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Jolade gazed at the large conspicious Mirror placed on the plastic pink Dressing wardrobe for the umpteeth time. She giggled and made a 360 degreee circulation, gazed over her shoulders and struck a pose as would Secondary school Girls going on their first date would.

“I pray all goes well!,” she thought to herself when she noticed her enthusiasm.

She looked around her room and took in the delight of it. The aura was calm, serene and assuring. Its’ walls were painted in pink and its’ roof, white. It was a simple but yet exquisite room. An imported bed, an expensive looking wardrobe and a Standing fan were all that made up the room but even, it looked alluring and captivating. Its’ curtains were a toned mixture of pink and white. Its’ floor was a marbled and simple one. Its’ almost artificial air was always spick and span with air freshner. Everything in the room oozed class.

After being assured of her appearance, Jolade took a glass of milkshake, settled on a couch, and put a call across, “I’m ready!”.

After waiting for an estimated Thirty minutes, she became fidgety and worried. “Maybe he won’t be coming again,” she thought but dismissed it quickly, she would fall sick if that happened. She felt something within her pulsating and a voice ringing, it was like the voice was mocking her, “You’re not good enough! He’s currently with Anabelle”.

she yelled out, “that’s a lie! That can’t happen,” she continued like she were talking to someone visible.

“Pum pum pum!!,” a knock on the alloy door reached her ears and she stirred. Quickly but effectively, she touched her appearance before proceeding to open the door.

“You suddenly gone dumb?,” She inquired jovially from the Man standing outside when she realized he wasn’t going to talk.

“Oh! Pardon my bad Dear but not everyday would one get to see a sight glorious as this,” the man teased.

“Whao! But a spoiler alert Mr. Paul Gbolahan, your words have no effect on me,” Jolade spluttere out though her cheeks betrayed her; they were literally emitting red.

“Okay!,” Paul sighed, “but I’m saying the truth either you believe it or yes,” he continued, “here, have this,” he offered.

“So early of you,” she sarcastically sneered and rolled her large glowing eyes clockwise.

“Well, I’m an early Bird!” Paul said, getting the jibe. “Anyway, shall we leave?” he asked.

“Okay!” Jolade conjured.

Jolade closed the door after dropping the flower with her, and stepped out alluringly. And again, Paul couldn’t but go dumb for some minutes.
Jolade looked alluring and pretty in her Pink Gown that rid up her thighs as she walked and a fashional pull over provided extra warmth to her upper region. Paul smiled flourishly. He knew he was going to have a field night shielding off male admirers.

Hakeem kept his total focus on the beautiful lady that had been twerking in his favour to a pop song bustling from his Home theatre speaker for the past Thirty minutes. The sight was almost breath-taking as he watched the most beautiful lady he had ever seen in his Twenty Four years of existence. Ofcourse, this wasn’t his first time of seeing her but now, beholding her in a short pair of thongs, and a spaghetti top, she was extricating, she was all he could ever ask for.

Tolani was tall, Beautiful, full of life and had a pair of tantalizing dimple whenever she smiled. She was the head of his department and Hakeem had known her for Two years, without any form of conversation between them nor contact.

Her presence here was a miracle, a rare extraordinary one.

Who would speak with him anyway? Hakeem chuckled. He was the nerd of the class, a geek who no Girl took serious. He was always reading, the type many a Nigerin wouldn’t hesistate to label ‘Holy holy’. He pinched his laps pretty hard inorder to ascertain he wasn’t really dreaming. Here was Tolani, the most beautiful Girl in his department and a very brainy one too. Bold, clever and the type that would always go for what she want, was here, right in his room, twerking with reckless abandon. He almost called everything a farce. Well, he needed to relish this moment, maybe he wouldn’t get so lucky again.

Hakeem eyes strayed a little from Tolani’s alluring body onto the clock and the discovery stunned him, it was Twenty past Seven already.

“Jolade!” he whispered as if afraid of the atmosphere. “The time is far gone,” he said, though very reluctantly as Tolani paid him attention. It had been long he felt so good.

Tolani rolled her Eyes and shushed him.

That meant she wasn’t ready to leave yet and Hakeem couldn’t help but smile unconsciously.
This was going to be a night like no other afterall.

Hakeem gazed at the well acentuated curves on Tolani’s enticing and full blown Unclad Body sheepishly and lustfully while she dressed up.

He was yet to believe something just occured between them. He wished she would just rescind her stand but he knew better, Tolani had never seemed to be the type who take a hard-line on issues, her decisions were always irrevocable.

He stared at her swollen organ poking out of her thighs and the huge but firm mounds of flesh on her Chest and his boner responded gingerly.

“Oh, this girl!,” he proclaimed within.

He had just had the best made out he had ever had in years. The last time he felt so good was when his Dad got him his current car, probably, a six month ago. Tolani was something else.

She wasn’t a Sluut nor was she a gold digger, she had just a deal with someone and she had succeeded in playing her part well enough, Hakeem just had the best feeling he could ever have.

“Whao Hakeem! You’re something else,” he heard Tolani’s voice.

“Hum Tol, it’s just Nine thirty, why don’t you wait a little bit? You might even sleep over,” he suggested in a meek tone, hoping it melts the ice coated around her heart.

“Hmm Hakeem,” Tolani mumbled, “I’m leaving!” she added and she gave him a full kiss on his lips before bidding him Bye, “I have a class by Seven tommorow but don’t worry, you might get lucky again,” she said as she was leaving, probably to raise his hopes.

“Okay! Bye,” Hakeem bade.

Once she left, Hakeem just couldn’t help visualizing every seconds of theirs together.

She wasn’t just agile in her studies afterall.
He remembered her m0ans, her actions, she was the type who loved it rough and he hadn’t failed to roll with her either. He remembered her face whenever she climaxed, it was a beautiful sight.
He remembered how she had gave him a head, a very s£nsu@l and alluring one. She wasn’t yet okay after Three rounds, he even rendered a salvational prayer for his soul, who knows? He might pass out then. His mind strayed to the architect behind everything, she was definitely a blessing to him. Who could have thought such would happen tonight? He hadn’t even the haziest idea of it by noon but anyway, what could he say? The architect was not that different from Tolani, he had ‘seen’ her a couple of times himself. Though he was a geek, a bookworm, Hakeem definitely knew what’s what.

“Grr grr grr,” his phone rang out and he smiled on seeing the caller, it read Anabelle.

“Hello,” he picked joyously.

“Hello little bro!,” The voice at the other end replied. “How was your date?”. Her pretty voice was full of life and cheerful as customary.

“Oh C’mon Sis,” hakeem blushed, “but anyway, she was really awesome!” hakeem poured out.

“You see… I know what’s right, hope you guys did it? I might not be opportuned to get her again, you know?” Anabelle inquired with a naughty voice.

“Yeah Sis! Will gist you later,” hakeem said, really feeling shy about the conversation.

“Okay naughty boy! Was about to start ‘something’ also, tommorrow,”
Anabelle conjured and disconnected the call.

“Oh Gawd!” hakeem sighed out visibly flushed. “Why can’t her other half be just like her?” he thought. “Always serious minded! Sis Jolade!” hakeem chuckled out.

Jolade saw a smile escaped her lips.
Her countenance seemed very joyous. A big smile got plastered on her lips again. Her date was really nice, it went just smooth.

Paul had taken her to a cuisine restaurant when they left home. She was the toast of many men there likewise was Paul. In his dark adorable suit, he looked very charming. The night went very nice, everything seemed magically changed, even she.

She remembered her last date with her prince charming then, everything had been ruined by Sweet heart Anabelle. She literally cried her eyes out and that prompted her to get her cozy apartment in town, afterall, she was working.

Dad and Mom hadn’t find that funny though but she never budged, and now, they were off her back. Going by tonight’s date, she saw everything right in distancing herself from Anabelle. She would never forgive her. She was a devil in guise of human. She had even severed ties with her. And never would she go back on her decision. That was impossible. All she felt she needed was a man to take her to the altar, her kids and a happy life; all away from her family.

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Must Read: Strings And Web

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