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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

Episode 6 years ago

I was sleeping when he came back…the other
guys came in quietly too.

Me: how was it?
I said this after I opened the door to see his sad
Jafar: He is dead alright…
Me: how did they kill him?
Jafar: you really want to know?
Me: yes…I want to know all that is in your
Jafar: he was shot in the head. We carried his
body before the police and school authorities
got to it..
Me: why?

Jafar: when a Confra member is killed, the
school sends the body to the medical school in
Sagamu, where 2nd and 3rd year medical
students use the body as cadaver.
Me: hmmmm, without the parents being
Jafar: yes…Tana, I don’t know what tomorrow
holds, but if I should die, I should be buried
that night…I have told Uche but you know….he
might be killed too…
Me: chai, which type of silly talk is this?…you
promised you would not die…
Jafar: I wont…I am just saying should incase…
Me: there is power in the tongue, shut up!
Jafar: have I ever told you, you are so lovely?
Me: nope…
Jafar: you are..
Me: why are you all mushy mushy now?
Jafar: death puts a guy in perspective…
Me: stop talking about death…
We were both in bed…
Jafar: I have liked you since the first time I saw

Me: when was that?
Jafar: During GNS 103, I was in your class, I saw
you answer a question once and you got stuck
in my head…
Me: why didn’t you ever tell me…
Jafar: because of Timi…plus someone like you
doesn’t deserve just a fling…
Me: that is so sweet…
Jafar: come let me show you something….
Me : where?
Jafar: Just come…
It was past 9pm when I entered his benz with
him, and he drove us into the night…
Me: isn’t it dangerous?
Jafar: nope, we are not going far…
It was a cold night, even after he put off the
car’s AC, it was still cold, I embraced myself to
fight it. He didn’t drive into the main road,
instead he continued driving along a rough
path until we got to an open space. This space
was surrounded by a thick bush. The space was
almost circle in shape, we were in the middle.
Me: what is this place?
Jafar: I really don’t know, I stumbled on it some
months ago..

Me: what were you doing that you stumbled on
Jafar: in times of relative peace, I like to drive
around close to mid-night. It helps me think
and process ideas..
Me: so you were driving and you got here,
what’s so special about this place? Although I
like the circular thingy…
Jafar: are you ready?
Me: yes…
He turned off the car’s engine and lights.
Jafar: shhhhhh
We remained quiet in the car…I looked at him
after a while and almost giggled out. He must
have been talking about a spiritual experience
because I wasn’t seeing another physical.
Then it start…a fire-fly put on its light on the
right side of the bush, then a group put on
theirs on the left..then a couple more put on
theirs. Before long, the entire bush was filled
with light emitting fire-flies…it was the most
beautiful thing I had ever seen…we were the
darkness surrounded by light….

Me: this is nice…
Jafar: I come here everytime…
Me: you haven’t brought any other person here
Jafar: no..just you..
Me: thanks…
Jafar: Lets go outside…
Me: I don’t want them to leave…
Jafar: they won’t…
We la!d down on the car bonnet…facing the
sky, surrounded by God’s light…
Me: after all these ends, what becomes of us?
Jafar: I thought about it too…
Me: so?
Jafar: I really don’t know, a day at a time I
Me: I will be going to Lagos soon, probably after
I leave Sagamu.
He didn’t say anything…dew was falling on the
car, making the cold night even colder. I drew
closer to him to tap some warmth..
Jafar: I love you Tana…
My heart skipped several beats as he said those
words..i kept looking at the stars that filled the
sky. Now that he had said he loved me, this guy
just made it very hard for me. What if we are
forced to say our goodbyes…what will happen
to me…I would be broken…

Jafar: look there..
He pointed at a building from a far, with lights
at the top…
Jafar: that is the Ebumawe’s palace..
Me: I love you too…
And then I started crying again..how did I get
here? How did I get to fall in love with someone
like Jafar.
Me: can I ask for a favor?
Jafar: sure…
Me: can you just remain on the low-key till we
graduate. Forget about Eli and all…lets just be..
He didn’t reply…
Me: can you?
Jafar : its not a one way thing, we are fighting
an evil…if we don’t…it would be the end of us
Me: then be careful…
Jafar: Eli worries you…
Me: yes..
Jafar: don’t worry…
I started shivering after a while so we went
back inside the car. Hoobastank’s “the reason”
blarred from his speakers…He switched the
gear into drive and once again…we eased into
the night…

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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

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