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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

Episode 6 years ago

Me: No!
Eli dropped his gun and dragged started trying
to drag down my p@anties..i tried to poke his
eyes but he moved his head at the nick of
time..He slapped me hard!
Jafar: Eli, stand up and raise your hands..

The only person more surprised than I was, was

He turned slowly, his gun was on the floor..but
he didn’t raise up his hand…I quickly put on
Jafar’s shirt…as I attempted to run to Jafar, Eli
pulled me back and held me in a death grip…

Eli: Jafar…drop your gun…except you wan kill
me and Tana together…
Jafar didn’t lower the gun, but Eli started
moving with his hand around my neck. He kept
me infront of himself as he faced Jafar…As he
stepped forward, Jafar stepped backward until
we got to the parlour.

There were two dead dead guys lying
awkwardly on the floor..
Jafar: Leave her…and I will allow you go…
Eli: you dey see me as mumu abi?
Jafar: you have my word..
Eli: oya drop the gun and I drop the girl…
Jafar: deal…
Eli smiled…
Jafar: leave her first…
Eli: throw your gun on the floor first..
I heard sounds of cars pulling closer to the
building. Then it was pandemonium outside…
gunshots everywhere…
Eli: I change my mind…E be like say my people
don show….Tana goes with me…
Jafar: I go shoot you for here…
Eli: you no fit try am…and you know…
Using his back, he dragged me outside…
Uche’s Hilux was on the driveway…two of Eli’s
people were on the sandy floor…gun shots at
different parts of their body….Uche was also on
the floor..his top was soaked with blood..Eli guy
was standing close to him, his gun was pointing
at Uche’s head…
Eli: hehehehehehehehehe….i too like my
Jafar was alone, defenseless against this
Eli: change of plans, throw the gun here…kneel
down…I promise say I no go kill Tana, but I go
kill you…

Jafar’s shoulder dropped…
Me: Jafar…don’t…
Jafar: I have no choice…
I started crying….Eli pulled me closer and ran
his tongue along my neck..
I gave up as Jafar threw his gun to Eli…
Eli : I win….you lose…
Eli bent down to pick the gun, the event that
followed happened in less than 3 seconds..
Jafar brought out a gun from the back of his
trouser. It must have been held in place by his
belt but covered by his shirt. One shot rang out
that drilled a hole in Eli’s head…his brain matter
splashed over my legs…The second shot hit the
guy over Uche on the chest…it brought him
I sat down on the floor and screamed. Jafar
walked up to the guy and shot him on the
head…lying infront of me was Eli…the gun-shot
had forced his eyes and tongue to bulge out…it
was a terrible sight..

Jafar came back and carried me to Uche’s
Hilux… He also assisted Uche inside, I didn’t
know if Uche was dead or alive, but he was
motionless and must have lost a lot of blood…
Jafar: I am taking you guys to the hospital…I
hope he makes it…
I didn’t bother to answer him…in my head they
were all the same..Jafar, Eli and Uche…
I just wanted to disappear..
Blood from Uche was sipping to the car seat;
the aura of death was everywhere. My face was
swollen and bruised..i was still putting on an
over-sized shirt with just bra and p@anties
beneath, but that didn’t matter, I was praying
for uche…
Me: why not take him to Best-care hospital, its
Jafar: The doctors there would not treat gun-
shot wound patients until they get a report
from the police, that’s the normal practice..
Me: so where are you taking him to?
Jafar: there is another hospital in Ago, the
doctor was one of us before he graduated…
Me: A cultist?

I said that on purpose, I wanted him to hurt. He
didn’t look at me, or act like I had taken a swipe
at him..
Jafar: yes, a cultist like me..
The hospital/Clinic was a small building; painted
beige outside without any sign-board showing it
was a hospital. We were met outside by some
nurses, Uche was swiftly taken inside.
While Jafar waited at the lobby, I was examined
by the doctor who prescribed some drugs for
me and told me I was lucky not to have broken
a bone. I walked out of his office with him to
meet Jafar. The way their crew greeted
themselves that used to amaze me before
became revolting. The doctor and Jafar
exchanged a brief hailing before they excused
themselves and went to a corner to talk.
Soon the hospital was filled with the other guys,
the doctor had gone to work on Uche, when he
came back out, you could see the fear in their
eyes…they were quiet..
Doctor : He is going to be fine!
The idiots started with their chants again, the
doctor smiled, proud of his brothers…I looked at
Jafar, he looked like a dad that had lost children
but glad that one had survived. I was pitying
him then I remembered how he had killed those
guys…I excused myself and went to throw-up..
The doctor said they would have to donate
blood for Uche, and he might be admitted for
up to a week. We all knew it was unsafe for a
spirit man to be left in a hospital.

On our way back to the house, I sat at the back
of the Hilux with Sparrow, Jafar sat with another
guy infront..
Jafar : The doctor said you would have to rest
for a while, so I suggest you chill a bit before
you go to Sagamu.
I ignored him.
As soon as we got to the house, I noticed the
corpse had been carried to the living room. Five
bodies in total. One of Jafar’s, Four of theirs.
They were covered with clothes. I easily
identified Eli, he was at the centre.
I walked into the room, Jafar followed me close
Jafar : I am sorry about what happened..
Me: where did you guys go to?
Jafar: we got info that the government wanted
to drop off some weapons for them at Aiyepe by
dawn, so we decided to set an ambush…but I
sensed trouble when I didn’t see Eli among
them. While the other guys engaged, I called
you and came back as soon as I could..
Me: The snitch set you guys up?
Jafar: I don’t know, all I knew was that Eli was
not to be taken lightly, I am glad I followed my
He approached me, wanting to hold me..
Me : Jafar stop!

He looked at me, confused.
Me: the door is broken so I cannot lock it, but I
want you to leave me alone…
Jafar: you are sending me out of my room?
Me: yes!
He wanted to talk but stopped; He picked up
his and some other items and left…
I started crying…I picked up my phone to call
To tell her Jafar had killed Eli.

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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

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