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Dennis focused on the computer set in front of him, he was reading through a mail sent to him from a major partnering company with theirs, prices of goods had to change in the product’s market due to devaluation of the country’s currency. He made a call to his secretary,
“Please tell Miss Amarachi to report to my office now”.

The Secretary was about to call Amarachi’s office when he called back, “Don’t bother, I’ll go to her office myself”
“You will do what sir?” The secretary asked pretending not to hear him.
“I said I’ll go to her office”
“Okay sir”, she dropped the call wondering what attracted Dennis to Amarachi’s office always, since she started working with him, she had not seen him go into any of his surbordinates’ office. Just two weeks Amarachi had been employed, the rules had changed, he had been seen in her office three times.
Dennis forwarded the mail he received to Amarachi’s email address, he picked up the paper where he jotted some information and walked out of his office. The secretary who was already gossiping with another staff was caught unawares as he opened the door and walked straight to Amarachi’s office ignoring the gossipers.
“Good morning Amarachi”
“Good afternoon sir” Amarachi replied startling Dennis who wasn’t conscious of the time.

“Oh, it’s twelve already. Ain’t you going for break?”
“I was about to when I got an email alert”
“Oh! Sorry to disturb you, I’ll just come back after the break, let me leave you now”
“No, you don’t have to do that. Just say what you are here for, I can skip the break”
“No, it requires a lot of work. It’ll take your time, I’ll come after the break” he said and walked out without waiting for a reply.

“Ken, what is this I’m hearing about you and Bola breaking up?” Chief Olatunbosun queried Ken.
“We didn’t break up sir, we only have a misunderstanding and I’ve been trying to work it out but Bola is not helping matters.” Ken replied
“But why didn’t you involve me? You wouldnt have let me know anything if I didn’t call for you?”
“No sir, it’s not like that. I was already planning to come and see you concerning it this week”
“Oh! You children of nowadays, you can’t stay together for a little time without unnecessary fights” Chief Olatunbosun continued, ” Ehn ehn, I heard her say you abuse her, I hope its not that you do beat her?”
“No sir, never”, Ken lied. “I would never raise my hands against my woman, we just had a little misunderstanding and I was trying to hold her back so she had a little bruise on her hand”
“Are you sure it’s only a little misunderstanding? You have to be careful with my daughter o, you know me o” he said and gave a short cynical laugh.
“Yes sir, its nothing much”
“But she also said she’s pregnant for someone else?”
“Oh! She’s pregnant?” Ken expressed his shock
“You don’t know?”
“Hahaha, of course I know sir” ken quickly lied laughing to cover it up, “I was only surprised she told you already. Don’t mind her sir, she’s pregnant for me, she’s only angry”
“Are you sure of this?”
“Yes sir, she can’t be pregnant for anyone else”
“Okay, I pray so. Then you need to go and meet her immediately and sort this out, I’ll also speak with her”
“Yes sir, I will.” He replied smiling.
“Good” Chief Olatunbosun smiled and changed the subject of discussion, ” How is you Father?
“He’s fine sir”
“Why has he not come to see me since last month we discussed? I thought he said he had a boy he trusted so well that we could put as our governorship candidate for this state”
“Yes sir, he said he’ll come see you soon about that sir”
“Okay, greet him for me” Chief Olatunbosun said and with that rose up from his chair and proceeded to a room in the house “goodbye son”
“Goodbye sir” ken picked his car keys and hurriedly left the house still in shock of the news he just got

“How do we balance our profit now”
“We’ll increase the price by twenty percent, then we can make up for the loses in the international matket. Moreover, we are the major exporters in this business and I think we ought to have increased our price a long time ago since the cost of production has increased. Now is the right opportunity to change it” Amarachi replied her boss who stood beside cross checking what she had on her computer
“Wow! I never thought of it like this” he said and stared at her face intently. ” Amarachi”, he continued calmly, I’m glad I met you. I’ve never met any Lady as intelligent and beautiful as you”
“Hehe”, Amarachi chuckled and looked at the wall clock hanging on the wall.

Dennis also looked at his wrist watch. “Wow, its fifteen minutes to six already, it took us a long time to balance everything. I don’t think the outing will work today anymore”
“Yeah, its late already.” Amarachi smiled.

“How do you intend to go home now? You already told your friend to leave without you”
“I’ll just take a cab”, Amarachi replied packing her accessories into her bag.
“I’ll drop you off”
“No, don’t bother. I’ll get a cab”
“No, I won’t leave you to go through the stress of searching for a cab this night. Its late already and there’ll be a lot of competition for cabs in the street”
“Yeah, but I’ll get one easily”
“Naah, I’m dropping you” , He replied and he hurried into his office to get his car key, by the time he locked his office, Amarachi was waiting at the stairs. “Alright Lady, are you ready?”
“Okay, since you insist, lets go.”
They walked down together and went straight to the car park. In no minute, they drove out of the company and hit the busy road.

After some minutes of no movement in the traffic, Dennis spoke up. “You see”, he pointed to some people by the side of the road who were obviously returning from work also and waiting to get a cab, “I can’t let you go through that stress”
“Come on, it’s nothing. Those people are also like me, now I have troubled you and you have to drive back home alone in the traffic”
“Naah, I got my car and am a good driver. I know how to find my way quickly, so don’t bother about me”
“Thank you so much”, Amarachi smiled and held his right hand which wasn’t placed on the steering wheel. “I appreciate all the kindness you’ve shown towards me since I started working with you”
“Amarachi, its nothing there’s nothing I can’t do for you” he replied tightening the grip on her palm.
“Thank you”
“Amarachi, there’s I really need to tell you that I feel something deeper than just being friends with you. I …” Just then the roads got free and cars began to move rapidly, Dennis had no choice than to stop the conversation and drive off immediately

Bola heard some noise at the gate, she peeped through the window and found Ken beating up her gateman who was obviously trying to deny him entrance into the building. She walked out in annoyance to meet ken.

“Ken, when would you learn to behave like a gentleman? What are you doing here again?”
“What kind of question is that?” He asked leaving the gateman to struggle on the floor as he walked towards Bola. “We have to finalise our marriage discussion and pick a date for the wedding now”
“What wedding? Please don’t come near me”, she said as she moved backwards. “I said I don’t want to see you here again, its over between us and there’s nothing that can bring us together again
“Thats a lie” he said with an evil smile. “You’re carrying my baby”
“Hahaha” Bola laughed loud startling him, “who told you I’m pregnant for you? Oh! I guess you’ve discussed with my Dad, right?”
“Yes, your Dad told me already. Why didn’t you tell me first?” He asked and held her by her arms. “Lets go in and talk”
“Come on leave me alone”, she snatched her hand from him. “Go where? Don’t you think Ken? How come you believe I’m pregnant for you?” I’m just a week pregnant and it can’t be for you”
Realization hit Ken as she said that, it had been over a month he had s*x with her last, so if she was a week pregnant, it couldn’t be for him. He struggled not to accept the truth.
“That’s a lie Bola, you can’t keep my baby from me?”
“It’s not your baby Ken, I’m pregnant for another man and I’m taking him to meet my Dad this week” she replied him” please close the gate when you’re done”
She walked in leaving him to stand in awe, after some seconds of standing, he walked out and drove away angrily. As he drove through the street, he wondered who was the guy who dared to tamper with his girlfriend, he swore under his breath to deal with that person when he finds him.

He made up his mind to do everything possible not to loose Bola, not because he loved her so much but because he didn’t want to loose the opportunity of getting married to her and using her to threaten the Chief to gain political advantage for he and his Father.
“That pregnancy is for me, Bola is for me, if I don’t have her, nobody else would. I’ll kill any nigga that tries to contend with me” he cursed under his breath as he raced down the road.

“The guy has a nice car”
“Yeah, he’s a big boy now. What do you think?” Amarachi replied
“Yeah,Yeah, Yeah. So, its your turn to tell me how the date went”
“We didn’t go out anymore”
“There was no time anymore, we finished our work late, it was almost 6pm before we did.”
“Okay, so you stayed together in your office for about four hours together?”
“And you want to tell me that work is all what you did?” Ini questioned giving her a suspicious look.
“Yes, I had to do a lot of research and after then, some calculations”
“Hmmm… I find that hard to believe o. You mean he was touching you while you were doing the research?” Ini askqed again giving a short wink.
“Taaah! Naughty girl, touching me ke?”
“Okay o, we will catch you and your manager one day”
“Catch and do ni”
“Okay o, let’s see.” Ini replied and picked up her phone to reply a chat message before looking up at Amarachi again.” You know, I think that guy is in love with you”
“Taah, he has not said anything like that”
“Wait, I think he was trying to say something that I didn’t get due to the noise of the cars” Amarachi said after thinking deep for some seconds.

“He loves you, I know”
“You always know everything”
“I saw the way he looked at you as you left his car and walked in. That look in his eyes wasn’t ordinary”

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