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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

Episode 6 years ago

I woke up without remembering how I got to
the bed. I was alone, I didn’t like the feeling. I
was also hungry. I walked out of the room and
found Jafar and Uche shooting pool in the
Me: was looking for you…
Uche: howfar madam Tana?
Me: Uche, I dey o…
Jafar: I will be with you soon….

I went to the kitchen, there was no food besides
bread, so I made myself a cold cup of Milo and
took two slices from the loaf.
Jafar: you should be sleeping instead of eating,
its 4am…
He came inside the room and sat on the bed..
Me: how did we get inside, last I remembered
we were on our way…
Jafar: you slept off…I had to carry you in…
Me: awwww…thank you…
Jafar: something came up, I would have to
leave very soon…when I come back…you can
leave for Sagamu..
Me: what came up?
Jafar: can’t tell you, but we would need all the
hands we can get, one of the guys will stay with
you here..
Me: okay…
He helped me take the empty cup back to the
kitchen, then joined me beneath the blanket.
Jafar: when you wake up in the morning, I will
be gone..
Me: just come back….for me…
Jafar: sure…

Just as he predicted, I woke up to an empty
bed..the house was eerily silent. I called Toun…
Toun: how are you?
Me: I am good o..i will be going to Sagamu
Toun: nice, Ago is dangerous now…
Me: how are you feeling?
Toun: I have dreams of him everytime…
Me: he is in a better place…
Toun: how is Jafar?
Me: he is fine, he told me he loves me…
Toun: awwwww, I like that guy…cultist and all..
I didn’t even bother correcting her…
Toun: Timi nko?
Me: I will call him as soon as I hang up..
Toun: he called me last night…said he still loves
you and all..
Me: I will try to see him soon….
Toun: I will call you later during the day…
Me: thanks babe…
Toun: bye…
Me: bye…

I called Timi but he didn’t pick up…
I put on one of Jafar’s shirt and went to the
bathroom to brush my teeth….my phone rang,
it must be Timi..
It was Jafar..
Me: hey J!

Jafar: Tana, lock up the door to the room, look
into my wardrobe, you would see a black shoe
box, open it, there is a loaded gun inside…take
it to the bathroom and lock yourself in with it.
Me: what is happening?
Jafar: Just do as I say…I am on my way back….
Me: I am scared…
Jafar: I am with you…
He hung up…

My heart was beating fast..i considered bolting
outside the house to the nearest public place,
but it was risky..i decided to just obey Jafar.
I was at the corner of the bathroom, with the
heavy metallic object on my lap…my phone
rang again…
Me: Jafar, I am scared..
Jafar: I am on my way…hope you are in the
Me: yes..
He hung up…

The water dropping gently from the tap was
coinciding with the beating of my heart…in no
time, Jafar will be around and it will be alright…I
kept telling myself..
Then I heard the big bang!
The guy in the apartment seemed to dash into
a room and ran back out…another shot was
heard. This one shattered the sitting room
windows. The guy returned fire…my ears were
exploding…I held on tight to the gun..
Then I heard a crash…the front door was
broken…there was a brief exchange of fire…
then silence…
I was hoping our guy had won, then I heard
Eli’s unmistakable laughter…
Eli : Tanatolo…Tanatolo…I know say you dey
hear me…

He started knocking on the door of the rooms…
Eli: come out!…

I started praying to God…I was shaking like a
fish out of water..

I heard him break open a door; he wasn’t the
only one from the foot-steps I heard. Then he
broke another door..mine was next….
I wanted to call Jafar but Eli would have heard
my voice…
He broke open the door…
Eli: Tana…I know say you dey inside here…na
your bag be dis…come out of the bathroom!
I started sobbing…
Then he broke open the bathroom door…
Eli : Ahn..Ahn…princess like you come dey hide
inside bathroom…
The gun he was holding was the biggest I had
ever seen. The shades he was wearing made his
look even deadlier..
Me: Eli…please…don’t hurt me…
Eli: that time don pass…
He leveled the gun at me…
Eli: pull your clothes..
Me: no!..
I didn’t know a human being could be so fast,
his smack crushed my face..
Eli : Jafar don dey give you mind abi?…i say
make you pull your cloth, you dey do shakara?
The gun was laying useless by my side…
I pulled off the shirt, leaving me with my bra
and p@anties…
Eli: chai…you go sweet o…after I fvck you…I go
waste you…
Me: Go to hell!
I tried picking up the gun again, but his leg was
faster..kicked my dropped hand…
The pain was unbearable, I screamed…He came
untop of me…
Eli: pull your pant!

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