Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 69

6 years ago

We both kept calm,as Amara gave me
that “what did i tell you” look….The people we
had heard talking were now approaching
us,and we didnt know what to do…But then
wait o,what or why are we even afraid? Came to
my mind….Its not like we were busted or
something,so why are we so frightened?

I started Walking off with this thought in
mind,and Amara joined me,probably we will jam
those people coming in,and i will ignore any silly
question that might be posed to us….After
all,we owe nobody no responsibility or debt or
explanation!….With some few steps,we jammed
with those people…They were three guys,and
might be around 20 (if their physique is
anything to go by),and i know two(facially,but
not their background)…I didnt know the other
one facially nor background-wise….I know the
all know me facially too….So,as we met
them,they were surprised as we were…I guess
to them,they were the first people to discover
that my pretty garden,and they outlayed a
Possessive behaviour in their attitude even
without acting or saying it as regards that
Garden discovery…They asked us what we were
doing in that place at that period of the
day…Silence…….”They asked us
again….Silence…..They were getting irritated
by this time,as one of them Barked out,asking
whether we were deaf,that “are we not hearing
the questions being asked by them?”….”Nga
owu ala mpa gi i ji aju anyi udi ajuju ahu…E ji m
gi ugwo”(Is this your Fathers land for you to be
asking us such questions?Are we owing u?)”,i
replied with furiosity….One of them made to
come and slap me,but the madness in Amara
came out,as she warningly said “anwakwala
anwa bi nwa ahu aka”(Dont even try to touch
that boy)…It startled him,as he held his hand in
the air,while the guy i didnt know his face
urged him to slap me,saying they will beat both
of us in the process if we dont answer
them….Hmmmmmm…Nothing wey person no
go see!!

Amara immediately held my hand and said we
should start going,daring them to touch us if
they had the balls…..chai!! My Supergirl….One
of them went mad with that statement,and
wanted to rush and beat Amara,but another
person held him,telling him to know and
remember that Girls have insultive mouth
(s)….He didnt calm,as he went and blocked
us,now demanding with full force and alacrity
that we tell him in particular what we were
doing in that place at that time,and our names
too….”Unu naha achola na..Okwa unu naha
achola anyi okwu..Ebe anyi shi ogbasara unu? O
kwa unu agi ijema ebe unu je hafu anyi
aka!”(You people are looking for our
trouble..You people are really looking for our
trouble now…How is where we are coming from
your business? You people should start going
where u are going and free us to go),i said
sarcastically and warningly too….”Bia ka anyi
lama ri”(Come lets go joor),Amara said
immediatey….All of us now came out of the
Bush,and now in the Pathway home…Those
boys were lost in words as they kept pointing at
us,talking silly things and finally saying that
they were going to teach us a Lesson for
insulting them that day…Amara climbed onto
my Bicycle immediately,urging me to enter,but
i refused and asked her to go,that i want to
show this people certain Manners(i whispered it
o)…Just as one of them was coming to drag
down Amara from the bicycle,She rode
off,though she was turning back to see what
they tried to do to me…..

Well,at this point,i felt free…Now i can face
these three bastardds and deal with on..”olo,igbala oso?bia noro nga ka
anyi na gi firi wa onu…O kwa ihaala nwanne gi
obere gbaa oso,ewu…Onye iberibe”(No,are u
running?Come and stay here and run mouth
with us..You left your little brother and ran
away abi?goat……silly girl),one of them said
angrily,and then faced me in anger….”Eshizila
kpa ahu agwa ya okwu o”(Dont talk to her like
that o),i said immediately he stopped
talking….”Bia nwa a,isi gini?”(come,this
kid,what did u just say?),he asked…The other
two boys now came closer…….”Agwachala m gi
ihe m gwara gi”(I have finished telling you what
i have told you!),i said…”Lekwanu nwa
o..umuazi ugbu enweghi kwa respect ozo”(Look
at this kid o…Kids this days dont have
respect),he added again……
Throughout this moment,all i thought of was
how i will escape this 3 boys….”imaghi onye i
na akpo umuazi!”(You dont know who you are
calling a kid!),i said with a finality tone…Jesus
Christ!,one of them shouted and rushed up to
slap me,but unknowingly creating a chance for
me to which i utilised effectively and ran into
the bush with full speed,and the three boys/
guys followed suit,for a hot pursuit to catch
me….Ndi a.r.a!.

The “ojemba” which means “waka waka” that
my Grandma usually calls me,came in to play as
i ran into the bush,with those guys in hot
pursuit of me….
It was in one of my Traversing days that i had
discovered this our pretty area of conflict….On
that very day,i had went on a pretty small ride
with my pretty bicycle,when i was called by
nature for a Long visit(When i was pressed to
Poo,although i would say “deficate” …So,i
stopped and made my way into that bush…It
wasnt long before in my search for a better
place to deficate,i found that place(The one i
call my little Pretty Garden)…The place was so
beautiful,that i couldnt bring myself to deficate
in such a nice place,hence,messing it up..I had
to move further farther,to do my thing,cuz i
was still so damn hard pressed….After that
day,i usually frequent that spot,as my tourist
place and for relaxation and hiding too,Which
had helped me know every nook and Cranny in
that My little Pretty garden…….

So,imagine my joy when the boy gave me that
little unintentional opportunity,to which i
utilised by running into my “AREA”,and they
followed suit….
Now,i didnt know whether or not they knew the
place pretty well like me,but i know that i knew
the place pretty well…
They pursued me as i ran,though not so
fast,cuz this is a bushy area,but as fast as i
could to avoid this people catching me,and
Who knows what they might be tempted to do
to me in that unknown ungodly place…This
thought spurred me on as i ran deeper into the
bush,with them pursuing me earnestly,everly
motivated as i was……hmmmmmmm…..Ndi
a.r.a……I started running more deeper into the
bush,and this guys followed me…But,one of
them withdrew,though i found this out
later….Although we were running deeper into
the bush,it was sumhow going or drawing
nearer to my kindred,and i guess my chasers
didnt know this…To them,i was making life
more difficult for myself…They Wish!!
After running and wallowing for some minutes
in that bush,i diverted and dodged at a nearby
tree…Both of them ran past where i dodged
almost simultaneously….I smiled….They havent
run far when i shouted to them,saying; “look at
me here”(lekwanu m nga),with a disheartening
laugh…Both of them turned,and i ran off
immediately…They followed suit again,and i
heard one say of how he was going to deal with
me mercilessly when they catch me…You

I intermingled with the deeper end Grasses
again and hid,just as my two chasers ran past
me again…Chai!! I was already begining to
enjoy this…I called them again….I continued to
do them this for almost 5times at a row before
it struck me that i have some Bustings to
do….With this in mind,i howled like a wolf from
where i hid the last time,frightening my Chasers
and running off immediately to my house,whilst
Shouting to them that “nyo nu…Unu
efuola”(Sorry pals…You guys are

When i reached home,i didnt see Amara and i
got worried…I decided to go and check her en
route our Primary school,but it was of no use
cuz that was when she came back….She was
downcast and looked too worried before she
saw me,all smiles..She gave me a romantic hug
while allowing my bicycle to fall..She inquired to
know what happened,to which i told her that i
will tell her when i get back,as i took my bicycle
from her and rode off,smiling;I have some
Bustings to do!!.

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