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Must Read: Inseparable - Season 1 - Episode 10

Episode 6 years ago

Amarachi walked into her office on Monday to find a bouquet of flowers on her table. It looked so beautiful and smelt nice. She picked it up in gratefulness to whoever sent it. The note attached read “to the beautiful Angel sent to bring light into my life”.

“Emma” She called the cleaner
“Yes Madam”
“Who brought this flowers here?”
“A messenger dropped it with the security men this morning and I asked to bring it up here”
“Okay, you can go”.
Few minutes after she settled, a letter was brought to her by a messenger from the General manager’s secretary. It was a letter informing her of a board meeting by 2pm with all departmental managers and their research personnel, she was asked to report to her manager’s office for details.
“Good morning sir” she greeted as she walked into Dennis’ office.
“Good morning Miss, have your seat” He replied without looking at her ” I believe you are here in respect of the letter you received this morning”
“Yes sir”
“Okay” He replied finally looking up at her. He looked and sounded very business minded. During the weekend, several thoughts had occupied his mind, he thought of why Amarachi hadn’t accepted his dinner invitation. He concluded that she might think of him as one of those bosses who loved to flirt with their employees, so he decided to put a pause to his dream of anything happening between them. But here she was, looking beautiful and morw radiant, a look at her face made him want to ask her out immediately but he advised himself strongly against it.

“We are buying up a company, Lex international, our job is to find out about their goods and prices so we can be able to give our recommendation if the company should go on with the transaction” He paused and took a look at her to see if she was following
” So you’ll make your reaearch and end your report to me an hour before the meeting. Do you have questions?”
“No sir, it’s clearly understood”
“Alright, that’s all for now.”
Kelvin read the document on his table carefully, as the Public relations manager, he was to represent his firm in a meeting with Videx international the next day. It was the first time the firrm would be going into partnership with another company to provide a certain product in the country. He read the terms of the agreement carefully, he also made some changes in favour of his company hoping they would be able to convince whosoever he negotiates with at Videx.
“His door flew open and his secretary came in smiling.
“Sandra, I told you to always knock before you come in”
“I’m sorry sir, I didn’t know you were busy”
“It doesn’t matter if I am busy or not always knock”
“Okay sir”
“What do we have here?”
“The proposal for Videx you asked me to type”
“Okay”, he collected a document from her and scanned through. It’s good, I’ll call you later when I’m done reviewing these ones”
“Is there anything else I can do for you sir? ” she asked bending over his table to reveal her breasts through her half buttoned shirt.

“Nothing else Sandra” He replied angrily obviously noticing her efforts to display the twins before him ” I said I’ll call you when I need you”
“Alright sir” she said and walked out immediately.
Since Kelvin had been promoted to the post of the public relations manager, he noticed that she dresses and acts provocatively. Always in mini skirts to reveal her thighs and she always looked for opportunities to bend to offer him a clearer look at her assets.
What Kelvin couldn’t understand was why a Lady of her class should seek for attention so cheaply.
Janet was so busy with her phone that she didn’t notice when her brother walked in.
“Janie” He called playfully
“Oh Brother, welcome” She looked at him and noticed he had a cheerful look “what happened today? Its been long since you called me Janie, something really good must have happened today”
“Nothing much dear” He said as he collapse on the chair opposite hers. “It’s just that I had a successful meeting at work today”
“A successful meeting?” She looked at his face demanding more answers.

“Yeah. There’s this new intelligent lady that was employed in my department, you need to see how she responded to all questions and brought up mind blowing suggestions”
“Hmmm, tell me more”
“Tell you more? That’s all, I’m just so happy about the outcome of the meeting”
“Come on, you are hiding something from me, the last time I saw you so happy was on your graduation ceremony”
“What else do you want to know?”
“Okay, tell me something” She said moving closer to him. ” That Lady, I know you do like her. Have you asked her out?”
“Come on girl, don’t be silly” he said laughing, ” who told you I like her? She’s new in the office”
“Yes, you like her brother. I can see it all over your face, you don’t talk about girlfriends so excitedly talk more of just an employee”
“Okay Janet, I like her if that’s what you want to hear”
“Wow!” She exclaimed and did some dance steps around his chair ” so when is the date?”
“What date?”
“Come on” she looked at him disappointed, “don’t tell me you’ve not asked her out yet”
“I tried, but she said she was busy the first time”
“And you gave up?”
“I’m thinking its too early” he said letting out a sigh
“Come on brother, don’t delay, don’t waste time. Delay might be dangerous”
“It’s okay Janie, I hear you”
“Okay, tell me more about her, how beautiful is she?”
“Its okay Janie, lets talk about you now” He changed the subject of discussion “Why are you home today?”
“I need some money”
“Money?” He exclaimed ” You were given so much money the last time”
“I used them up already. You know I have to but some new books”
“Okay, but why didn’t you call? Why did you have to come home?”
“I also wanted to pick something I forgot”
“Okay, what do you need the…

“Hey!! My husband, you are welcome oooo” Nkechi interrupted and moved towards Dennis.

“I’ve told you not to call me your husband again, I didn’t marry you” He said standing up immediately “My mum married you, so she’s your husband” he continued and proceeded to his room.

Nkechi ran after him, both of them leaving Janet in confusion.

“That’s how it happened o” Frank concluded his narration.

“That’s bad, but some girls can be so cheap o, you barely know each other and she slept with you like that” Bode said.

“That’s not what even bothers me now. I think Amarachi saw us go together, you know they are Friends, Amarachi may believe I date her, that’s why she probably spoke to me like that on phone”
“That’s not too good, so what are you planning to do?”

“I don’t know, You guys should help me” He paused and looked at Kelvin who had been silent all through. “Kelvin, you’re not saying anything. Are you still angry with me?”
“No, come on, that’s long forgotten. I was just occupied with so many thoughts” Kelvin finally spoke. “I think you should talk to that girl, the birthday girl. I think you should tell her your situation. But I hope what you guys had was jusy ordinary s*x and she doesn’t feel anything for you, that might make the matter more complicated than it already is”
“No, I can’t do that. I don’t just want to see that girl anymore” Frank replied
“I think you just have to” Bode added.

“That would be pretty difficult” Frank replied.

After some minutes of silence. Frank spoke up again ” Hey guys, I’ve been thinking about something else lately”
“What’s that?” Bode and kelvin replied simultaneously.

“I think we’ll need to start getting separate apartments for ourselves”
“Why?” Bode asked
“We need to start preparing for marriage, we can’t stay together all our lives”
“Yeah, you’re right” Kelvin replied ” I’ve been thinking about that lately too. Its time to start planning for our wives and kids, we are not getting any younger.”


After another moment of silence, kelvin continued “Has anyone found a place he wants to move into?” He got no response except stares at each other.

The living room was silent again and in some minutes they all fell asleep.

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