Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 70

6 years ago

The time was around 6:30p.m when I
Rode off to meet Collins in their house,but
found him coming to our house instead to meet
We both rode off to our primary School to bust
some peeps….We were not so lucky,and we
didnt see peepz to bust…damn!….I suggested
we go to the Avu Central School,near our
Market square….Collins agreed….We pedalled
off,but just along the way,i remembered that i
had forgotten to take my torchlight with me,so i
told Collins i was going back to get it…Collins
was frustrated with the development,that
instead of going back with me to go bring it,he
decided to go on,telling me i should join him in
the Market square,in a small building like
that,where people stay and wait for cars going
to Owerri municipal….I agreed,as i started
riding back home…When i reached home,i took
the torchlight,but was delayed a bit…By the
time i managed to sneak out again that evening
with my bicycle,it was already some minutes
past seven p.m…As i rode out of our Compound
Entrance path,Lo and Behold,i saw Ifeoma
looking around,as if she lost something….She
saw me immediately as i wanted to ride off as if
i didnt notice her at first….Damn! Too late for
me…”Odii bia biko”(Please,Odii come),she said
out loud,so that i wouldnt pretend or say i didnt
hear it…I slowed down and rode slowly to where
she was….She didnt even ask me where i was
going,instead she requested that i escort her to
their house to get something,that she is
somehow afraid to enter the house alone, that
there was nobody at home…She inserted that
she was coming from the block Rosary,and
even asked me why i didnt come whilst we
started going to their house….
All this while,i have not even been saying
anything,and i either nodded in affirmation to
what she was saying or shaked my
head….Some other thoughts pre-occupied my
mind…I have some bustings to do…Already,i
(we) have been disappointed in the Primary
school…But then,here i am ,escorting Ifeoma
cuz she was afraid to enter their house….So,this
girl now thinks am now a Soldier or hardcore
just because of that “Ololo wee” incident? I
asked myself…Odi egwu o!……

We entered their house not later than 3mins
after she had told me to escort her…I switched
on my touch to aid her open the padlock of the
main entrance door to their house,And then she
collected the torch from me as we both entered
inside….While searching for Whatever it was
she came back for,NEPA brought Light which
illuminated everywhere,almost blinding me in
the Process,and i said “up NEPA”
Ifeoma came out immediately,with what she
was looking for in her hand,but instead of her
saying that we should get going,She simply
went to the door and bolted
“olo olo Ifeoma..Keekwanu ihe i na
akpochikwa nu uzo?”(No no Ifeoma…What are
you locking the door for?),i found myself
asking…”Eche m ma isi na i biara icho ihe i
chefuru?”(I thought you said you came to find
what you forgot at home?),i asked again
immediately,to which Ifeoma smiled to and
Walked up to me..”Odii?”,she called out to me
searchingly…”O kwa ima na imere m ihe
ojoo?”(Hope you remember that you did me a
bad thing?)..I was surprised to hear this,to
which i replied in an innocent way,as if a false
accusation has been la!d on me,saying;
“munwa kwa? Ole mgbe owu Ifeoma?”(Me?
When was that?),i asked her looking her directly
in her eyez as we both stood there,transfixed
and staring searchingly at each other…I know
what was lingering in Ifeoma’s mind at that
particular moment in time,but then my own
thoughts were larger…
I was thinking of our Busting Expedition,and
how Collins must have been getting frustrated
by now whilst waiting for me..I also was
thinking of how this whole drama will end
up,both the negative side(If we should
bleep),and the positive side(if we dont
bleep)..Dont mind how i classified my positive
and negative sides o…

“Odii?”,Ifeoma called me..”Mmmm”,i
answered…”I ga emere m ihe a m choro igwa
gi?”(Will you do what i am about to tell you for
me?),Ifeoma asked me turning pale and
dejected but yet so strong-willed and
determined to get a positive answer from me…I
knew what she wanted to ask me…Even
though our eyez never left each other,she
found it hard to ascertain the answer i will give
her as she looked on deeper,searchingly..I got
lost in my own game of “Staring” in that
moment as i didnt even know when my hand
went to Ifeoma’s heavy arse and Pressed it
closer to me so that our body were pressed
together,with my Greatman coming in to life
and Ifeoma feelin it against her cloth covered
laps with a smile..But just as Immediately as i
had pressed her against me,she withdrew
herself from me to my bewilderment..Oh My
G.o.d.! But just as i wanted to say
something,she took my hand and dragged me
along with her to their room,saying,” o wughi
nga Odii!”(Not here in our Parlour Odii.)….
As soon as we entered their room,Ifeoma went
to the bed straight and la!d down,whilst
removing her clothes(Jeans skirt and
blouse)..All i had to do is remove the three-
quarter Jeans i was wearing,which i did as i
went straight to deal with Ifeoma(that Nwanyi
otele ukwu) once and for all…But then wait o!!
Collins is waiting for you Odii? What if someone
should come back here now?,cuz i know Ifeoma
is not thinking through her brain and didnt
contemplate such scenario!..Hmmm!…I had
these thoughts within that split second that i
removed my Three-quarter and went straight to
the bed…..I wasnt thinking with my head
either,i guess…
I didnt need to start a hot romance session with
Ifeoma cuz time is what we didnt have..So,as i
climbed onto the bed,i came on top Ifeoma
immediately,and she helped my Greatman into
her tight GreatEntrance as i started ramming
her in that supposed la!d down missionary
Position…Men! It felt great,as i increased my
tempo on her and she started letting out
painful m0ans…Hmmmmm…With the way
Ifeoma has been pestering me,i had thought
she was a great fvcker…I didnt even know that
she has not been fvcking around,which i guess
increased her urge to get la!d with me,cuz i was
alwaz around….

I pounded her and pounded her while gasping
in breaths and Ifeoma now started enjoying the
show…Her GreatEntrance has moistened a bit
now and the tightness that existed before has
reduced….I felt great inside Ifeoma,and i
rammed on…At some point,i stopped pounding
and started rotating my Greatman inside her
GreatEntrance,which sent exciting thrills to
Ifeoma’s body,causing her to now hold me
firmly,aiding me along the line while i still kept
rotating inside her……..
Ifeoma has weight….I was afraid of these
weight when she finally brought me down
beside her and climbed on top me,squeezing in
my Greatman into her GreatEntrance in the
process,while i mouthedly yelled in pains in
acknowledgement of her busty weight….Ifeoma
didnt face me,instead she backed me as she
started rotating on top of my Greatman and
causing me pains,while she m0aned in
pleasure..However,this gave me the chance to
really view how robust Ifeoma’s arse is..Damn!
“Nwa a bukwa ike ukwu”(This girl really has a
big arse!),i said in my mind,smiling too..Almost
immediately,Ifeoma got off from me and came
and sat at the tip of the bed,urging me to come
and enter her in that Manner..I climbed down
from the bed,as i gladdenly obliged her
request,and Penetrated her while standing up
this time(Even though i bended a bit).I started
ramming her with full force,and increased my
tempo with every thrust.Ifeoma went mad,and
pushed me off.I came back again,inserted my
Greatman into her and started off slowly before
increasing my tempo again..Ifeoma started
screaming again,louder this time!.
I Didnt care about Ifeoma’s loud
m0an!ng,after all,it was her that asked for the
s*x…i didnt …Am only Fulfilling her pretty
beautiful desire for her,whilst enjoying myself
too…So,i rode on and rode on and rode on,with
Ifeoma screaming her head out…We did this
style for about 5mins before Ifeoma allowed
herself to fall on to the bed,with me falling on
top her with my Greatman still in her
GreatEntrance(ordinarily,my Greatman is
supposed to have bounced off as Ifeoma landed
on the bed,but ifeoma tightened my Greatman
inside her by squeezing her legs firmer)…
I started ramming her again in this way as i la!d
on top her,with Ifeoma getting more and More
involved in the Act,as she kept twisting up and
down the bed,probably due to the high
pleasure she was deriving from the Act…What
do i care..I rode on,and Ifeoma held me tighter
in my arse,while i rested my torso(from my
waist to my neck),on her body,while my
Hallowed Mouth now rested on her beautiful
orange-like breastt..This is the only moment
that i have gotten throughout our Act,to play
with this part of her,and i didnt want to miss
it..I started work Immediately and sU-Cked the
breastt as if my life depended on it…The
sU-Cking made me decrease the tempo of my
Thrusting unintentionally,and Ifeoma helped
both herself and myself out by rotating me
inside her,and bringing my arse up and down
as her strenght allowed her do,causing tiny
thrustings in the process too..I now
concentrated fully on her breastt,bringing my
hands to help out my mouth in the process…..

All this plays,and with my Greatman still fully
intact in her GreatEntrance sent Ifeoma to
heaven,and she held me so closely and
firmly..Just as soon as she did this,NEPA took

Anyway,we didnt even need the light,cuz our
ungodly Act is best done in the dark,and we
had our sense of Touching or feeling to stick to
too…At this,i left my handling of her b0s0m and
started pounding her more harder and faster
(still in that supposed la!d down missionary
style..)and she kept screaming while i kept
gasping myself,enjoying it the more..After
about 3-4mins heavy spanking,Ifeoma said she
is satisfied,asserting that she is tired out
too..Serves you right!..I wasnt all that satisfied
myself,so while still on top her as she said this,i
gave her some split seconds fast pounding,as
she just pushed me off her gently,remarking
that she thought that i was not interested in
this Act Earlier on…i smiled…

We both got off,dressed up and whilst going
out,NEPA brought light again..Ndi a.r.a..I Told
Ifeoma that if she needed sexx again,that i am
readily available,to which she smirked my head
passionately saying,”odii,iwu nwa ojoo”(odii,you
are a bad boy)..

By the time i reached our house,cuz i had
decided against going to the Market Square for
the Busting because it was now late,it was
already getting to 8:30p.m..i know they all
thought i went to Block Rosary,so no questions
were raised,but i was told that Collins checked
on me…hmmm..Better for him to come back
o!,i said..If only he knew what held me back,i
thought,as i went to take my dinner,while still
looking forward to my special Night Bleeping
Session with Amara…..Chai! kitten will kill me

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