Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 68

6 years ago

“Odii”,she called immediately as she
locked the door,and turned facing me,drawing
closer to me as she approached gently and
slowly,while still using it to find the best
possible way to get accross to me the message
she had in mind..Sexx!….I know what she
wanted,but i wasnt ready for it…At least,not
that particular day…Maybe some other day…On
her own part,she has already began to lust after
me,even though she couldnt say it with her
mouth,the behavioural patterns she was
exhibiting showed it…And then
immediately,”Nke ikposhikwara nu uzo
Ifeoma?”(This one you locked the door) escaped
my mouth….Damn!! I didnt want to say that…I
couldnt even self-intervene and withhold my
mouth…Damn!! Ifeoma is sure as hell going to
be angry i thought to myself…But Ifeoma didnt
get angry,instead,my question motivated her
the more,and she finally caught up with me just
as i was shifting backwards,and unknowingly
gliding to the bed in the process……
All this while,all Ifeoma did was give me a
treacherous smile that made me remember she
even had an open teeth…We Were in this
manner when i finally hit the foot of the
bed,which made me fall onto the bed,and
Ifeoma fell on top me…..o boy!! Even though
Amara is Ifeoma’s elder,but Ifeoma had weight
more than her…I almost shouted,but then
instead of shouting(though i gasped in pain),i
told Ifeoma that “eche m na isi na Eunan na
alota ugbu ugbu a?”(I thought you said Eunan
is coming back soon?)….She simply laughed
and tickled me in my ribs,saying it was a

I simply wasnt happy again,which she saw,got
off me and la!d beside me in that bed and
inquired to know Why i was angry…I told her
she is the cause,and as i wanted to start
rattling about what she actually did,Ifeoma took
my hand immediately and dropped on her
Breastt,and started rubbing it(her Breastt) by
herself with my hand even though she was still
wearing her clothes….hmmmmmm…..Before i
could say Jack,Ifeoma has shifted too close to
me,held me very tight,so that her Breastt
pressed against my chest….I was saying that
Ifeoma’s breastt was just okay,but i take it
back…..Just in a flash,Ifeoma had removed her
dress(polo) and only her bra and her down
wears were still on…She removed her bra
too,while still lying down there with me,though i
have removed my hand from her Breastt to free
She now brought her breastt closer to my
mouth as she adjusted herself,probably to give
me space to sU-Ck her….Hmmmmmm…i didnt
reject the offer before me,so i hungrily sU-Cked
Ifeoma just as she pressed herself closer to
But then wait…..As i started sU-Cking the
b0s0m,i remembered Amara immediately and
the promise i made to her about the place i will
take her to…I also remembered my Busting
expedition with Collins…..I remembered that i
have not eaten,and perhaps doing anything
with Ifeoma at that particular moment in their
house is not good,Even though it seemed
safe..You never know What can happen in any
moment….I was thinking all these as i sU-Cked
Ifeoma,and felt her moving my hands to her
GreatEntrance….I shouted “Jesus!” which
startled her,and probably brought her back
from her “lust world”…….”O wu nini odii”(what
is it odii?),Ifeoma asked in bewilderment…I told
hert that i remembered that i didnt Lock our
Door,that i left virtually everywhere open…She
was concerned about what i told her,as well as
concerned about a missed opportunity,i
guess….I told her that am rushing back
immediately to go close it that i will come
back…This made her smile a bit….You wish!!…..

To make her believe me,i ran off immediately
towards our home,but stopped after i ran out of
her view…chie!! “Nwanyi otele ukwu a choro nu
igbu m”(this big arse gal wants to kill
me)…Hmmmmmm…Thank God this lie came
out,i said as i walked home…
Now i have 3 things at hand now to complete
today…I Have to eat as soon as i reach home…I
Have a place to take Amara to for a wonderful
evening,and i have a busting to do….But then
something unexpected later twisted its way into
my agenda,making it four things..How is my
day really turning out to
When i reached home,Amara has finished
cooking and everybody(excluding my uncle)
was around… I Guess Amara has told Grandma
where i went to and the situation that gave rise
to it,because i was not asked where i was
coming from……
I ate,and relaxed a bit amidst chats….Towards
4p.m that day,Amara reminded me of what i
had promised her earlier on…It wasnt long
before we both rode off(after i sneaked out a
wrapper into a nylon) in my bicycle&Amara
carried me,after she had refused to take the
other bicycle…As she pedaled on,i told her to
divert en route a bushy Path…Amara was
like,”what are you going to show me in a
bush?”…I told her to Trust me kwanu,asking
her if she had forgotten who i am!….She
pedaled on,and it wasnt long before we came to
the Entrance of that my little pretty garden…….
Amara inquired to know what we were actually
going to do in the bush and what i was going to
show her…Apparently,she was decieved by the
bushy decoy i have been talking about…Well,i
dont really blame her,any other person would
have been more terrified than she was……After
reducing her fears by telling her what lies
ahead,she calmed down and followed me
calmly into the bush…it wasnt long before we
came to the pretty garden….As every other
person would have done and been doing,Amara
was amazed…She kept turning and smiling in
amazement as she viewed the place with
utmost interest…While she was doing her
observance,i brought out the wrapper i had
sneaked out and spread it on the ground
there,and la!d on it…..Amara joined me
immediately in that spread wrapper,asking me
that,”so this is where i do come and enjoy,and i
didnt want to tell her since?”…She said this in
Igbo anyway…I smiled as i drew closer to
her,and told her that i wanted it to be a
surprise for her…She insisted that i should have
told her earlier…..

Imagine! Even as we were outside,you were
afraid to enter,but now you are saying i should
have told you earlier?(i asked her in Igbo)….She
said am a bad boy,stroking me in my cheek
smilingly….She immediately took my lefthand
and put on her arse as she came
closest,allowing our body to be pressing against
each other as we faced ourselves and staring
searchingly without uttering any words…

I brought my face closer to her’s,and she just
allowed me into her lips,as we both interlocked
on each other and started kissing
passionately,while i still rubbed her beautiful
moundlike arse…But then almost as
immediately as we started to get deep in this
Act(s),Amara withdrew herself from me….

“Odii”,she called immediately,”ebe a dighi
mma”(This place is not good)…”Maka gini?”,i
asked her…….”Mmanu nwere ike ihu anyi
nga”(Someone might see us here),Amara
said….I told her that nobody will ever catch us
there,stating it emphatically and
reassuringly….But Amara persisted that we
should not do anything again,that infact,we
should start going!!…..hmmmmmm…I couldnt
just believe it,but it made me remember
something i didnt want to think of or read
meaning into before…I had noticed that that
Fallen tree has shifted a bit,but i neglected that
clue….Maybe Amara might be right afterall,and
we still have our special night bleeping session,i
justifiably and backuply told myself… …

But i couldnt just let go….I told Amara that lets
just do it small and then go…..She agreed,and i
climbed on top her,just as she brought down
her jeans skirt after unzipping it,same with her
tight….I did the same,and she guided my
Greatman into her GreatEntrance
immediately,and i started ramming in and out
like someone in a hurry…It felt good o…having
s*x under the fear that someone might catch u
makes it more fun to do…..Well,it wasnt long
before i came off Amara,and we packed,dressed
up and started coming out,to go home…..We
were almost some steps away from the
Entrance to the bush when we heard some
people coming in from the same Entrance to
our direction .

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