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Must Read: Inseparable - Season 1 - Episode 12

Episode 6 years ago

“So tell me, who is that lucky guy you are going out with tomorrow?” Amarachi asked
“He works in your department?”
“No, he doesn’t. It’s Kelvin. The guy that helped fixed our car two weeks ago”
“Oh! Where did you meet again?”
“He came to the company to negotiate a business proposal”
“Okay, so he added a date proposal too?” Amarachi joked.
“Yeah, silly you. What of your manager?”
“Um, we are going out this weekend”
“Wow! That’s great”
Ini picked up her cell phone and stood up to walk inside before she suddenly remembered something, “Ehn Ehn, I spoke with Bola earlier today” She said giving Ama a serious look
“She said something like you trying to snatch her boyfriend”
“Snatch her boyfriend?”
“Yes, she said since you’ve been after the guy, he doesn’t give her attention anymore”
“No, why would I snatch her boyfriend? I was only chatting with Frank at the Party, I never knew he was he was her boyfriend”
“Frank, which Frank? Her boyfriend’s name is Ken”
“The one I was chatting with was Frank and she already warned me not to come near him again”
“Well, that’s what she said when she called me today. I was even trying to explain that I’ve not seen you with any guy since you came here but she insisted you’ve been talking to her guy and he’s about to break up with her because of you”
“No, I warned him not to call me again the last time he did” she replied and picked her phone to search for Frank’s number, she scrolled through her call logs and found the number that called on Sunday. “Here is his number, let me call him now”
“Do you really need to?”
“Yes, lets settle this”
After some seconds of silence…

“Hello Amarachi, I was about to…”
“Excuse me please, I want you to clarify things with your girlfriend. Tell her nothing is on between us so she would stop disturbing me”
” What girlfriend? I don’t have one”
“Bola, your girlfriend. Please settle with her, I don’t want any problems with her, thank you” Amarachi ended the call.
“Ini, there’s nothing between us” She continued speaking with Ini
“I know girl, Bola is just a hot tempered girl. I didn’t even see you with her boyfriend. I thought she said they had a quarrel and he wasn’t coming to the party”
“He came, you saw us together. He was the one I was talking with when you asked me to join you backstage before the toast”
“Oh! But the guy I saw with you wasn’t Ken”
Amarachi’s phone rings.

“He’s calling back”
“Pick it up, lets hear what he has to say”
Frank voice came through the phone again.
“Hey, Amarachi. Bola is not my girlfriend, I only met her recently”
“Why do men always like to lie?”
“No, I’m not lying, she is just an acquittance”
“And you came to her birthday party?”
“Yes, she invited me. Moreover, I came in search of you”
“Hehe” Amarachi gave a short laugh “You came in search of me? How on earth would you know I was coming there?”
“I know she’s your friend, I’ve seen you together before”
“It’s okay please, you’re beginning to get on my nerves now. You said you just met her few days ago, and you know she’s my friend, you’ve even seen us together before”
“Believe me, I’m not lying. My office is close to…”
“Pleaaaase… I’ve had enough of your junk already. Don’t call my phone again” she said and hung up.

“Amarachi doesn’t believe I’m not Bola’s boyfriend, she wouldn’t even give me a chance to explain” Frank lamented.

“Hmmm bro, what I think is you do need to give yourself a break, you need to get yourself off this matter for sometime” Bode added.
“That’s true, few weeks ago you were always cheerful till we met those girls, please don’t allow anything weigh you down, you have lot of other things to set your mind on” Kelvin joined.
“I’m trying, but I just cant seem to stop thinking about Amarachi”
“Okay, what I think is that you have to take a break from work and chill out with other friends, your other girlfriends. I’m sure you’ll be able to get your mind off or find someone better” Bode continued
“No, I object. If the guy likes Amarachi, let him go for her. Explain yourself vividly to her and she should understand you” Kelvin cut in
“How would I do that? She doesn’t even want to hear from me”
“I think I may be able to help” Kelvin started. “I have a date with her friend tomorrow, I can convince her to help you speak with her”
“No please, don’t let my problems ruin your date, I’ll sort it out myself”
“No, it won’t ruin my date. I’ll just present it carefully”
“I insist, don’t mention anything to her friend, I’ll just sort out myself with her and probably find a way to forget her”
“It’s okay bro, if that’s what you want” Kelvin replied patting him on the shoulder.

“As you walked into the house and I saw you full of smiles, I know she must have agreed to go out with you” Janet teased her brother
“Naughty girl, you better mind your business. I don’t know why I even told you about it”
“You told me because you were so excited and you couldn’t keep it to yourself”
“Come on shut up, if you don’t want me to send you back to school tonight” Dennis jokingly threatened
“Haha, you can’t do that. I’m sure you enjoy my company, if i wasn’t here, you’ll probably be struggling with your new village wife”
“Oya, go and pack your bags, I’m driving you to school immediately”
“Haha, come carry me o” She said and ran towards her room as he ran after her. He pursued after her to the stairs and went back to sit in the living room.

“Silly girl, make sure you don’t come downstairs again”
Janet walked into her room very glad, she had not seen her brother so happy in years. He used to be a very lively and playful person, until their Father died ten years ago. Their father’s family members threw them out of the house and seized their father’s properties and assets living them grow in penury. Their mother was helpless as non of her family members agreed to help, they were not in consent to her marriage as the couples’ families were sworn enemies.
They had no choice than to move in with their mother’s friend who was a widow. Their mother who was poorly educated resorted to frying and selling beans cake and yam on the street as a means of survival. She also did some petty manual jobs with Dennis assisting her.

This trauma had affected Dennis, so he grew up with an unhappy attitude and barely laughed and joked no matter how funny the situation was. From being lively, he became an unnecessary quiet person always loving to stay on his own because he saw everyone as bad as his father’s family members. His perspective of life had only change a little after he met a friend who led him to Christ two years ago
Back in the living room, Dennis and his mum were already engaged in an argument.

“Your wife has been complaining that you’ve refused to touch her since she came into this house”
“Mum, she’s not my wife, I didn’t marry her.

You brought her here”
“Shut up Dennis” She said angrily “you refused to bring home a wife, now I’ve brought one home for you and you won’t perform your duties”
“I owe her no duty Mum”
“Dennis” she said softly
“I’m your mother, tell me what’s on your mind. Do you have any problem with that thing? She asked pointing to his manhood “tell me so we can do something about it quickly”
“Mum, what’s all these you are saying? I don’t have any problems”
“Then why have you refused to bring home a wife nor touch the one I brought for you”
“I’ll bring home a wife very soon”
“That’s what you always say”
“Mum, I promise you”
“No need to promise me just accept this one I brought”
“Okay Mum, give me two months and I’ll show you the girl I want to marry, if I don’t, you can give me anyone you want” he said before he realised the gravity of his words.
“Two months Dennis, Two months. Please let me see my grandchildren before I join my ancestors” she said and walked out of the parlour.

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