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Must Read: Inseparable - Season 1 - Episode 11

Episode 6 years ago

Ini sat in the meeting room discussing with two other Videx’s staffs about the negotiation while they waited for their visitors. In less than two minutes, their visitors arrival was announced.

Kelvin Okafor walked into the meeting room with two other representatives and were welcomed by their hosts.

“I’m Kelvin Okafor, manager of public relations, Devi International. These are my colleagues, Sandra Benjamin and Peter Uzokwe” He introduced
“I’m Miss Ini Williams and here with me is Mr Paul Adejumo and Mr Stephen Kayode. You can have your seats, let’s begin immediately

“Good morning Miss Amarachi” Dennis greeted as he sat in one of the chairs in her office.
“Good morning sir” She replied standing up ” what brings you to my office this morning?”
“Nothing. Come on, sit down. I just came to commend you for your performance yesterday. You did brilliantly well”
“Thank you sir” she said smiling.
“And i also want to ask if you’ll do me the honour of taking you for lunch today”
“Ermm… Sir, I do always take lunch with my friend”
“What about dinner tonight?”
“Um” She sighed “Let’s make it this weekend sir”
“Oh! That would be great then, thank you so much” He said happily and got up to leave ” and one more thing. Please, can you cut off the sir and call me Dennis when we are alone”
“It’s okay sir… Ermm, it’s okay Dennis.”

Kelvin was seated quietly reading the Tuesday’s edition of Guardian Newspaper when he heard a voice asking of him outside. He walked out to find one of his stylists conversing with Bola
“Please let her in” He said quickly and walked back inside.

“Hi honey” Bola greeted as she walked in and proceeded to give Frank a peck. ” You didn’t call me since we departed on Sunday, why?”
“Nothing, but I would have called you today. We really need to talk”
“Yes, here I am honey” She replied sitting on the table in front of him. ” I’ve missed you so much”
“Look Bola, you need to know that… He was still talking when she brought her mouth close to his and she engaged him in a kiss.
“Come on, stop” He exclaimed, breaking free from her grip.
“What’s the matter Honey?”
“We shouldn’t be doing this, I’m not your boyfriend”
“Come on, don’t tell me you don’t feel anything for me after everything that happened on Saturday”
“I don’t” he said firm and stood up from his seat facing the window.
“Come on” Bola laughed ” I know you are joking, I saw it in your eyes while we made love on Saturday”. She stood up and walked towards him hugging in fr behind.
“You saw nothing in my eyes” He said taking away her hands from his body and facing her ” I was not in my senses, I was drunk”
“No, don’t give me that. You confessed you were looking for me through out the Party, why were you looking for me?”

“I wasn’t looking for you, I was looking for someone else”
“That’s a lie, you don’t loose all your senses when you take alcohol” she said and looked into his eyes. “You even asked me to take you home”

“No, I couldn’t have asked you to take me home”
“Yes, you did”
“If I really did, then I must have thought it was my Friend Kelvin I was talking to”
“That’s a lie. Come on, why are you doing this?”
“I’m sorry, I just have to tell you the truth. I don’t feel anything for you, what happened between us was a mistake.”
“A mistake?” She asked already shedding tears “You took advantage of me”
“No, I swear. It wasn’t intentional, I was drunk, I didn’t know what I was doing”
“That’s a lie, I don’t believe you were drunk.

You just put up all that pretense to make me take you home. How would you explain that just a bottle would take you out”
“It’s true, no pretense. I don’t take alcohol, so my system was probably not used to it”
“I’m not lying Bola”
“So, you are going to use and dump me and go after you stupid girlfriend ehn?”
“I don’t have a girlfriend”
“You don’t have a girlfriend?” She paused and caressed his face “then we can start up something”
“No, we can’t. I’m in love with someone else”
“Is that person better than I am”
“Bola, she’s your friend”
“My friend?”
“Yes, Amarachi”
“Oh! That Sl*t?”
“Don’t you ever call her a Sl*t again” he replied slightly raising his voice.

“Okay, I see. That was why she was acting concerned while you were blabbing in the party. Well, I told her not to come near you again. I told her you are my boyfriend”
“You did what?” Frank asked already getting angry
“Yes, that Sl*t isn’t good enough for you”
“Are you crazy?”
“Yes, I’m crazy, call me whatever you want, but you can’t use and dump me and go for that cheap girl. Never! ”
“I said don’t call her names again ”
“What if I do?”
“Just get out of this here now”
“Are you ordering me out?”
“Get out” he shouted at her.
“Okay, I’ll go. But just know you’ve not seen the last of me” She said and walked out of the salon angrily.
“Is there any problem sir?” Frank heard his tiny stylist voice mumble.

“Get out of here, I didn’t call you” He picked up his keys and headed home although the day was still young.

“It good to meet you here mam, I never knew you were a senior staff in Videx” Kelvin said as Ini walked him out of the company’s building.
“Yeah, they say people are like water. They flow, and we can never
tell where we’ll meet each other again”
“True. We’ll, I must commend you. You’re really good at your job, I never thought a Lady could discuss so intelligently with me”
“Come on, ladies ain’t dumb, they are the most intelligent creatures on earth”
“Hmmm. So when are we meeting again?”
“I thought we’ve discussed that already. We’ll present your proposal to the board and get back to you”
“No, I’m talking about us. Both of us, when do we meet again?”
“Come on, run along. Your colleagues are waiting in the car”
“Please, I’m serious. Can I pick you after work tomorrow?”
“It’s okay” she replied smiling
“Alright. Its a date, 4pm tomorrow” he replied and hurried to the car to meet his colleagues who were already getting impatient and stared at him suspiciously.

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