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Must Read: Inseparable - Season 1 - Episode 15

Episode 6 years ago

Ini walked out of the company’s gate to meet Kelvin who parked his car by the road side not far away from the gate.
“Hello Princess” Kelvin greeted as he welcomed her with a warm embrace, “how was your day?”
“It was awesome” she replied smiling back. He walked her to the passenger’s seat and opened the door for her to enter.
Ini waved back at Amarachi who hailed her as she drove past them on her way home.
“That’s my friend Amarachi”
“Oh! You work at the same place?, kelvin asked as he settled into the driver’s seat.
“Yeah, we even stay together”
“Oh, she must be a nice girl. My friend really likes her”
“You told me that already. What I don’t understand is why Bola lays claim to him even though he’s not her boyfriend”
“They have a lot of things together, but he doesn’t date her”
“They have a lot of things together? But I thought you said they met recently”
“Yes, we met with you guys before he met her”
” How come they now have a lot of things together?”
“You won’t understand dear. Lets forget about that now” , he replied igniting his car. “Where do we go this evening?”

“Hi Ama” Amarachi received a Whatsapp message from Dennis
“Hello sir”
“I told you not to refer me as sir again, we are not about to discuss official matters now”
“Sorry, Dennis”
“That’s good. Hope you didn’t experience too much traffic congestion on your way home”
“No, the road was kinda free”
“Okay, thank God. So your friend drove home with you as usual?”
“No, I drove home alone today. She went out with her friend”
“Her boyfriend?”
“Kind of”
“Hmm… Amarachi”
“I don’t know, but has anyone really told you how beautiful you are?”
“Oh!” She added a smiley, ”thank you”
“You don’t need to thank me. I’m just saying the obvious truth”
“Come on, stop flattering me please :)”
“I’m not. You know what?”
“You are not only extraordinarily beautiful, you are also super intelligent”
” OMG, stop this Dennis”
“Just saying the truth dear.”
“Can we go out tomorrow evening?”
“It’s okay after work”
“Wow, thanks. You don’t know how glad I am now. I’m dancing shoki”
“I can’t wait dear. I’ll meet you outside the gate immediately we close at the office”

Frank sat quietly in his office when Bola walked in to see him. He stood up at once on sighting her.
“How did you come in? Who let you in?” He questioned as she sat on the chair in front of his table.
“Forget about that now. We have a lot of things to discuss”
“We don’t have anything to discuss” he replied angrily
“Of course, we have a lot to discuss, I told you I’m pregnant”
“You’re pregnant?” He asked sarcastically, “how does that concern me? You can take it to the one who impregnated you”
“Are you crazy Frank? You know that this Baby is yours”
“Hahahaha, look here. If you think you can tie me down with that pregnancy, you are joking”
“I’m not trying to tie you down, I love you Frank. This baby is yours” she said with a pleading voice.
“Story for the gods, who knows how many other guys you’ve slept with? You better take the baby to them”
This infuriated Bola and she landed a hot slap on his cheek, “What do you take me for? A Sl*t? Never mind we’ll see if you’ll accept this baby or not, Fool”, She began to walk out of the office but turned back again.
“My father asked you to see him before the week runs out, ignore him at your own peril” she replied and dropped her father’s business card on the table and walked out angrily.
Frank who held his face with his right hand, recovering from the shock from the slap picked up the business card. His heart skipped on seeing the name on it, Chief Oladapo Olatunbosun.
He remembered the last time he heard the name, it was on national TV. The man was one of the most influential politicians in the nation, he had a say in whoever becomes a President of the nation. It was also widely believed that his hand were not clean as any other politician who became a strong opposition to him ended up kicking the bucket.
He wondered why the man wanted to see him, had she told her Dad she was pregnant? He thought of not going but he dismissed the thought after remembering that Chief Olatunbosun was no a man to joke with.

Amarachi peeped through the window as she heard a creaking sound at the gate, it was 10pm and she was already getting when Ini had not returned from her date and wasn’t picking her calls. She was relieved when she saw Ini walked in through the gate with a man she guessed to be Kelvin.
“Hi Ama” Ini said cheerfully to Amarachi who was seated on the sofa as she walked into the house with Kelvin.

“Welcome, you guys stayed out late. I was already getting worried”
“Come on, you believe we didn’t even realise it was this late” she answered back and settled down beside Amarachi placing her right hand around her neck. “I’m sure you know Kelvin already”
“Yap, I do.” Ama replied smiling at Kelvin who stood up from where he was seated to give her a handshake.
“I heard you are the one who takes care of my sweetheart” he said as he took her hand in his
“Oh yeah, that’s me. I take care of her very well” Ama joked
“Thank you very much Ladies. I have to be on my way now”
“Oh! So soon? You didn’t even wait for us to offer you anything”
“No don’t bother, that will be next time when I come”
“Okay then, I’ll be expecting you”
“Ini stood and was engaged in a warm embrace with Kelvin, ” I’ll miss you Honey”
“I’ll miss you too” Kelvin said as Ini walked him to the gate, “goodnight”
Ini walked back into the house to find Amarachi smiling and looking at her with a questioning look. “Ehn ehn, what?”
“What is what? I thought you said you guys were not yet …”
“Shhh… Amebo, i knew thats what you wanted to say, it all started today. I’m tired now, I need to sleep immediately” Ini said and proceeded to her room.
“Going to do sleep or what?? You’re not sleeping until you tell me all that happened today” Amarachi said and followed her into the room

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