and bouncing proudly on her chest.

She picked up her peeling phone and received the incoming call. The caller identity read Daniel.

“Hello Dan,” she boomed, her shrilly lively voice filling the living room.

“Hi sweetie,” Daniel replied, with a seemingly showing off effort.

“Sweetie? So sudden Mr. Dan? Anabelle seemed to protest but in a sultry manner though.

[B] “Sudden?”
Daniel chuckled. “It’s been up to Forty Eight hours I met you, you know?” He added.

“And?” Anabelle prompted, “and that makes me a sweetie?” she inquired, trying futilely to stifle an outburst of laughter.

“Yeah,” Daniel replied in a voice that suggested he was enjoying the conversation.

“You know, if that’s how things happen, You’d be speaking with someone’s Wife now, right?” Anabelle teased and simultenously, both broke into laughter.

“You’re funny, you know?” Daniel said after he regained composure.

“Don’t really know! My to-be Hubby told me that also,” she teased again.

“Well, you are!” Daniel

ascertained, “So, how’re you doin’?” he inquired.

“I’m good, you?” she reciprocated the question.

“Nice. So, what’re you doin’ over there?” Daniel nosed.

“Nothing but holding a conversation with you ofcourse,” she screamed.

“Hm Bella…. You’re something great,” Daniel commended sarcastically.

“Bella? Okay Man! You’re something great too” Anabelle made a show replieing Him.

“Oookayy,” Daniel dragged. “Hum, how about dinner together?” Daniel requested meekly.

“Not today Mr.!” Anabelle replied, seemingly sternly. “Not even Tommorrow, will be busy in loads,” she added.

“But we could just…,” Daniel started but Anabelle cut in, “No buts Mr.! I’ll be the one to ask You out for dinner… my leisure time though!” inorder to raise his deflating hope.
“Okay Miss Bella,” Daniel replied in a voice that could pass for a lost puppy’s.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fun then! Later!” Anabelle bade, “Have to cook,” she added, though wishing she was saying otherwise.

“Later Sweetie!” Daniel replied and the customised disconnecting beep reached his ears.

Once off the phone, Anabelle sighed frustratedly.
She hadn’t refused Daniel’s invitation cause she’ll be busy, hell No! How on earth could she be! The ominous awkward feeling kept creeping underneath her skin all through the call. She just couldn’t decipher what was amiss.

Truly, He looked okay. He was nice and caring. Also, He was in the working class, not a member of those Jobless guys league. He was everything she had ever wanted but even, she just keep getting the feeling not to get familiar with him.

She knew that was impossible though. Keeping him out was practically and totally impossible, not when she had started fantasizing about the moment when His Coçk would be deeply rooted in her warm Pûssý, pulsating and sliding in and sliding out aggresively. Not when she had started having dreams about tying the knot with him.

Not when she had started visualizing what they would look like together and how pretty their Kids would be. Not when all that had been happening.

She knew all were just figments of her thoughts.
They were all just roaiming about in her head without any effort of hers to restrain them.

She knew if she kept it going, it would harm no one nor bring them together. Her primary cause of concern was if she would be able to stand against his entry, if she would be able to live without him.
She knew she was going against her own rule now. She knew she was holding herself back from getting what she desired. She knew she was depriving herself of being completely happy but she believed it would end soon. She believed the ominous feeling would stop soon. She believed she would happily give in to his advances soon.
She knew all would happen soon. And she wanted it’s materialisation soon, very soon.

Jolade tossed about on her Conspiscious bed restively. Several thoughts that had been runnin’ through her Head had proved really capable of depriving her of the sleep she felt she needed.

Her Eyes strayed from the Standard ceiling that it had been glued to the Mini Aluminium coated window fixed at some inches from the bed and she realized the toned Curtain was no longer in place, probably due to the windy breeze visitin’ and bestowin’ the not needed chilly ambience on unequipped Victims.

Jolade drew her dulvet over her heaving huge Böobs that stood proudly on her chest and closed her Eyes, probably to induce sleep. Impromptly or rather unappreciatedly, the windy breeze forced its’ way through her dulvet and gushed at her poking lightly clouded Boöbs. Jolade felt her Tips going hard and the feeling of shame and guilt attacked her severely.

She had been restive all day. Her mind had been working round the clock since Noon. Her heartbeat had been incredibly beating really fast since then. A strong feeling of shame and guilt had engulfed her senses. She felt like what she did with Paul was wrong. That was immoral S£x for Heaven’s sake. Her heart had bluntly refused to reconcile with it. It was different from everything she had ever experienced. The Cûm swallowing, the Blow-job, the fingering, they all appeared too dirty and immoral. She had gone contrary to her rules. The rules that she felt made her a saint beside Her half.

That wasn’t all. A much morw severe battle was going on in her. She felt like she had used Paul unknowingly. That was the main cause of her situation. She felt she had used her body unwrongly. She had played Paul. She had used S£x as a means of outsmarting him. Everything was planned and she had hoped Paul would fall for it and he did. She had deliberately left the door to her room ajar, so as to entice and allure Paul.

She knew she needed to stop him from asking questions that night and the only way she felt that was possible was to utilize a welcome distraction.
S£x was and she had used it. Paul had stopped asking questions after the S£x and she had felt fulfilled then. But now, it seemed like a stinging feeling of guilt was gnawing at her intestines severely. It was more like she was feeling she wasn’t good enough. Each thought was just desperately trying to get rooted to her head. It was more like a case of being the Devil’s advocate.

Jolade knew that shouldn’t be her main concern.
She felt like she was just channeling her thoughts towards something less paramount. She knew what Anabelle’s little visit was stirring already.
Just a minute meeting and things were going haywire already. She had commited a sin against her body. She had deceived Paul. And now, she was on the verge of losing it. She wished Anabelle would just go away and yonder. Several weird but powerful thoughts had started manifesting in her Head and she wasn’t ready for that, atleast not yet.

Just a visit and things were already this way, She wasn’t exactly anticipating what another would be. She felt it would be fatal. Her mind was seriously waging war against her. She wasn’t definitely the type to slug it out with Anabelle but it seemed she felt she was ready to do give her all.
Atleast then, she felt she’d finally stand against who she felt was her greatest foe.

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