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Must Read: Inseparable - Season 1 - Episode 17

Episode 6 years ago

It was Friday already and Frank was still undecided on whether he should visit Bola’s father or not. She had called him on Thursday morning to remind him and also warn him of the consequences of not going. His friends had also advised him to go hear what the man had to say, they even offered to go with him.

But it is always easier said than done; he was the one to face the man, not them. He wondered what the man would ask him. Was he going to ask him why he didn’t want to accept the pregnancy? Or was he going to ask him to marry his daughter? The two options scared him, he knew that he could be severely dealt with if he refused to marry her asked to or probably killed and he didn’t know what to answer when he was asked why he didn’t want to accept his responsibility.

His thoughts drifted to Amarachi, he thought of what she would be thinking of him. He wondered if she had been told that Bola was pregnant for him, then she would take him as a total jerk, an unserious fellow.

He was still deep in his thoughts when he heard an argument outside his office,
“My Boss wouldn’t want to see you, he doesn’t want you around here anymore”
“Stop shouting at me, just go in and tell him I’m here to see”
“Let her in please” Frank said to the stylist.
She walked into his office and stood silently for some seconds while Frank walked back to his seat and fixed his eyes on her waiting for her to talk.
She walked close to the table and sat in the visitor’s chair. She brought a sheet of paper and placed it on the table. Frank picked it up and scanned through, it was the pregnancy test result.
“But this doesn’t still prove that the baby is mine”
“Come on Frank, stop this. I’m only doing this because I love you, if it was another guy, I would have allowed my father deal with him”
Frank was scared by her response, he didn’t want to be dealt with by her father but he put up a bold face, he didn’t want to give her the impression that she succeeded in making him afraid.
“Nonsense”, he replied. “I told you before I would have nothing to do with you anymore. Go and tell your father that I’m not responsible for the pregnancy”
“Okay, lets see” she said standing up, she put back the test result in her bag. “I’ll deliver your message, but don’t say I did not warn you” she walked out of the office.
Frank wondered if he had done the right thing, what if she went ahead to deliver his message or she said something bad about him to her father? He thought about calling her phone to apologize but discarded the thought because she probably would think he had given in to her threats.
He decided he would go and visit the Chief the next day and face whatever the man would bring his way. He brought out the Chief’s business card from his drawer and read out the address to himself.

Amarachi was smiling all alone to herself in her office, she just got a call from her mother and was told her father was hale had been discharged from the hospital, she also spoke to her father over the phone and his voice was clear enough proving that he was better.
She read through the report she prepared for the research work she made on that Tuesday, she was to submit it to the chairman the next week. She walked out of her office and walked to the Dennis’ secretary.
“Please make photocopies of this and give them to Mr. Dennis” she was walking back to her office when she heard her name.
“Amarachi, come here”
She looked back to be sure if it was the secretary that called her. Yes, it was . Tayo was signalling to her with her hand to move closer. Amarachi walked back to her surprised at the manner at whichbshe was called.
“Yes, is there any problem?”
“Yes, there’s a problem and the problem ia you”
“Excuse me”
“Yes, you are the problem. What relationship are you having with the boss?”
“What kind of question is that?” Amarachi asked obviously getting irritated.

“He was in your office throughout yesterday”
“And so?”
“See, I know you will deny . But let me tell you the truth, if you think you can s£duce the Boss to get favours or promotions, you are joking. So many of us have been here years before you and we won’t let you get promoted before us. That’s all.”
Amarachi looked at her and shook her head pitifully. She walked back to her office without saying anything

Very early on Saturday morning, Amarachi woke up early and set out for the village, the weekend was her opportunity to visit her family and check how her father was doing. She and Ini had planned to visit the village together but just that morning, Ini received a call from her father who asked her to come meet him at his house for an important discussion.
The roads were free for the first thirty minutes of the four hours journey. The bus was on a bridge when the traffic congestion began, after fifteen minutes of staying in the hold up. A short man seated on the second seat close to the window side stood up and cleared his throat.
“Ehn, Ehn, Good morning everyone” he began. “My name is Doctor Ken, If you travel along this route very well, you will know me. All around this area, people come to meet me to solve their medical problems and they always go home with a testimony…” After some minutes of hogwash, he brought out some drugs and started to sell them, he got a lot of responses from passengers most especially middle aged women.
After the trader finished selling his drugs and settled down, a loud baritone voice was heard from the back of the bus. “Praise the Lord everybody”
“Halleluyah” the people chorused.

“Amen. I bring to you good news today from our saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. But before I continue with the news today, let us first sing praises to his name” He led the people with some praise and worship songs for some minutes after which he began his sermon.
Amarachi sat quietly listening to everything going on and frequently replying chat messages on her phone.
“You see Jesus Christ loved us that’s why he came to the earth to die for us… You don’t have to postpone it, what if you die today, what if you just have an accident today” he fired on ignoring the murmuring that his last statement caused. “You see he’s the only one that knows tomorrow, he’s…”
At that moment, the roads were clear and the cars and buses rushed to make up for the time spent in the hold up, the noise was so much that it drowned the preacher’s voice. The bus’ driver sped off without much care, even the passengers cared less because they were already tired of the heat generated in the bus.
As they sped close to a roundabout, a bus loaded with tins of milk suddenly appeared from nowhere rushing towards them, the driver quickly tried to make a swift turn away from the lane, but it was too late; there was a collision.

Dennis started up his car engine to warm it up after washing it, he loved to wash his car himself though there were several househelps in the house who could do it. He picked up his hand towel and place it around his neck and walked into the house to take his breakfast, Janet and his Mum were already seated in the dinning room.
“Where have you been? We’ve been waiting for you”
“Just finished cleaning my car” he said and sat in a chair opposite Janet’s. “It looks like Janet always run home at weekends nowadays?

Don’t you wanna stay in school anymore? Or you came to ask for money again?” He asked jokingly
“School just resumed and we’ve not started serious work, that’s why I’m home. But I don’t mind if you give me some money toi”
“Naah, you won’t get any, you’re just lucky your school is not far from home”
“Okay”, their mum interrupted, ” If you guys aren’t hungry, I am. So stop your conversation now. Dennis pray for us let’s eat.”
Dennis led the prayers and they started eating the meal of sliced bread and tea with egg. After they ate, Mrs Michaels recounted what she faced in returning Nkechi to the village after the girl had gotten angry and flared up because she was tired of being in a forced marriage. The parents had also gotten angry when they heard that her son did not treat their daughter well, Mrs Michaels had to compensate them with a huge sum of money. She reminded Dennis of his promise to bring a wife home very soon.
“It’s okay Mum, don’t worry she’ll come home soon” he picked up his phone to check his chat messages, he noticed Amarachi hadn’t replied the last message he sent two hours ago.
“Hey, where are you now?” He sent another chat message which was delivered immediately but still showed unread.

Saturdays were always busy days at Royal Salon, Frank worked with his other stylists to ensure that all clients were attended to and nobody was kept waiting for too long. Earlier that morning he had placed a board outside the salon advertising vacant posts for hair stylists, male and female ones. The work load was geting too much and he thought of expanding his existing salons first before opening a new one or getting an apartment.
He was applying antiseptics to a customer’s hair when he saw Bode walked into his shop.
“How far na Bobo?”
“I dey o” Frank replied, “where are you coming from? Why are you sweating like this? ”
“I came to get some computer softwares at that store over there” he replied pointing outside through the window.

“Okay na, it’s good you’re even here. Work wouldn’t be boring with you here”
“I wouldn’t stay for long o, you know there are matches today”
“Yeah, we’ll go watch them together once I’m free”
“I won’t wait if you’re still attending to customers o”
“Okay, I’ve heard” he replied and beckoned to another client, an elderly man who just arrived to come over to his barbing stand.
He was half way cutting the man’s hair when two hefty looking guys walked into the salon, he thought they had come for an hair cut but was surprised when he saw his employee pointing towards him.
“Hey, are you Frank? “, one of the men asked as he came closer.
“Yes, what can I do for you” he asked paying them special attention
“Follow us” the other man Commanded.
“Follow you where?”
“Don’t question us” one of them replied and held Frank violently by his belt. He dragged him and proceeded to the door.

Bode who had been watching all this while stood up and made attempt to help his Friend but he was sent sprawling on the floor by an heavy blow from the other guy. They dragged him out with obstruction from no one else, dumped in at the back seat of a jeep where two other mean looking guys were seated and drove off instantly

“Don’t mishandle the boy too much, you know he is Chief’s in-law” , the driver if the abductors jeep said to the two guys seated st the back with Frank.

“Sharp boy” one of those at the back started, pulling Frank’s nose, “you know how to score goals well. Tell me how did you entice her? With your barbing skills or handsome face?” The guy mocked .
They got to a huge black gate and only used the horn once before the gate was opened. They drove in and parked at the parking lot. Frank was pulled outside the car and told to tidy up himself before he was taken inside the house to meet the Boss. For a minute, Frank forgot his troubles and looked around the compound in admiration. The building was a gigantic one, one which he estimated the building cost not to be less than a billion naira.

The garden was also neatly kept, there were several shrubs which served as sheds under which people could relax. The only thing he didn’t like about the house was the mean looking guys all around. The building was heavily secured.

He was led into the house and made to stand in the living room while his abductors went left him alone in the room. Frank wondered what questions the Boss would ask him and what answers he will give as his eyes met a large portrait of Chief Olatunbosun hanging on the wall.

“Okay, the Idiot is here. Well, don’t just keep him standing, give him a seat and entertain him before I come” He heard a someone’s voice who he guessed was the Chief.

Ini held Amarachi’s hand as she sat by her side on the hospital bed. “Thank God it wasn’t much, the doctor said you only had a minor cut on your leg”
“Yep,thank God. It’s just sad that I won’t get to see my parents this week”
“Yeah sad, but don’t worry, we’ll go there together when you are okay”
” I’m okay, the doctor says I’ll be allowed to leave here tomorrow”
“Yes, but you still have to rest”
“No, I’m okay”, she replied making a failed effort to sit up but was quickly assisted by Kelvin who was standing by the wall side behind her.

“You see” Ini continued, “you need to regain strength”

Their conversation was interrupted when the door opened, the doctor came in with a nurse.

“Hi” he said to Amarachi, ” are you feeling better now?”
“Yes I am, thanks”
“You guys have to excuse us now”, he said turning to Ini and Kelvin.

“Okay doc” Ini replied getting up reluctantly “how do we settle the bill?”
“The bill has been settled by a man outside”, the doctor replied.

“Who?” Ini and Amarachi asked in unison
“Mr Michaels, he’ll be coming in to see her when we finish attending to her”
“Oh, okay”

*At the hospital’s reception *
“Dennis Michaels?”
“Yes, I guess you’re Ini”
“Yes, I am” she replied extending her hand to him for a handshake, “Nice to meet you, here’s my boyfriend, Kelvin” she introduced Kelvin who was standing quitely by her side.
“Oh! Nice to meet you both” Dennis shook hands with Kelvin too, “how’s Amarachi now?”
“She’s better” she replied and sat down with Kelvin on the long sofa Dennis was also seated, “thanks for your kindness, I heard you settled the bill already”
“Oh! It’s nothing. I just want to make sure she’s well”
“Thank you”
Ini clutched to Kelvin’s arm and la!d her head on his chest, the trio sat in silence for some minutes until Ini saw a lady who looked like Bola walk into the reception.
“Bola” she called to confirm. It was her. “What are you doing here”
“Oh!” She exclaimed and rushed to hug Ini.
“I came to see a friend” she lied, “what about you?”
“I came to see my Friend, Amarachi. She had a minor accident so she’s here”
“Eeyah, the poor little thing, I’m coming let me see my friend first and then we’ll go meet her together”
“Okay then, I’m expecting you”
After about fifteen minutes, Bola was back to te reception, she joined Ini and the others to wait for the doctor, Dennis had already gone to pick something in his car. The doctor showed up few seconds after Bola was seated,
“You can go in to see her now, but remember, don’t exceed the visiting hours”
“Okay, thank you doc” Ini replied and got up with the rest.
“No, you come with me first, I need to see you” the doctor said to Ini.
Kelvin led Bola to the ward, and after a few minutes of Bola trying to show faked compassion, she left the ward. On her way out, she met Ini.
“You’re going already”
“Yep, I need to attend to some other things now and I also wanted to give her and her boyfriend privacy.
“Hahaha”, Ini laughed. “That guy that went inside with you isn’t her boyfriend”
“He isn’t her boyfriend?”
“Yes, he’s mine”
“Oh! That girl Amarachi must be a real Lovepeddler then. They were kissing passionately when I went back into the room after forgetting my handkerchief”
“Ehn!” Ini exclaimed in shock
“You go inside and see for yourself. That your friend is a snake”

“Good evening sir”, Frank stood up to greet as he sighted Chief Olatunbosun coming close with two body to where he was. He had refused to take the drinks he had been served, he only sat on the seat he was offered to sit on when he waited for about two hours without the Chief showing up.

Chief Olatunbosun only replied his greetings with a contemptuous look which later turned to a smile of the same nature.

“Sit down” he said sharply to Frank as he sat on the sofa opposite to Frank’s crossing his legs.
“Let me remain standing sir”
“No, sit down boy. I’m not punishing you, I want to talk to you like a gentleman”
“Thank you sir” he replied, reluctantly taking his seat.
“Good. So boy, tell me how much you want from my daughter?”
Frank was startled by the question, “nothing sir, I don’t want anything from her”
“Then why did you impregnate her?”
“Ermm… Sir, it was a mistake sir?”
“Hahaha, mistake? Or you saw a rich girl and wanted to take advantage?”
“No sir. I never knew that she is your daughter”
“Silly boy, I know you didn’t know. You would not know she’s my daughter and try to mess with her. You only saw a rich girl and wanted to take advantage”
“No sir, it’s not like that”
“Oh! Shut up boy”, the man said and paused, he made a signal to one of his guards and the guard brought him tobacco. After some seconds of deep inhaling and exhaling, he let out a deep sigh of relief.
“She says you love each other so much. So when is the date for the wedding?”
“Ermmm…” He stammered as he didn’t know what to reply.
“Pick a date and get back to me quickly” the Chief said as he stood up and proceeded to the door, he turned back again,
“Next time when I call for you, don’t be scared. Don’t mind what the media reports, I don’t bite people” he gave a wicked smile, “you can go now”.

“Did anyone annoy Ini outside?” Amarachi asked Dennis who sat on a chair close to the hospital bed and held her right hand in his.
“I don’t know about that, I went to get something in my car and also make some calls. So I wasn’t with them all through”
“Okay” she replied calmly
“Why do you ask?”
“Nothing really, just concerned about her, it looked as if her countenance changed when she came in then. She didn’t even say anything to me. She just picked her bag and left with her boyfriend without letting him finish preparing the tea for me”
“Oh! That’s strange”
“Yeah, I really hope nothing happened to her”
“Hmm, we’ll find out later” he replied and changed the subject, ” the doctor said you would be allowed to leave tomorrow”
“Yes, so I can resume work on Monday” she replied smiling.
“You’re not serious. You are taking a week off. I’ll inform the management on Monday”
“Oh! That will be too much. What about the research work?”
“Don’t bother, I’ll submit that for you. The most important thing is for you to get well”
“Hmm, thanks”
“It’s nothing dear”

“Why did you drag me out like that?” Kelvin asked Ini as they got to the hospital parking lot.

“What were you doing with her?”
“What was I doing with her?”
“Yes. I saw your hands on her face when I came”
“Yeah. I was making tea for her when the breeze from the fan I switched on blew some milk powder into her eyes”
“I was helping her clean it off”
“Get into the car.”
“Get into the car? I think you need to apologize to her for the way you behaved in there”
“Apologize to someone who was trying to snatch my boyfriend?”
“Come on, what do you mean by that?”
“Get into the car or I drive off” she threatened starting the car engine.
“Ini, what’s this all about?” He asked getting into the car reluctantly. “I don’t understand”
She didn’t give him a reply but drove off instantly without saying a word despite his questions.

“Should I drive you to your house?” Or you’ll take a cab here?” She asked as they got to a roundabout.
“I’ll drop here” he said and alighted from the car as she parked at a side ” I’ll talk to you tomorrow” he said and walked away.
She drove off instantly without giving him a reply. In less than twenty minutes, she got to her house.

She walked in and settled into a chair, she thought about the whole day’s event. Did anything really occur between Amarachi and Kelvin? Or what Kelvin said about helping her clean off the milk powder correct? She remembered her primary and secondary school days where Amarachi had been always favoured than her, there were several occasions where she believed Amarachi took what belonged to her.
One of them was when Amarachi came into their primary school and defeated her -who was the former champion – in a school quiz in their final year, this made Amarachi become the school champion till they left primary school, that was when they became friends after a brief clash and advice from the head teacher.

They were very good friends until their senior secondary school days again when something else happened. Ini was in SSS1A while Amarachi was in class B. Ini had gone with a male friend(who was considered to be the most handsome guy in school) in her class to visit sick Amarachi in the school clinic. After the visitation, the boy became more interested in Amarachi than Ini, this caused another clash between them but was settled when the boy was discovered to be a thief.

Several other events occurred after that but they still remained inseparable and their friendship bond waxed stronger as the challenges hit them.

Ini decided not to allow Amarachi rob her of Kelvin, she blamed herself for asking Kelvin to meet her there and decided she wouldn’t allow them get close to each other anymore.
As she spent time to think about it she got angrier at Amarachi and wondered why Ama decided to flirt with Kelvin even after having other guys after her.

Kelvin got home at about six thirty pm, he was already tired to he settled quietly into a sofa in the living room. He wondered why the whole house was quiet, he was expecting to meet his friends at home. He called their names but didn’t get any reply. After a few minutes of staying in the living room without doing anything, Bode walked into the house looking tired abd dejected.

“Kelvin, where have you been since morning? I’ve been trying to call you and it’s not been going through.”
“Not been going through? ” He asked and brought out his phone from hus pocket to check, ” Oh! Sorry, no network on it”
“Chai!” He exclaimed and collapsed into a chair
“What happened? Where is Frank?”
“Only God knows where he is o”
“What do you mean? Didn’t you go and watch football together?”
“I’m not coming from the football viewing centre. I’m coming from the police station”
“Police station? What business do you have in the policr station?”
“I went to report that Frank has been kidnapped”
“Hahaha” Kelvin laughed thinking that Bode was only making a joke, ” how would Frank be kidnapped na? Is he a kid?”
“I was in his salon when some armed men came and took him away, only God knows where they took him to”
“Come on, are saying the truth”
“Yes, look here” he pointed to a swelling on his face, “I received a punch for trying to help him”
“Ah! That’s serious o. What do we do now?”
“You don’t have to do anything” they heard a voice say outside the door, “I’m here already”
Frank opened the door and walked into the house tiredly and sat on the floor in the middle of the sitting room.
“Oh! Frank, what happened, what did they do to you?”

“Do to me? Hahaha” Frank laughed uncontrollably, ” No one did anything to me, I only went on a visit to my In-law.”
As closer move to Frank revealed that he was drunk,
“Oh boy, this dude is high o” Bode said to Kelvin.
“Let’s take him inside first”
They took him up and both moved him into his room.
“Don’t take me anywhere, I need to go prepare for my wedding now. Don’t take me anywhere! ” Frank wailed as he was been carried into his room.

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